going through withdraw

I’m not quite sure how this happened, but somehow after I finished a pair of fingerless mitts on Friday night I didn’t start another project till Tuesday night. Almost 96 hours. It took me a little while to realize why my shoulders where achy, my wrists hurt and my fingers where tingly. It was withdraw. Withdraw from knitting. Yep, my body was having withdraw symptoms from not knitting. Yes, I’m crazy and need my head checked but that’s beyond this point. I had to cast on something, and quick. I wound up some BFL roving from Spunky Eclectic that was a gift from my sister that I had spun in early September and my second ever wheel spun. Since Corra hasn’t been wearing her hat from last year because she says it doesn’t fit her head, I casted on a hat for her. Here it is in its unblocked glory.
withdrawl hat
Pattern notes: casted on 48 sts using US 11’s (8.0mm) knit for a bit, went to find my size 11 fixed circular needle because the stitches where jammed on the dpns. Couldn’t. Found the US 13 (9.0mm) switched to that. I’m calling it shaping, but its really pure laziness.
I knit till there was about 10 yards left of the blue, then knit 3 rows with the white. Then 2 rows with the blue, a bunch more rows with the white, then knit 1 more row with what was left of the blue before knitting the final decrease row with the white. raveled here
withdrawl hat
It felt so good to knit something! I swear I have a darn good reason for not knitting for a whole weekend. More on that later.


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