Missy Miss Marigold

Yesterday I finished my february lady sweater, but I wanted to share this little tank first. After the crap that went on in my life (that I just want to bury and stomp all over) I wanted something to help me heal. I don’t do negativity or sadness well. Its not apart of me, I don’t have the energy for drama or cattiness. I don’t have the ability hold a grudge (er, that should probably read I don’t have the memory to hold a grudge). I fully believe in forgiveness. I needed something for angry knitting for sad knitting, something to make me feel happy. Something I could just knit.
After going through my ravelry queue I found this lovely little tank. It was perfect, had everything I needed. It’s a simple little knit, so I could pour lots of angry knitting into it and not screw it up.
FO Ms. Marigold
I had the yarn already stashed, and the needles too. I did a gauge swatch and casted on June 1. During a bit of knitting time I was catching up on my recorded shows and I was watching an episode of how I met your mother. Barnie said something that was exactly what I needed “When I feel sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.” After that (and a small bout of angry knitting) I stopped feeling sad, and sorry for myself. Because really, where and what was that getting me? I then started being awesome instead.
FO Ms. Marigold

Its so much easier being awesome even though my flutters aren’t as ruffly as I wish. (I still think they look pretty awesome though!)
FO Ms. Marigold
Project stats:

pattern: Ms. Marigold from Zephyr style size small
yarn: Debbie Bliss cathay 5 balls color 12015 from the stash
needles US 5 (3.75mm) and US 3 (3.25mm). Size g crochet hook to for the armholes and sleeve ruffles.
notes: I ripped out the neck ribbing once, because it looked odd on one side. I’m pretty proud of myself for doing the crochet ruffles, even though I had to do them 3 times to get it to look right!
raveled here
more pictures in my flickr account.

Not only did this little top help me heal, but all the lovely comments and emails from you guys helped me heal. We have a wonderful knitting community here, and I’m so very glad to be apart of it. I know I still owe lots of you emails and I’m sorry I haven’t gotten around to it. ((hugs)) thanks again for understanding and being there too.


8 responses

  1. A perfect tank – and you look so beautiful!

    Me too – I don’t have the memory to hold a grudge – the very best wishes to you, Amanda C πŸ™‚

  2. The tank looks great Amanda Cathleen – how great that you were able to use this knitting to work through the “stuff” & kee going. Isn’t it wonderful how “sticks & string” have the ability to get us through just about anything that we encounter? πŸ™‚

  3. I think the tank is really cute. Looks pretty good for sad, angry, not grudge holding knitting! How about the next time I get mad or sad I call you and you knit something for me to make me feel better?? lol! Great words to live by, “…and this too shall pass.”

  4. You have awesome flutters!!!!!!! That top really is a great shape for you – I rely heavily on knitting during rough patches as well, and even though it may be the process, it sure is nice to walk away with a great product!

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