Happy Birthday sweetie

we all wish you where home so we could wake you up with cupcakes (traditional birthday breakfast here). But instead you’ll have to settle for a birthday song:

sung repetitively throughout the day, along with many phone calls wishing you a very happy birthday. *EG* cause I know answering your calls singing “Happy Birthday!” puts a big smile on your face *mawwhahhaa* Even for the 14th time.
Now when you get home, you may or may not have cake. Your presents may require a scavenger hunt to find them, that’s if you have presents. And party? Who said anything about a party?
I bet your happy your Birthday falls exactly 19 days after mine. mawwahhahaa
Happy Birthday love


6 responses

  1. Is Bryce’s sweater done? Because that’s a lot of Happy Birthday wishing & singing that could have been a few more stitches. I’m just sayin.

    Happy Birthday!

    (My SIL has resigned herself to the singing finally).

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