my children are killing me brain


  • I lost Allysa’s asthma medication (but was able to get samples from the Dr. so all’s good)
  • I lost my shoes. This is after I left the house and came back in and was getting ready to go back out (again).
  • I lost Kailey’s current favorite baby doll. Somewhere between the Dr’s office window, elevator, parking lot, van and house. Yes. I’m on a roll today.
  • I lost the camera somewhere in the bowel’s of the house. (bet its near Allysa’s meds.)
  • I wondered how many more days before I end up losing one of the kids? Eh, I bet they are harder to lose then the van keys.

Kailey 21 months
My children, are killing, me brain. I’m so glad that Monday is almost over.


5 responses

  1. You don’t know how pleased I am. My plan is working! Please tell the children that if this attitude continues I will have to double the candy ration.

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