Happy Easter!

Sending my wishes for a Happy Easter (for all of those who celebrate)

Sug-tactular Easter

**panoramic sugar Easter egg, bunny and flowers purchased from Bake it Pretty Can’t say enough of the customer service, great shop**

My Aunt Adair and my Mom would make these sugar eggs when I was younger I can remember looking at the delicate scenes she would make and eating a few frosting flowers too. This year I really wanted to give it a go. After a few false starts I got it right, reading the directions and finding a bit of patience helped too! Even though these are meant to be a decoration I have a feeling a few pieces of frosting will go missing.

Nothing says Easter like a sugar high, am I right?

PS Sorry for the silence, its been a heck of a two weeks. More later. I’m coming down from my sugar high and am ready for bed. Night!


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