Don’t blink,

because it all goes so fast! Everyone says it, but you don’t believe it until it happens. 10 years ago on the first day of Spring Corra was born. She was the perfect little baby, so sweet with a small bit of hair, a cute little mouth, 10 fingers, 10 toes.  Her Dad and I talked about names, we wanted something unique but not bizarre, and it helped that he always wanted to name his baby girl Cora after one of the women with a name in the Last of the Mohican’s. It is a perfect name for her.  We added an extra r, cause we think it looks better.

FO: this time in blue

It wasn’t until after we moved to PA that we learned of more name connections. My husband’s (at the time, now ex.) parents found that 2 generations ago there was a woman who lived in their house named Cora. When I purchased this house I found out that the woman who lived here the longest was named Coral. But her friends called her Code or Cora. Occasionally we will run into someone named Cora. Not very often. But its fun when we do.

FO: this time in blue

Anyway, I blinked. And it all went by so fast, before I knew it she was entering double digits and growing up. I don’t know who gave her permission, it certainly wasn’t me. I want to take every day slowly, from the moment I crack open my eyes and slam the snooze button to the moment that I lay my head down to go to sleep. No matter what I do the days zoom right by, and the kids grow up. I know I can’t slow it down, but I’m certainly going to enjoy it while I can… And give them plenty to talk about in therapy, cause there is a good chance they are going to end up there anyway. Might as well have something “good” to talk about, like how damaging it is when I act like a pirate and only let them get out of the starboard side of the van. *snicker*Its way too much fun.

FO: this time in blue

Isn’t it crazy how much she looks like me? Which means she looks like her Mema too (sorry Mom, gesh! ; ) . Anyway, more on her sweater which has been finished forever. Her sweater is her February Lady Sweater, which I made her wear today so I could take new pictures since her looks have changed so much since I took pictures in September.


Pattern: February Lady Sweater by pamela wynne

Started August 16 2008

Completed September 9 2008

Yarn – 3 skeins Dream in Color Classy colorway some summer sky purchased from The Loopy Ewe.

Needle’s US 8 (5.0mm) and US 10 (6.0mm)

Mods: Didn’t cast on for the 7 underarm sts. like I did for mine. As mine seemed really wide on her. I ended up picking up some stitches and decreasing them down, so there wasn’t a hole under the arm.

more notes on ravelery here. Wayyyy more pictures on flickr. The beautiful buttons are from Phenix Potter. (so pretty!)

FO: this time in blue

Happy Birthday kid. Double Digits. Wow. Quit growing up so fast damnit! And by the way, if you want another sweater, wear the one I made you more often.

Holy crap. My mother just came outta my mouth!

PS. Made a bunch of clutches for Corra’s sleepover party. The girls loved it, and had a blast at the party.

PPS. Started Acer Thursday, had to frog back last night and start over since I wonked out the yoke.

PPS. Last week started out good, Monday the porch was finished yay! Then it started to suck, got a speeding ticket (first one in 5 years. gr), the furnace died, then replaced the furnace. This will be a better week. Urgh.


15 responses

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORA!!!!! The sweater is gorgeous AC; I love the colour. The bags and the cupcakes are wonderful – what a awesome mom you are!

    Don’tcha love it when you hear your own parents in your head – must be why they laughed so hard at us when we swore we would NEVER be like them….

  2. WOW!!! Happy Birthday Corra!!!!

    Wish you guys lived closer so you could teach me how to knit. You do such great work. I’ve tried reading how to knit books and checking out sites, but I’m just to “non crafty” and can’t get it. LOL

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  4. Happy birthday to you ,Happy birthday to you , Happy birthday dear Corra , Happy birthday to you !!!! //Wow 10 ?? you’re gonna be as old as me soon !!

    Have a good day ..

  5. Wow – I was halfway through your post and thinking ‘why are there pictures of AC when this post’s all about Corra??’ 🙂 She’s so like you, and so grown up! And that sweater is perfect!

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