my darling child swallowed a lego,

and no it wasn’t the baby. It was Bryce who’s 7. (Fair warning, this post is going to mention poo so you can stop reading now if you want.) Tonight, while I was getting dinner ready after I picked Corra and Bryce up at their Dad’s the kids went off to play. Corra and Allysa went into the playroom to play with Barbie’s, Kailey stayed in the living room with Big Daddy and Bryce went upstairs to play with his lego’s. Half way through cooking dinner, Bryce comes down crying and says “Mommmieee, I swallowed a lego.” Of course, the vein in my forehead starts to throb I ask him if he is ok, if his throat hurts if, it went all the way down and a few more questions that I can’t remember right now. And then I ask him “why did you put a lego in your mouth in the first place!?!?” Really, like this question has a logical answer. (And how come my mother’s voice keeps coming outta my mouth?)
Bryce's lego creation

Anyway, I called the Dr to see if there was anything that I really should do (other than what I knew I would have to do, like check his poo. Ew!). The Dr told me, he’ll be fine. Call the office if he gets a belly ache or vomits. (Very helpful no?) He also said I don’t have to check his poo if I don’t want too (Really, why would I want to?) and call the office for an ex-ray to see if the lego has passed in a few days if I want him to have one (Oh, I”m gonna). After Big Daddy, Bryce and I had a talk about what could of happened. (Choking). Bryce had to pack up all his lego’s (they are mine for a week!) then went to bed early tonight as part of his punishment. But you know what has him really upset?

The fact that he will never, ever get back the lego that he swallowed.
mmm, cookie!
Damn good thing this kid is cute. Damn good.


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  1. I’m still chuckling. My favorite part is “my mother voice keeps coming out of my mouth”. At least now I know that you and your sister Did hear me when I was talking to you.
    Don’t worry, this too will pass. (Sorry, I just couldn’t help it. *giggle*)

  2. I think that’s the most shocking thing about being a mom, hearing your mom’s voice sneak out of your mouth when you least expect it. 😉 Dan swallowed a metal ball the size of a marble when he was 7. We very clearly heard it when it hit the toilet bowl. Just lovely eh? I don’t blame you – we wanted a follow up x-ray too!

  3. Poor kid, lol. He will survive proabaly wont be the silliest thing he ever does. Most of us start sounding like our mom; sooner or later, LOL. Xray wont do anything though, lego’s are plastic and rather difficult to impossible see on an xray, as long as he isnt vomiting, abdominal pain or constipated he should be ok.

  4. I’m rolling on the floor. I just love the things they do:D

    One day you will have the sheer delight of sharing this story with his teenaged friends and your grandkids.

    On the other hand I hope every thing comes out o.k. if you get my meaning.

  5. Gosh, I go away for awhile, come back and missed so much! Happy Belated Birthday! Love the new wheel! And I can hardly wait for my son to swallow his first lego. Ha!

  6. He is cute and I’m sure he’ll survive 🙂

    My little sister once swallowed a silver heart with my name on. I still have it somewhere thanks to my poor mother.

  7. Ohmy goodness, I just googled “my son swallowed a lego ” and saw your post. It just happened to my 7 yr old son too! He was trying to separate them. I’m so glad it didn’t get stuck in his windpipe. I made him drink milk (what doc had me do when I swallowed a lightbrite at age 4). We’ll see what happens…Will probably call doc too.

  8. My five yr old boy just swallowed one after his three year old sister said it was good to eat. No logic with kids sometimes. Doc said prune juice will speed things up(down!)

  9. Hi thank you for
    4 year old swallowed a lego helmet this evening and I made him drink milk but after reading your post it has made me relax a bit and will keep checking his bowel movements thank you and hope your son is ok

  10. The lego eaters continue. My 7 year old swallowed one tonight – screamed at us to give him the heimlich….I gave him a squeeze, but if you can order me to give you a heimlich, that part is already in the tummy. And he was building a FANCY VW minibus too. Found you folks on the google!

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