being a mom, my view

I was tagged by Meg over at Tea & Brie. This little meme started at Her Bad Mother, in a post called ‘The world according to Mom.’  To totally steal Meg’s words: “To make a long story short, she wrote out five reasons why she loves being a mom and then tagged five people to do the same.  Her goal is for this mommy meme to make it around the world in 80 clicks. I am sure she has reached her goal.”

Mommyhood has to be my best job, most challenging job, my hardest job.  We’re not raising children here, we are molding lil adults. Adults that will be able to take care of themselves, be apart of and contribute to society, be independent, loving, creative, basically know who they are as a person, and be themselves. Granted Labor Laws don’t seem to apply to this job. Doesn’t matter how many times you explain that there are labor laws in the US and for every 4 hours of work (or is it 6?) there is a mandatory 20 minute break and Mommy is, well on a damn break right now. There are no breaks, there is no second shift. There are no nanny’s in this house, its just Mommy. Mommy who gets up at 3 am blurry eyed to walk down the hall to the crying 2 year old who had in fact woke up, took off her jammies and for some unknown, ungodly, friggin reason took off her damn diaper *again* and is freaking cold, tired and cranky. Mommy who packs the lunches and puts in the favorite chips, a little treat and milk money, Mommy who provides the snack to the little league team, makes sure the hat, glove, water bottle, bat and batting helmet is ready for the game, Mommy who drives to band practice and has the clarinet and music ready to go, with a snack, a smile and grumbles though her teeth “get in the damn van” and screams during the ballgames “get your bloody mitt outta your mouth!!!!” to her center fielder and yells “great play!!!” for the whole game. Sure there are moments when I lock myself in the bathroom for 15 minutes to read a lil and regroup, (my employer doesn’t understand labor laws, I need to lawyer up!), or hide behind the island in the kitchen and eat some m&m’s so I dont’ have to share, there hasn’t been a day this month where I have fallen into bed with my bra still on, totally not giving a damn, exhausted not ready for tomorrow but on some level I’m fulfilled, happy with that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart because even though I would get a few toes for 20 minutes of quiet where I don’t have to clean up the aftermath I wouldn’t give up this job. Oh, hell no.

So, here it goes – 5 reasons why I love being a mom.

1. It will never cease to amaze me why children pick their favorite things. Why they pick red for their favorite color, why they like turkey (hold the mayo) sandwiches over PB&J, why they pick their BFF. I love how children are the same, but different. With four kids, they have their favorites and their dislikes. It’s almost like its their individual preference and a bit of peer pressure. I love watching the kids interact with their friends, and when Kailey makes a new “friend” at the ballfield during the friggin 4 days a week we are down there. Like I said, it will never cease to amaze me why their pick their favorite things and the things that they don’t like. I love to watch them figure out how they fit in the world.
toddler in a basket

2. The feeling I get when they think of other people. Wither it be looking before they take off running at the park and waiting when they see someone coming. Holding the door for someone else, or even making something to make someone else feel good. Even a little drawing or pushing in someones chair so they don’t have too, small things have big impacts. The “I HELP!” or “me do!” and pitching in, makes the world go around for me. Kid’s want to feel appreciated just like everyone else does, they want to please the adults in their life. Children give their love freely, they are the most generous little creatures. well, most of the time.
2 for Project Linus

3. Knowing that nothing heals quite as well as a hug. When the world is crashing down in tweendom, or be it a trip and fall complete with a bump a hug from Mom heals the hurt. The love that I have for my children, it seems to have no end. Its so filling, so exasperating, so real it’s almost scary. Being a mom can be down right scary sometimes, knowing that your in charge and lives depend on you. When you see that lil face smiling at you it makes it all worth while. It also helps that as Mom, I have the power over dessert. mmaahhahahaa.

4. When I think that something I’ve made or done isn’t quite the way I want it, or I’ve done it wrong. They don’t see the “mistake”, my children seem to think the world of me. (At least now, and yes, I plan to enjoy it while I can because when they are teen’s they are probably going to scream “I will never be like you” or “I don’t like you!” and then when they have children they’ll come back and say. “” and “you, where right Mom.” and won’t let their children whistle in the house just like I have. Slowly, but surely I’m becoming my mother, and its not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Love ya mom.) Once when I was sewing something I screwed up and grumbled “shit”. yes, I said shit. And started ripping out the mistake, Bryce asked me why I was taking it apart. I told him it was because I did it wrong and had to start over, he told me that it was perfect and he likes what I make. My heart still warms up when I think of that. And yes, as long as my children will wear them I will continue to make sweaters for them, and sew up lil creatures for them too.
Froggy and his mum

5. Being there when they have mastered a new skill. The look on their faces is priceless. The baby’s first steps, the first home run, first ride without training wheels their eyes are screaming “I’m doing it!! I AM doing IT!!!” All that hard work, perseverance, a little bit of failure, and a push or two from Mom and Dad to accomplish their goal. If it wasn’t for trying there would be no accomplishments.
B's baseball game 5.1.09

I love being a mom. Like I said this is the hardest, most challenging job in the world. There are no take backs, there is no fear of unemployment, just well, this. Day after day, as they grow up I grow a little bit too. Every day is a new challenge, every day I am, as a person am tested. My patience, my conflict resolution, my organizational skills, heck even my knowledge in technology is tested (thank you Wii, and your freezing up.) There are moments where my head feels like its going to implode and I want to scream “what the heck was I thinking??”,  honestly I would never give this up for the world. Never go back and change anything. I love being a mother, and I love my job, even though there is no pension and they pay doesn’t buy groceries or put gas in the car.

Aw, crap. I think I’m supposed to tag 5 people from another country… well. I don’t think I have blog readers out of the US that have kids…. but then again my memory is mush and its amazing that I’m still allowed to drive a car. So please correct me if I’m wrong, cause you know there is a dang good chance that I am. I tag… Tracey at frugal fuzzy britches, Cayli at Spin a Yarn for Ewe,  Julie at Stoneview, Mary at Right Sides Together, and Robin at Perky Knits and Stitches and anyone else too. It’s so much fun reading other people’s views on why they love motherhood.

For a little bit of fun, this video clip is from Corra’s band concert, she is sitting in the last row and is second from the left. She hasn’t been playing for very long, just 4 months. All in all, I think she did a darn good job and that group of 4 & 5 graders did a great job. Anyway I thought a contest would be quite fun. First person to guess the name of this song wins either some sock yarn or some roving. Contest closed, Robin won! Congrat’s Robin. I’ll be mailing out something good to you sometime this week 🙂

here is a link to the video in case it doesn’t embed right.


5 responses

  1. I don’t believe it. Woo Hoo. I will admit I had to listen to it a couple of times. I kept listening thinking I know that song what is it. The sad part is your daughter probably has no idea who the Beach Boys are. That thought makes me feel really old.

  2. I got it too! So clearly the kids are good. I admit, when it first started I hadn’t a clue but it’s totally Surfin’ USA. Go, Robin!

    That’s just a wonderful post about being a Mom, Amanda! Hiding behind the counter snarfing m&m’s. LOL

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