First finished knits in 2009

Ok, so maybe these where finished a week or so ago…. but none the less these are my first finished knits of 2009

FO my thorpe
FO my thorpe
pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur
yarn: 108.0 yards Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted in colorway indigo and 43.2 yards (39.5m) in verdes
needles: US 9 / 5.5 mm
started Jan 2 and finished Jan 3 2009
notes: I increased up to somewhere in between the med. and the large size since I was using a lighter yarn. So I had to fudge the numbers for the earflaps and such. Even though this style hat doesn’t flatter me, its nice and toasty when I’m shoving the driveway. I thought adding the green to the purl sides of the garter edge would tie it in nicely with my green cowl. I didn’t think about how much of a pain in the ass the ear flaps would be! I had lots of ends to weave in! However, all those extra ends made the ear flaps nice and thick!
FO necessary mitts
FO necessary mitts FO necessary mitts FO necessary mitts
ahhh, the necessary mitts.
Pattern: Urban Necessity Gloves by Colleen Michele Meagher
yarn: 1.47 skeins Noro Cashmere Island color 14
needles: US 6
Started January 6 2009 and Finished January 10 2009
notes: I casted on for the small size, knit 3” of the ribbing. Increased the thumb gusset for the medium size (13 thumb sts). If your really interested in how many rows each finger took its on my ravelry page. I used a slightly thinner yarn that what was called for, so my gauge was a little smaller. The only thing I had issues was with with the mitten cap. I ripped it out and knit it 3 times. I didn’t like how the decreases where written it left a “poof” of fabric on the top part of the cap. So I decreased it like you would well decrease for a sock! Its a little too shallow but its functional. These mitts are fantastic for getting the kids in the van and other things that I need my fingers for. Its wonderful to be able to flip the cap over my fingers when needed! I can still text with these on as long as I’m not trying to hold something else in my arms. I’ve been thinking about knitting a sweater from this yarn, it would be so beautifully soft, but holy crap would it pill like mad!
One last FO (I think) from 2008,
FO not  my birthday cowl
pattern: Birthday Cowl by Nova Seals
yarn: 118.8 yards Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted in verdes
needles: US 8 (5mm)
Started and Finished sometimes during early December
Notes: I needed a cowl and in a hurry this one fit the bill perfectly. I knit until it looked like I used the half the ball. My finished cowl is 8” high. All was good until we had a really cold day and I let my eldest daughter borrow it. She refuses to give it back.

I’m still working on a few things, started my first baby surprise jacket on Saturday during a class that I’m taking at Stitch your Art out in State College. Don’t think for a minute that we’re having a baby surprise. This is being knit in worsted weight for a toddler sized Kailey sweater. I’m using Noro’s cotton kureyon (which is a pain in the ass, pulls apart easy and is incredibly sticky. Don’t know what I was expecting from a single ply cotton/wool blend!) and since I don’t have enough of the cotton kureyon I’m adding some stripes using Cascade 220 in 8906 Azur
I really have to be one of the worst students ever, still unable to shake not being on time for class in high school I still manage to be late for Cynthia’s class. After I got the sitter all settled on Saturday morning I went out to start the (new) van to find the tire on the passenger side was really low (again). So I had to put air in it (again). I was hoping to be able to stop at sheetz to get coffee on the way there, but putting the air in the tire kinda sucked that right out the window. I still managed to be late to the class! I promise next time I’ll be on time, and I’ll make sure to have my morning cup of coffee. I couldn’t think on Saturday my head was so foggy! I had to cast on twice, screwed up the first row, twice before I got it. At least now I’m sailing on my merry way.

Its totally killing me right now not to start something for myself. Like a vest, or a sweater…. *sigh*


smidgen of garter

I finished this little cardi a little while ago in *ahem* November. I was going to post about it when I was finished, but before I knew it the holidays happened and bam! Its 2009!
smidgen of garter

