somewhat handmade holiday

Wow, what happened to November? Time continues to be this elusive creature which is impossible to track and capture. November was crazy here, but then again its always crazy here. This was just crazy with a few car trips, two diorama’s, a few birthday party’s, that big holiday involving a turkey and a bunch of gift knitting thrown in for good measure.Β  Even though I completely missed posting on Thanksgiving, I was totally blogging in my head which counts right? There is so much that I’m thankful for, its hard to blog about it with someone across the table from me signing John Jacob Jinglehimer Schimdt complete with the obligatory yelling.

What I really want to blog about is my crazy idea of a somewhat handmade holiday. There is no way I could pull of a compete handmade holiday. I have four kids (yep, I’m playing that card!) add a dash of incredible amount of laziness your gonna get an almost handmade holiday. I’m all for spicing up something store bought with a bit of homemade, also not everyone on my list is going to be getting handmade gift. Remember? Four kids? They are a bunch of time suckers, and you should see the laundry and dishes they all create! I made a list, and I didn’t check it twice I know for damn sure I’m forgetting something cause I always am. Its a good thing I started in November and I can cross some stuff off making it incredibly confusing.

Corra’s homeroom teacher – sock monster (or a scarf or handwarmers. I haven’t quite desided. Her teachers a man, and I always find them hard to make stuff for.)
Corra’s flute teacher- handwarmers (I have a new appreciation for music teachers after going to a music night at our local middle school. God bless the music teachers!) Done!

toasty handwarmers more info on ravelry here.
Bryce’s homeroom teacher- a cowl using handmaiden casbah in Nova Scotia – done but not blocked. So its not really done.
Bryce’s speech teacher- haven’t decided handwarmers? a cowl? Not sure, he’s been working with her for 3 years now so the woman deserves something really good!
Allysa’s pre-school teacher Ms. C- handwarmers and hat
dashing mitts for Ms. C
gotta get started on that hat.
Allysa’s pre-school teacher Ms. A – handwarmers and hat (This is Allysa’s last year at this school and if you saw what these ladies have to put up with! We also joined in Jan last year so they didn’t get pressies.)
Fingerless mitts and hat
Done! More info on ravelry the hat and the mitts.
Receptionist at pre-school- jar candle with metal thingy.
school nurse- (this blessed lady has to deal with my kids) a jar candle with one of those metal cozy things from handknit holidays.
10 more jar candles with metal bead cozy things just in case.– 5 done so far.

Diane- I’m not telling. πŸ˜‰ but its probably not going to be done in time.
knitting buddy Amanda- crazy here suggested we knit each other socks after Christmas, and knitting buddy said how about we spin the yarn for them? Suuuureee…. I’m not that great of a spinner. Good thing this is an after holiday knit!
SIL Kelly- short socks. Might use the cable twist socks definitely use Handmaiden casbah in blue lagoon.
MIL Cheryl- a keyhole scarf using dream in color classy cocoa’s kiss. Maybe a tam, She keeps telling me about the tams she had growing up but can’t tell me much about them. I don’t want to knit her a tam and then her not want to wear it , ya know?
keyhole scarf for MIL raveled here.
BIL Eric- probably a gift card. He doesn’t “get” my knitting (like I asked him too?)
Babysitter- a pink and orange cowl. I want to spin the yarn for this, but I can’t decided on how I want to dye the fiber.
Mom- mittens, stranded mittens with lots of colors and lined with something soft. (Mom and Dad’s mittens aren’t due until January, hurray!)
Dad- Magnificent Mittens – Chapter 5, Pattern 1 using Paton’s classic merino lined with something soft. (I should have never showed them my fiddlehead mittens)

See? Incredibly confusing, it looks a little crazy and probably only makes sense to me. But I feel some comfort knowing that some of it is already done.Β  I’m filled with this immense pleasure now that handmade gifts seem to be more socially acceptable! I never really know when people tell me how great a handmade gift is how they really feel about it.Β  So, are you planning on making gifts this Christmas?

PS. Thursday my little guy turned 8, I don’t know where he got the notion he could grow up.
eight is great!
Happy Birthday Bryce! Eight certainly is great πŸ™‚

PPS. I changed my header and added some snow! Its starting to feel a lot like Christmas.


8 responses

  1. That list is making me so tired! The handwarmers look great, I love mine so much and I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t love them. My ds is turning 8 this week too! Happy Birthday Bryce!

  2. Hey! Where’s the fun in stalking friends’ blogs if they keep things secret 😦

    I’m not blogging your present either then πŸ˜›

    Did you know your blog is snowing?? I really do need more coffee.

    Love the hat and mitts – that’s a gorgeous pattern *adds to queue*


  3. Yep, I’m making lots of gifts, including homemade marshmallows for my co-workers, cowls for a couple of friends, and I’m totally spoiling various family members with a pair of mittens, a pair of gloves, several scarves and a shawl. Oh – and I just added another scarf to the list – gotta go knit!

  4. Eight is quite a milestone! Happy Birthday, Bryce.

    Your blog IS snowing. I thought it was cold in here.

    And wow. I have no, nada, zippo kids and I’m not making that many handmade gifts. Also I don’t “get” why your BIL does needed to share that he doesn’t “get” your knitting. Why do people do that? I hope I don’t do that.

  5. Eight is quite a milestone! Happy Birthday, Bryce.

    Your blog IS snowing. I thought it was cold in here.

    And wow. I have no, nada, zippo kids and I’m not making that many handmade gifts. Also I don’t “get” why your BIL needed to share that he doesn’t “get” your knitting. Why do people do that? I hope I don’t do that.

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