smidgen of garter

I finished this little cardi a little while ago in *ahem* November. I was going to post about it when I was finished, but before I knew it the holidays happened and bam! Its 2009!
smidgen of garter

I started this little cardigan for Kailey October 24, 2008. After searching around ravelry for a garter yoke cardigan to fit a toddler, I gave up and started my own. Truely I wish that I found the Yoke-u-lator pattern generator sooner, because the sweater I made kinda sucks a little. I lost my notes (really, this seems to be my thing.) so I can’t tell you more than what I jotted down on my ravelry page.Which is I casted on 67 sts using a US 8 (5mm), and increased every couple of rows until I reached just under Kailey’s armpits. I put some stitches on hold for the arms, and CO 5 stitches for the underarms on both sides. I worked the buttonhole about every 2″, the buttons where purchased at Jo-ann’s. Not so helpful huh?
smidgen of garter
But its sure a sweet little sweater. Even if it came out to wide. Instead of ripping it all out and throwing a pissy like I probably should have I made the width of the body an inch smaller by installing fake seams. Boy, that sounds so fancy pants. Really all I did was used a crochet hook and some spare yarn folded about 1/2″ of the knitted fabric starting so the fold was right under the armpit down to the bottom hem and crochet it down.  I made one on the other sides so it looked planned.
smidgen of garter
I used up most of the hank of twisted by Blue Moon Fiber Arts purchased during Rhinebeck ’07, which was the plan. It needed to be used for a little sweater before the little person grew to big. And boy do these kids seem to grow fast.
Kailey turns 2
Kailey turned 2 yesterday! Two! Already! Littlest one is proving the terrible two’s really do exist. Darn good thing she’s cute, because she would rather walk around with no pants on. I believe its because she knows that its killing me. And she knows how much I love a good fight over putting her boots on. Tonight while I was cooking dinner she was playing with her baby doll and was telling her to eat, so cute!


8 responses

  1. Very cute sweater! She does not look happy in that first picture. I can’t believe shes 2 already, I still remember rushing to get her baby blanket done ugh time flies too fast.

  2. I love the little cardi. I am still leary about making sweaters. I had a bad run with a nephew’s sweater and now I am a little gun shy. I need to try again before he gets too picky to wear anything I make.

  3. Love the sweater! It is so very cute. I am amazed with how much knitting you get done. I only have one kid and take care of my niece during the day. I feel like I barely have time to do anything.

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