Happy Happy Birthday to you, TO YOU !!!! (add kazoo hum here)

Well look who is a big girl NOW !!!!! thats right america, it is your favorite little blog happy, knitter extrordinaire, goofball NUTCASE (see below blog) – or was that basketcase, soon to be wife of mine!!!!! (god help me), spastic, makes up words as she feels like it, the one, the only (i dont think the world is ready, or could handle 2 of her), put your hands together for Mistress Stash Enhancer!!!!!!

ok, now that i have finished that CHEESY intro, lets get to business!!! i set eyes on you years ago in 2002?? (seems like forever) and since then i have chased after no other girlie girl, like i have chased after you! we have laughed, cried, fought, made up (yea), kissed, cuddled, made adorable babies together, goofed around, enjoyed each other along the way, and many other things i am sure i am forgetting. but i know this, i am very happy where i am with you now, and wouldnt change it for the world, i love, YES I SAID LOVE our kids, all 4 of them bring a different hair pulling experience of fraustration, joy and love, their smiles make me happy, their giggles make me laugh, and their hugs make me feel cherished as a father/stepdad. and then there is you. lil miss goose-a-lot. just the way you cuddle into my chest, and sigh of happiness, is so cute. they way you play with the kids is adorable to watch. i have come to love your little quarks more and more everyday. i have been blessed with your goofy & adorable style of the way you love me. i am figuring by now that you are about to start laughing and crying at the same time. but just know this. no matter how much we fight, wrestle, giggle, laugh, cuddle, and chase each other, i will always love you….

oh yea, and i want to wish my sexy lil woman a very happy 27th birthday as well *W.E.G*

PS. your b-day present – I am not telling you where it is. you will get it soon enuff