searching for rainbows,

its been some week, and I’m having a hard time adjusting to the day’s they seem to be flying by faster then ever before. Recently my mum blogged about her sister, my Aunt, who is in the hospital. You can go over to my mum’s blog to read more about it. My Aunt is now out of the ICU, (yay!) but still needs prayers. If you can spare a few we’d all apprecate it. It seems to be mostly on my mind these days.
Now, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t mention a sweater for Allysa in any of my last posts. But this little one couldn’t get left out for picture day. Even though I didn’t leave much time to get one done. She told me over the summer when they where all quizzed on sweater preferences and color that she wanted another rainbow sweater.
Wait, what? What rainbow sweater? What do I mean another one? Well, yeah that’s right I don’t think I ever got around to blogging about it. sorry! Its hard to blog without pictures and I finished it around the time that Allysa dropped my camera while taking pictures and cranked off the lens. Here are a few pics and dets on her first rainbow sweater:
FO Rainbows for Allysa
pattern: Tulips, A Colorful Cardigan for Baby by Lindsay Pekny
size: 6
needles: US 7 (4.5mm)
yarn: Knit Picks Swish Superwash
amounts : 1 ball bubblegum (used in border too), 0.8 wisteria, and I used 25 yards of each: Ballerina, Dublin, Aloe, Capri, Baby blue & Bordeaux.
started: Jan. 20, 2008
finished: Feb. 4, 2008
FO Rainbows for Allysa
notes: honestly, I’m not all that crazy about swish. It did grow a bit in the wash (keep in mind I’m way to paranoid to put handknits through a wash cycle on my washer. I do soak them in a basin, put them in a sweater bag for a spin on the spin cycle. And if I’m in a hurry I’ll dry them on the sweater rack in my dyer.) It’s held up pretty well over the winter, granted Allysa didn’t wear it that often. It has a few balls on it, just like the other sweaters in different yarns I’ve made. It wasn’t all that pleasurable to knit with.
pattern mods: I added 4 button holes this time around. Other than that, worked as written.

Now, as I was saying. Another rainbow sweater. *sigh* I’ve knit this pattern 3 times now. I don’t think I’ve knit another pattern this many times before. Granted I’ved knit a few top down raglans, so I guess you could say I’ve knit this lots of times. Anyway, I picked a much nicer yarn. Dream in Color classy. Allysa told me that she wanted a pink and purple sweater. I picked out the green cause I thought it would make a lovely contrast. In the end though, I’m not sure how much I like the green.
FO More Rainbows
pattern: Tulips, A Colorful Cardigan for Baby by Lindsay Pekny
size: 6-ish
needles: US 7 (4.5mm) for border’s US 8 (5.0mm)
yarn: Dream in color classy, purchased from the loopy ewe
cool fire- 68 grams/150 yards
punky fuchsia – 78 grams/170 yards
gogo grassy- 108 grams/237.5 yards
started: October 1, 2008
finished: October 7, 2008 (the day after picture day. Oh, the irony of it all.)
gauge: aww, crap. I forgot to measure it.
buttons: By La Mode hook 1158 style 41346 measures 1″ (25mm) purchased from Joann’s

FO More Rainbows
mods: I knit this at a larger gauge to it would be bigger. I’m pretty sure that I increased to the largest size, I just kept increasing every other row until it looked like the sleeves would meet under her arms when I draped it around her. I worked a color change row every 12 rows. ahh… the borders are wider, button band, umm… worked an extra repeat on the sleeves. Drives me nuts that the first sweater was so short, so I worked 2 more color bands (total of 9) on the body and 1 more on the sleeves, also I made the cuff a few rows longer and folded it up. Allysa proclaimed this sweater nice and cozy when she first put it on. If all goes well, she’ll wear this for a while!
Allysa didn’t seem to mind that I didn’t have this done in time for picture day. She wore her other rainbow sweater. Her teacher told me that the photographer complemented Allysa on her sweater, Allysa sat a little straighter and said “thank you my Mommie made it for me.”
FO More Rainbows

btw, if all goes well I’ll be at the SOAR market Saturday afternoon! Who else is going?

PS Many Birthday wishes to my Dad, and to my Aunt Liz! Happy, Happy Birthday!


8 responses

  1. I just love this sweater. I just knit one for my little girl. I haven’t got pictures up on my blog yet. Of course mine will be without a model since she is still inside me. 🙂

  2. Both of those are so beautiful! I wish my now 12 yo would have worn some handknits at that age. In the photo with the cat she looks so happy and full of life!

    I appreciate the comments about Swish, I’ve been considering it for a crocheted afghan project. . .

  3. Nice sweater. Allysa really likes to ham it up for the camera. I love the pics. Can’t wait to see you. I’ll have to do some heavy cleaning this weekend. When will you guys be here?
    Love & Kisses to all, Mom

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