Dear 2008,

*Through out this post there are pictures of handknits from 2008 that I never *ahem* got around to posting about. If you want more info click on the picture of the rav link under it.
habitat hat
your over? Srsly? Already? What, you where over two weeks ago? Really? Well now that was fast. I know, I know I’m one of those people that says that every year. But really this year went by fast. Maybe life is just like that with 4 small children. Might have had something to do with fate trying to make 2008 a memorable one.
Mr. Green
With the last month of  ’08 throwing a few curve balls, a wonky furnace issue, the start of the construction on the front porch. And its going to be awhile before Mike forgives me for screaming “Mike the dishwasher is SMOKING!” while he was on a work call. But, dude, the dishwasher was really smoking as in smelling like burning-plastic-smoke-pouring-out-of-the-appliance smoking . The thought of having to hand wash dishes started to make me panic. Thankfully it was just because the water line had frozen and the water pump was angry. If I hadn’t been in the kitchen, the dishwasher would have probably died and you know caught more on fire.
I wonder what made the year fly by so quickly, we did travel a good amount that summer and fall. Went to Virginia, Washington DC to visit Mike at work, and there where more trips to Massachusetts then ever before. There was also GS, and BS. Pine car derby’s, softball and baseball. Start of construction on the money pit. The squirrel in the closet, but that was just an every day thing right?
my namesake hat
There where personal moments that made my heart ache, but there where also many moments that made my heart swell. I’ve grown more as a person because of it. Its still hard to let go of the past and live in the present, even if that’s what you have to do to go on.  Our actions affect so much, and so many. Even if they do seem very small.  A year can hold so much, even though its just a fragment of our lifetimes. It can be so much to comprehend.
the winning button
I’ve grown a bit as a knitter, having learned fair-isle. Those mittens are the best. Having borrowed Magnificent Mittens from the library there will be many, many more fair-isle lined mittens in my knitting future. Don’t worry Dad, eventually you’ll get a pair. I think my knitting knowledge has grown this year. I know what I like and what I don’t and how to change a pattern to fit my wants. And sometimes how to even write up my own. There are a few designs I have rattling around my head that I want to get out soon.
lil button hat
Resolutions to me is something that you can do any old time, not just the start of the new year. This year however, I want to update my blog on a weekly bases, twice a week would be great. Its hard to update when life is flying by, but when everything slows down its nice to have something to look at to remind you of what happened. (Thank you mommy brain!) Besides, I need to make some more time for me.  Its even harder when so much has passed by and you don’t know where to start! I want to write to my family members more this year, include some more pictures. I have a feeling my Aunts and Uncles would love even the smallest notes, something I think I can accomplish while waiting in the car.
Hollyday Mystery socks
2009, I want to knit more sweaters for me. I joined the NaKniSweMoDo09 months ago. I’m aching to get a sweater on the needles for me, but every time I step outside I’m reminded that I need more hand and head coverings. Its blistering cold out there! I might even learn how to steek this year. Sounds like a plan. Good-bye 2008, you where a year of growth for me personally and crafty. 2009 feels like a good year so far, so
Maine morning mitts
here’s to another year full of inspiration of all things crafty and fun! Here’s to growth, health and most important happiness. Here’s to a good year!


5 responses

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. We all grow in different ways from such different events in our life. What makes us who we are what we do with that growth. I have mental knitting goals myself. I did some new things last year but still feel to the need to do more new things this year. I really look forward to seeing what you challenge yourself with this year!

  2. I love that picture of you in the button hat!!

    I still haven’t been to the PO yet – terribly horribly sorry! Hopefully I will be able to venture outside again very soon.


  3. I hope you are all doing well. Wish you all nothing but the best for 2009 (and beyond too). Keep up the great knits and posts, I love keeping track of you all this way!!!

    Love to you all from the even colder state of Maine!!!

  4. I love your knitting projects! I’d like to say I’ve grown in my own knitting, but it’s a slow pace and I’m not there yet. I’ll keep working on it.

    The smoking dishwasher would frighten me, too. I didn’t realize the water hoses could freeze.

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