What’s in a name?

Really, what is in a name? If you take a lookie round your stash take a look at all the colorway names. There are lots of names that jump at me from my stash: Aquamelon, Glenwood, mimosa, raspberry bramble just to name a few. Not all yarn’s that I’ve purchased have been purely because of the colorways name, there are lots in my stash that are just romanticized numbers. But yes, there are a few that I have bought just because of the names. Flamingo, hollyday, cheesecake come to mind. Occasionally a colorways name just hits how you feel, or speaks to a part of you. Follow me here,
In wine [there is the] truth
I was still visiting my parents when the february lady sweater started to invade my ravelry friends activity page. I was just about finished with Missy Miss Marigold, as soon as I got the ruffles right it would be done. Once I saw The february lady sweater was going to be my next sweater, I knew I was going to use dream in color classy. I wanted to use the happy forest colorway, but couldn’t get my hands on any fast enough.
In wine [there is the] truth sweater
my mum was nice enough to let me shop her stash, as long as I replaced what I took. She had 4 skeins of DIC classy in In Vino Veritas, and the colorway name spoke to me. I love the depth of the deep wine colors, the purple that is thrown in there too. I wasn’t quite sure how well the color worked with my skin tone. In the end I am very pleased. I found the name interesting, and had to find out what it really meant, because all I knew it meant in wine something. After a few google searches I found out that it means “In wine there is the truth.” Veritas was the goddess of truth. There was so much in this colorways name. There is a little bit more here.
In wine [there is the] truth sweater
This sweater certainly makes me smile. Here are my project stats:

pattern: february lady sweater by Pamela Whynne
size: XXS (35″)
yarn: 750 yards or 306g of dream in color classy, in the In Vino Veritas colorway. When I was finished with the body I had a bit left over from the second hank, but it wasn’t enough for a full sleeve. I hate weaving in ends so I started another ball. Now that I’ve finished the sweater I have 36g left over from the 3 hanks I used. (16g from the 2nd skein that I used on the body, and 20g left over from the 3rd hank which I used for both of the sleeves. Confused? yeah, I’m a little too. )
needles: US 8 (5.0mm) knitpicks options. Conveniently my mom had a US8 I could borrow on a 60′ cable, so I could try this sweater on as I went.
notions: 3 buttons purchased at Jon-Ann’s. They are made by Organic Elements and are #2701
notes or mods: I used the buttonhole tutorial that was recommended in the pattern. My buttonholes are about 2” apart from each other (7 garter ridges). Also I decreased the 7 sts that are picked up under the armpit over the first 4 rows. What can I say, I gots skinny arms!
sweaters measurements before and after blocking:
sleeve length: before 13″, after 13″
body length: before 17″, after 19″
underarm to BO edge: before 12″, after 13.5″
I blocked the sweater by soaking it in a basin with cool water and a bit of soak for about 20 minutes. I then put it in a sweater bag and put it through the spin cycle on my front loader. To dry it I put it on the drying rack in the dyer on medium heat for 40 minutes. It was still a little damp, so I took the rack out of the dryer and placed it over my hampers so air would still circulate. The lace pattern opened up slightly, the lace pattern growing 1.5″ and the garter yoke gaining .5″ from blocking. (yay! Just what I wanted!)
and oh yes, raveled here

I feel kinda sad that its done. I enjoyed the rhythm of the gull lace, the tactile feel of the yarn, even the smell of the yarn. So, I’ve ordered more DIC classy from the loopy ewe to knit Corra a FLS too. Its scary because my sweater… fits her too. Only the sleeves are longer on her.
In wine [there is the] truth sweater
I need to grow taller. And I see 2 more of these sweaters in my future!

Today is also my big sis’s birthday, go shoot over to her blog and wish her well! Happy Birthday sis! I hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for putting up with me as a sister. I know I was a lot to put up with! I still owe you a pack of double stuff oreo’s! And is anyone up for cheeseballs? ((hugs))


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  1. The sweater looks wonderful!

    I too am a sucker for yarn names…Alias, Mary Tyler Moore, Blue Hostas, Sunflowers, Hook ‘Em Horns”, Capri are a few that have been in my projects in the past. And I have several more in my stash that have stories about their names as well.

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