a touch of sunshine

Its been good and cloudy here in Western PA for the past couple of weeks, November can be such a sucky month when it comes to weather. Sometimes we’ve had a bit of rain, others some snow. Overall though the sun hasn’t shown itself very much, and gosh I miss it! Every once in awhile the sun will peak out from behind the cloud and I’m fighting the cats for the sliver of sunshine! Not only am I thankful that our next week forecast is calling for more sunshine (and a bit more warmth) but I finished these fantastically orange socks a few days ago and I’m loving them because they are like a burst of bright orange sunshine!
inverted marigold socks
pattern: Marigold Socks by pamela wynne
size: 54sts
yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock – Mediumweight colorway: sunstone (birthday gift from Mike 2 years ago)
needles: US1.5 (2.5mm)
started: June 9, 2008, they sat for awhile while my newly reclaimed sock mojo waned
finished: November 17, 2008
raveled: here
inverted marigold socks
mods: because I just can’t make things easy for myself I knit these top down and reversed the chart. Because, well, the pattern was written for toe up socks and I was knitting them the opposite the way! I thought that by reversing the chart they would match the designers socks. Its way too hard to describe on such little sleep right now. I’m sorry, but basically the decreases are upside down then if I where to knit them toe up. (I think. sooo sleepy!) I used a short row heel, and changed the pattern on the foot.
inverted marigold socks
Its darn cold where I live, and socks that have lacy bits on the foot are chilly when I wear them with my favorite shoes. I knit 7 rows then knit a purl row on the foot. I’m not exactly sure how I like it or not.
However. I do like how these socks turned out! Everyone should have a pair of orange socks, really everyone. They are so cheery, like a touch of warm, bright sunshine!

Stitches was lovely, it’s always nice to catch up with old blogging friends. I didn’t get much time at the market, but was still able to pick up a few lovely’s before I made my mad dash to the car. See most of it on flickr. Overall it was a great trip and it was nice to spend some time with Mike sans kids.


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  1. Those are lovely socks and I have the perfect yarn. A pair of socks that was sent to me during last year’s SockWars III, anybody remember that fiasco. Anyway, I looked at the pattern and I don’t have your patience to figure out how to knit them top down, too bad. Yours look lovely…ciao

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