Dear Mom and Dad

Jess too,

I am so sorry for all those little weird little food things I did. Dad, for leaving a spoonful all of your Ben and Jerry’s Heath bar crunch (might have been Jess’s for all I can remember now). Jess, for eating the filling of some of your double stuff oreo’s and leaving a pile of just the cookie part. Mom, for leaving you with that little square of those butterscotch brownies (you shoulda taken them to work with you) and for the candy corn incident where I ate the white tips off the candy corns and left a pile next to the computer which you ate, cause you didn’t realize till you where done all the tips where missing.
I’m getting my retribution.
The other night I let the kids play restaurant, they wanted to use real food. Since we have an abundance of GS cookies I let them serve cookies. Everyone got to have one of each flavor. I didn’t finish mine by Allysa and Bryce’s bedtime and I left my plate next to the computer. I let Corra play on the computer while I put the others to bed. When I was done it was her turn. After all the darlings where sound asleep I got ready to read my bloglines and picked up my cookie. There was something missing.

mmmm, cookies

someone licked the peanut butter outta the middle of it.

PS finished my stripe-ta-cular sweater last night. Pictures soon, it sure is stripey!


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  1. Oh goodness, I laughed so hard at this! With four kids of my own, I can’t even BEGIN to tell you what I’ve found (and lost), but my mother in law loves to tell the story of the piles of oreo “shells” under the couch and the tuna sandwich that “lived” in my husbands backpack in his closet from when he got out of school in June until the smell got so bad she went looking for the cause! LOL

    Can’t wait to see your sweater and HOW do you knit them so fast!

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