almost on time…

I had a sinking feeling when I casted on for Bryce’s picture day sweater that I wasn’t going to be done in time. When I told Bryce that it was a good possibility that his sweater wasn’t going to be done in time and I told him not to worry there will always be retakes (yeah, I’m totally going with the idea that my 7 year old son is waiting with incredible amounts of enthusiasm to wear a sweater for picture day that his mother made for him. Sarcasm escapes me). And Bryce replies with “Don’t worry Mommy, I’m just happy that your knitting a sweater for me.” Kid totally knows how to ham up his Mom. (And how to get lots of handknits.) Yesterday he told me that he is glad I’m not a “mean” Mom. (I’m pretty sure its cause he wants his pokemon cards back.) Anway, his picture day was Tuesday and as you can see,
WIP Picture day
I didn’t quite make it. But on the other hand, I personally think this sweater is turning out beautifully. Bryce agrees and keeps telling me how soft it is. I’ve attached the sleeves and am 2″ into the yoke (I plan on knitting 3″ before starting the yoke pattern thing yeah).  Now that I’ve gotten most of the boring bits outta the way I’m ready for the fun part. Bring on the yoke!


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  1. The sweater looks great and it’s such a great color on him. Sorry you weren’t able to finish it on time. It’s funny how early kids learn how to butter up mom, what sweetie!

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