I started this little cardigan for Kailey October 24, 2008. After searching around ravelry for a garter yoke cardigan to fit a toddler, I gave up and started my own. Truely I wish that I found the Yoke-u-lator pattern generator sooner, because the sweater I made kinda sucks a little. I lost my notes (really, this seems to be my thing.) so I can’t tell you more than what I jotted down on my ravelry page.Which is I casted on 67 sts using a US 8 (5mm), and increased every couple of rows until I reached just under Kailey’s armpits. I put some stitches on hold for the arms, and CO 5 stitches for the underarms on both sides. I worked the buttonhole about every 2″, the buttons where purchased at Jo-ann’s. Not so helpful huh?
smidgen of garter
But its sure a sweet little sweater. Even if it came out to wide. Instead of ripping it all out and throwing a pissy like I probably should have I made the width of the body an inch smaller by installing fake seams. Boy, that sounds so fancy pants. Really all I did was used a crochet hook and some spare yarn folded about 1/2″ of the knitted fabric starting so the fold was right under the armpit down to the bottom hem and crochet it down.  I made one on the other sides so it looked planned.
smidgen of garter
I used up most of the hank of twisted by Blue Moon Fiber Arts purchased during Rhinebeck ’07, which was the plan. It needed to be used for a little sweater before the little person grew to big. And boy do these kids seem to grow fast.
Kailey turns 2
Kailey turned 2 yesterday! Two! Already! Littlest one is proving the terrible two’s really do exist. Darn good thing she’s cute, because she would rather walk around with no pants on. I believe its because she knows that its killing me. And she knows how much I love a good fight over putting her boots on. Tonight while I was cooking dinner she was playing with her baby doll and was telling her to eat, so cute!

Dear 2008,

*Through out this post there are pictures of handknits from 2008 that I never *ahem* got around to posting about. If you want more info click on the picture of the rav link under it.
habitat hat
your over? Srsly? Already? What, you where over two weeks ago? Really? Well now that was fast. I know, I know I’m one of those people that says that every year. But really this year went by fast. Maybe life is just like that with 4 small children. Might have had something to do with fate trying to make 2008 a memorable one.
Mr. Green
With the last month of  ’08 throwing a few curve balls, a wonky furnace issue, the start of the construction on the front porch. And its going to be awhile before Mike forgives me for screaming “Mike the dishwasher is SMOKING!” while he was on a work call. But, dude, the dishwasher was really smoking as in smelling like burning-plastic-smoke-pouring-out-of-the-appliance smoking . The thought of having to hand wash dishes started to make me panic. Thankfully it was just because the water line had frozen and the water pump was angry. If I hadn’t been in the kitchen, the dishwasher would have probably died and you know caught more on fire.
I wonder what made the year fly by so quickly, we did travel a good amount that summer and fall. Went to Virginia, Washington DC to visit Mike at work, and there where more trips to Massachusetts then ever before. There was also GS, and BS. Pine car derby’s, softball and baseball. Start of construction on the money pit. The squirrel in the closet, but that was just an every day thing right?
my namesake hat
There where personal moments that made my heart ache, but there where also many moments that made my heart swell. I’ve grown more as a person because of it. Its still hard to let go of the past and live in the present, even if that’s what you have to do to go on.  Our actions affect so much, and so many. Even if they do seem very small.  A year can hold so much, even though its just a fragment of our lifetimes. It can be so much to comprehend.
the winning button
I’ve grown a bit as a knitter, having learned fair-isle. Those mittens are the best. Having borrowed Magnificent Mittens from the library there will be many, many more fair-isle lined mittens in my knitting future. Don’t worry Dad, eventually you’ll get a pair. I think my knitting knowledge has grown this year. I know what I like and what I don’t and how to change a pattern to fit my wants. And sometimes how to even write up my own. There are a few designs I have rattling around my head that I want to get out soon.
lil button hat
Resolutions to me is something that you can do any old time, not just the start of the new year. This year however, I want to update my blog on a weekly bases, twice a week would be great. Its hard to update when life is flying by, but when everything slows down its nice to have something to look at to remind you of what happened. (Thank you mommy brain!) Besides, I need to make some more time for me.  Its even harder when so much has passed by and you don’t know where to start! I want to write to my family members more this year, include some more pictures. I have a feeling my Aunts and Uncles would love even the smallest notes, something I think I can accomplish while waiting in the car.
Hollyday Mystery socks
2009, I want to knit more sweaters for me. I joined the NaKniSweMoDo09 months ago. I’m aching to get a sweater on the needles for me, but every time I step outside I’m reminded that I need more hand and head coverings. Its blistering cold out there! I might even learn how to steek this year. Sounds like a plan. Good-bye 2008, you where a year of growth for me personally and crafty. 2009 feels like a good year so far, so
Maine morning mitts
here’s to another year full of inspiration of all things crafty and fun! Here’s to growth, health and most important happiness. Here’s to a good year!