didn’t I show you my mittens?

here’s hoping that showing ya’ll my fiddlehead mittens that I, umm.., finished in *cough* April *cough* and never blogged about will distract you from not noticing that I didn’t blog this weekend with adorable pictures of my children in their super cool Halloween costumes. The pictures that I took Friday night after trick-or-treating look like crap and I was planning to retake the photo’s when Corra and Bryce came home from their Dad’s Grandparents. But my darling ex-MIL sent Corra’s pants home with her father and forgot Bryce’s hat. *gr* So pic’s will have to wait till next week. (She can be such a pain in the ass.) My other excuse for not blogging was because Mike called me Saturday morning and asked me to go down to Virginia to meet him, bring him home so he could bring the camper down to be serviced. I was so happy to be home Sunday afternoon and catch up on that growing pile of laundry.
So, did you see my mittens?
Finito! Fiddleheads
Last spring when Adrian came out with her fiddlehead mitten pattern I knew it was time to learn fair isle. I was thrilled when she made just the pattern available for purchase, since I can’t touch the yarn the kit came with (stupid allergy to alpaca!). I couldn’t resist the swirls so I searched through my stash and came up with a good sub.
Finito! Fiddleheads
I used Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool as the main color and Autumn House Farm Del Rio (50/50 kid mohair and merino) in Skye Sea Garden as the contrast color. For the linning I used Posh Yarn Lucia (cashmere/merino) in color Conquet I used US 3 (3.25mm) dpns throughout. I started them March 16 and finished them somewhere around April 20.
Finito! Fiddleheads
I learned a few new things with these mittens. Fair isle knitting isn’t as hard as I thought it would be, I have a feeling it would be harder with more than 2 colors. I do love to charted knitting! I’m pretty sure this is the first time I worked a i-cord cast on and plan on using it the next time I knit a pair of mittens. Oh, and the liners, LOVE THEM! Srsly folks, I shouldn’t have showed these mittens to my father because now he wants a pair.
Finito! Fiddleheads
It took me awhile and a book from the library to talk him into a new pattern with different yarn. While knitting these mittens my body decided it didn’t like mohair anymore. So know every time I touch it my fingers feel all numb, just like when I touch alpaca or llama. *sob* Good thing these baby’s are lined with yummy cashmere/merino cause they are staying with me foreva!
fiddlehead innards
one last shot, I promise, of the innards. I’m so proud of my first fair isle project! It’s killing me right now not to cast on for another set of mittens. but there are other projects to finish up first. *sigh*
See? The mitten distraction totally worked!

shamless plug: I’ve put all my mohair yarn up for sale or trade. You can see them on both my ravelry stash page and my flickr destash set. They need to go to good homes!


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