to market, to market

to buy a fat hog, home again home again jiggity jog. Alright not exactly, but I was a hog at the Soar market on Saturday. Mike came home early enough Friday night that he was able to watch Allysa and Kailey, which is a wonderful thing since the sitter canceled. He took them to our niece’s 16th Birthday party, and they all enjoyed themselves. While I was enjoying some fantastic time alone falling down at the Soar market.
the haul

which I did a fantastic job at. Click on the pic to see the notes. You can also go to my flickr set. here  At the market I met Nancy from Otter Creek Yarn’s. I found her shop online when I was looking for a Sonata to try out. Anyway to make a long story shorter I complemented her on the hat she was knitting and she showed me how to spin the yarn that she was using.
core yarn from Otter Creek Yarn
What I love is the story that comes along with how she learned how to spin this core yarn. Back in the 80’s there was a woman in Pittsburgh that owned Rainbow yarns (not sure but she might have said Rainbow Mills. Memory is a little fluffy on this one.) who went to Italy one summer and came back with an order for 800lbs of this core spun yarn. She hired every spinner in Western Pennsylvania to spin this yarn, paying them $4 a ball. After seeing Nancy spin it, and hearing the story makes me want to give it a whirl.

While I was at the market I saw Tina and got to meet up with Diane! You’ll have to wait to see her pic of us together. The one that we took with my camera we just look scared. (Damn flash.) It was fantastic to finally meet Diane, to be able chat with her for awhile. *sigh* I wish I could have been there for the whole Soar!

Anyway, I must run. The kids and I are going to my parents this weekend. My Mom, Dad and I are going to Rhinebeck and I have to get packed. Hopefully I will be rid of the clown car (loaner car from the dealership) tomorrow and have my van back. While on my way back from Soar I stopped to get gas in Lamar and there was a policeman fueling up in front of me who politely pointed out that my inspection ran out last month. erp. Thank you Mr. Policeman for saving me from a citation!

sorry this post is all scattery feeling, I feel pretty scattered myself!


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  1. It was brilliant! Diane and Amanda actually together, in the flesh. I still have to blog about SOAR friends, but I’ll email you the photo too when I think of it.


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