FO: Ace Brown

Its been a crazy couple of weeks, 2 ER visits (long story shorter 1. Kailey fell and hit her head on a open drawer and cut her forehead. I thought it might need stitches, thankfully it wasn’t long enough so they glued it shut. 2. Corra fell while at her Dad’s and knocked herself out for a minute, took her to the ER to make sure she was ok. She is, she had a headache that lasted a few days but is otherwise alright. I quite hope we are done with ER visits, I can tell ya’ll this I won’t be going back to the Clarion PA ER where Corra went (I would have rather her gone to Dubois’s ER her Dad lives over there). The ER automatic doors didn’t open, well automatically. Yes, that shoulda been hint to not to even try to enter, cause hmm, if the doors don’t open should we really go in and seek medical treatment? ya know like if a restaurant has nasty bathrooms how clean are the kitchen’s really? Baseball and softball have started, games and all. GS is finishing up, and I had a spring cleaning attack and cleaned out the room of crap. Well, actually I cleaned my crap out of it but Mike’s crap is still in there. My brain isn’t any better off then it was before. But I did finish a sweater a few days before the first ER visit!

FO: Ace Brown

I don’t think I’ve talked about my hometown before, I grew up really, in a very rural area. We had a post office, library (complete with the stereotypical librarian hair in a bun, bifocals and a cranky demeanor, but she new her stuff.) general store that sold penny candy, town hall and fire department. To get to the mall was a 45minute drive, to town where the gas stations, grocery stores and movie theater where a 30minute drive.

FO: Ace Brown

I played little league baseball when I was little, wasn’t very good, but I picked my share of flowers. My backyard was a lake, and I spent the summers water skiing if I could get my Uncle to take me out on his boat. I road my bike everywhere I could, usually to the general store or to the park. Always hung out with the same kids, we where all friends for the longest time because well, there wasn’t much choice. My high school was amazingly small compared to the school’s here where I live now in PA. My kids elementary school, which serves just this town has more kids in it then my high school did. Its shocking to a lot of people here, but my high school was so small we didn’t have a football team because there weren’t enough people to play. Football is a way of life here, Steelers country, they live breathe and dream all about football. Sports are big here, for us uncoordinated folk its a challenge.

FO: Ace Brown

I love where I grew up, the museums, and the culture. The focus on the arts. The awesome maple syrup. I love where I live now, if I need milk its a 5 minute drive to the grocery store, if I need to put gas in the van there are 2 gas stations in town. The mall is 15 minutes away, everything is closer, granted I do miss the museums, and I really dislike the damned fire whistle (it only has one tone, so its not like it can be used to warn people of different things and I’m certain its gotten louder.) I know who my neighbors are here, in face one brought me a pie and cookies for the kids when I moved in. I’m used to the differnt terms that are used “red up the room” (clean up the room) and I still don’t own a sweeper, its a vacuum damnit. It plugs in, sweepers don’t. I keep catching myself saying “Ant Kelly” not Aunt, slowly I’m loosing my accent. A creek is still a little bit bigger than a stream not as big as a river. Redbank creek, its a river damnit, and I’ll still call Falls Creek, Falls Creak not Falls Crick.

FO: Ace Brown buttons

I love my hometown and all my memories of growing up. But I’m not moving back, well maybe when tourist season really becomes a season. Ya know, like deer season. And yes I do realize when I go back to visit I’m essentially a tourist.

FO: Ace Brown

pattern: Acer by Kirsten Kapur
size: xs-ish, see mods
yarn: 5.25 skeins (735.0 yards) Greenwood Hill Farm 2-Ply Worsted in chocolate purchased during Rhinebeck ’08
needles: US 8 (5.0 mm)
Started March 19 2009 and finished April 3 2009
5th NaKniSweMoDo
ravled here.
buttons where a gift from PhenixPottery on etsy.
mods: because I used a lighter yarn that what is called for, and because I wanted my neck to be higher. That ment my yoke had to be longer. I cast on for the XS, knit 6 rows for my collar band. I knit 40 rows of the pattern (total including the WS rows). 22 increase rows total, basically I kept working the yoke pattern and increasing until the it was right under my underarms.
Note about the yarn- If I had to pick my deserted island yarn this would be it. It’s so soft, squishy, light weight and incredibly awesome to knit with. Incredibly soft. Srsly, wool is itchy to me, I have to wear a long sleeve shirt under most of my sweaters. This I can wear a t-shit. It’s from a flock of 100% pure breed merino sheep. It has its faults though, lots of them. 4 out of the 6 hanks had 1 knot in them. There is a great amount of hay in this yarn, it falls out while your knitting and is easy to pick it out. There are spots that are thick and there are some thin spots too. And to me the yarn smells weird, like cedar. The owner told me that she washes the hanks in lavender soap. Doesn’t smell like lavender to me. This time I washed the yarn trying to get rid of the smell, the majority of hay came out. But the smell was still there, some time in a ziplock back with some pretty smelling soap took the smell away. I really love this yarn, even with all the faults.
Overall this sweater is love (100), I’m trying really hard not to wear it every day.

PS. I’m super excited this weekend is supposed to be warm, sunny and overall awesome.
PPS. Mike doesn’t know it yet but we’re painting tomorrow.
PPPS. He does know that I’m sticking him with the kids for a few hours tomorrow so I can snicker away and get some damn quiet time.
PPPPS. I don’t know what’s up with some of the pictures, I had Bryce take them 2 weeks ago while we where doing some yard work. Granted this was the greatest amount of yard work I’ve done in a very, very long time.


Happy Easter!

Sending my wishes for a Happy Easter (for all of those who celebrate)

Sug-tactular Easter

**panoramic sugar Easter egg, bunny and flowers purchased from Bake it Pretty Can’t say enough of the customer service, great shop**

My Aunt Adair and my Mom would make these sugar eggs when I was younger I can remember looking at the delicate scenes she would make and eating a few frosting flowers too. This year I really wanted to give it a go. After a few false starts I got it right, reading the directions and finding a bit of patience helped too! Even though these are meant to be a decoration I have a feeling a few pieces of frosting will go missing.

Nothing says Easter like a sugar high, am I right?

PS Sorry for the silence, its been a heck of a two weeks. More later. I’m coming down from my sugar high and am ready for bed. Night!

Kailey Surprise Jacket

cause even though Mike would love to have another baby (isn’t he cute?), it isn’t going to happen. I would love it, but on a good day I already feel like you could swish my head around and pour my brain out my ear. And yes, I consider it to be a good day when I remember (without hesitation) where each child is and what they are doing. Slowly and surely my children are killing my brain! Don’t get me wrong though, cause I wouldn’t change it or trade it for anything in the world. Yes, even though I do threaten to sell them to the Gypsies (like my Father did to me, oh its going to be a blast picking out his retirement home!) I wouldn’t. Besides, what would a nickle by these days? We’re a big family, its crazy at times, but I love it. There is always something going on!

FO: Kailey Surprise Jacket

Its funny too (might just be in my mind, but that’s ok) cause way back in May of 2006 I was at MD S&W with my mom. We where sitting on the hill during the blogger meet-up talking to Kristin and her sister Ashley. I was very taken with Ashley’s little guy H., I was thinking of how much I would love another baby, and how I hope Mike and I could have another.  We had been talking about having another baby, and a month later we found out that we where expecting! Kailey wasn’t so much a surprise, more like a planned surprise.

FO: Kaiely Surprise Jacket

Anyway… the jacket. I finished it almost two months ago, then struggled to get ‘action’ shots for a few weeks. Kailey is a very independent child. Yes, that is the polite way to say that sometimes she is a pain in the rump. She is two and she does a very good job at asserting her independence. A very good job, its  fantastic when she does it at the grocery store.  I signed up for a class at Stitch your Art out in Pine Grove Mill’s (just outside of State College) because I really wanted to knit this sweater. But couldn’t wrap my head around EZ’s directions.

FO: Kailey Suprise Jacket

Project notes:

pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmermann (like you didn’t know!)

needle: US 8 (5.0 mm)

yarn: 0.28 skeins Cascade Yarns 220 Wool in color 8906 Azur
and 3 skeins of Noro Cotton Kureyon in color 12

Notes and Mods- Once I realized that I wouldn’t have enough of the cotton kureyon to finish the sweater I added the cascade 220 for a few stripes. I don’t want to purchase any more of the cotton kureyon. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly from a single wool/cotton blend because it pulls apart easily in spots (duh! I should know this!), it also kills my hands and my arms. It felt like I was bulling the yarn around. There are the usual noro trademarks random knots and bits of vm. But look at those vibrant colors! I will not be swayed to purchase more of this yarn because of the color. Right?
not so much a mod, many other people have done it too,I worked an i-cord cast off for the body of the sweater. When I got down to where the increases are on the bottom corners I worked just the i-cord for 2 stitches than the i-cord with the decrease, then just i-cord for 2 more stitches. Hope that makes since. Basically I wanted the i-cord to go around the corner, not pull it in. Which it would of done if I had just kept on going with the bind off with out working those extra stitches. Also I used an attached i-cord to attach the sleeves, and put it around the neck too. The sleeves are definitely half sleeves. They sit right at her elbow, which is ok for inside. If I was to knit this sweater again in this size I would make the sleeves longer.
ravled here.
Now, if I could actually get her to wear it more than the once. Damn that independence from hand-knits, its just wrong I tell you. Wrong.

PS. Last night I finally finished the body to Ace Brown (Acer), Felt like it took forever, probably cause I ripped out the yoke the first time cause I totally wonked it out. I think these pretty blue button’s will work, thoughts?
WIP Ace Brown button possibliity
PPS Mike was home this past week so things where crazy. We went to Lowe’s to pick out a new area rug for the kitchen. Holy crap was that a trip! We’re going to be an interesting old couple. I hope we won’t end up in matching track suits, but we sure have that crazy ass mentality. Allysa’s 5th birthday was Friday, March 27. Happy Birthday little Llysa, your growing up way fast, and your one smart cookie!
Happy 5th Birthday Allysa!
PPPS I’m pretty damn sure I’m addicted to facebook, and have been spending oodles of time on there that I shouldn’t be. Are you on there yet?
PPPPS Totally got my kids today for April Fools. *evil grin*