FO: Obsession

This is almost like reentering blogland. Gesh.  My last knitting post was almost a month ago, even though I’ve been knitting like mad. Hell, I have a stash that could last me into my 70’s I need to have a project on the needles to justify it, so ya know the stash doesn’t make me feel all guilty… (Like my fabric stash does. *sigh*) And if I finish a project, well gee, I have to replace the yarn that I just used right? Right. When I’m not knitting, I’m thinking of knitting. I’m dreaming up or of patterns, whether they be socks, or cowls, or sweaters. I’m thinking of them. Thinking of the color of yarn to use, what weight, tweedy, variegated, solid or semi-solid. What I would want to change if the pattern already exists. Lately I’ve been gushing over sweaters. This one, you knitters understand me don’t you? Anyway, this one I found myself thinking about it while I was driving my kids to school. I knew that I wanted to use up the Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice solid in Antique rose that I’ve had in my stash for a bit, I bought it to make a sweater for Kailey but the pattern that I was using didn’t work out so well. And I had been thinking of U-necks, I’ve never knit a u-neck sweater before so I wasn’t so sure of the construction of it. I thought and I thought, dreamed and I dreamed. Then it hit me. It was a oh, well, duh moment. Basically all it is is a v-neck, but instead of only casting on 1 or 2 stitches after the increases are done before the sweater is connected in the round cast on more and there’s the U.

FO: Obsession

After a little figuring, I casted on hell, if I know how many I casted on now. Because again, I lost my notes and I didn’t add this part to rav. *grumble* I knit and knit ended up increasing to 130 total body stitches (46 sts for each sleeve) CO 4 sts for each underarm (total of 8 ) Knit 2 rows back and forth didn’t connect yet, then since it was where I wanted the U to stop (or start whichever) I CO 14 sts then connected the round. Add a bit of waist shaping- decreased body sts down to 126. Ended up adding a long rib to the bottom, about 3″. Picked up stitches around the collar, knit 1 row. On the second row where I got to the corners of the U I decreased so the ribbing wouldn’t poof out. Shoulda decreased a little more.

FO: Obsession

The last sleeve felt like it took forever, and ever. It might have been because I didn’t have as much time to knit, I was knitting this around Corra’s birthday, it was a little crazy getting things ready for her sleepover party. Sometimes it feels like the sleeves take the longest. Anyway the sleeves end just a little wee bit above my elbow. Just perfect for quarter sleeves.

FO: Obsession

My final thought’s on this little u-neck obsession? I like it, I don’t love it. But I like it. I think I’d love it a little bit more if I found a shirt I liked to go under it. It’s still cute, and a little sassy, but it makes my b**bs look smaller than they already are. I’m not all that thrilled with how the yarn is wearing, its fuzzing a bit and if you look closely at the pictures you can see it.
pattern: my own, basic top down raglan.
yarn: 3 skeins (510.0 yards) of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Solid in Antique rose.
needle: US 8 / 5.0 mm
started: March 9 2009
completed March 18 2009
4th NaKniSweMoDo
raveled here.

FO: Obsession

Again, I’m obsessing over another sweater. This time a top. After I had finished obsession, I was dreaming about a top down raglan, with lil puffed sleeves and a feather and fan lace panel on the chest. Then buttercup (rav link) was all over my friend activity. Perfect, absolutely perfect, the little bits of lace down at the bottom where even better than what I was thinking up in my head. Except one thing. its written for a dk weight yarn, and I was hoping to use some LB cotton ease in maize I’ve had in my stash for a bit. It’s worsted. I think I can work something out…. again totally obsessed.

WIP: Difficult Daisy

PS. I gotta take some FO pictures,  every time I look at my rav project page and see all the WIP’s that are really FO’s I get a little cranky. I don’t want to mark them as finished, cause well they aren’t really they need finished pictures taken!


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  1. I’ve been looking over your blog and could feel what you’re trying to say. I feel that way about readying books. So many books, so little time, so many knit patterns/projects, so little time. I find myself constantly looking at patterns in books and magazines and online and yet I don’t pick up the needles hardly ever in order to work them and complete them. The same with the books I want so much to finish. Often I get them out of the library or browse the bookstore aisles and hesitate to purchase one I’d enjoy because time is so limited, or at least that’s the way I feel about it. And then I look at other people with more children, husbands and busier lives to live. They seem to be able to care for all of those things and get knit project upon knit project completed. Maybe we should find out what it is that works to allow those knitters to get so much knit work completed and yet stops some of us flat in our tracks. This is just my opinion and thoughts for today.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your post. I enjoyed looking over your blog. It’s been a bit since I’ve done anything on this blog. Every day I think about it and yet, stop short of going to the blog and posting something.

    I have worked on some things this winter with all the snow we had. I actually took a well-deserved vacation in December when the “snow fairy” hit us hard. I enjoyed being home and browsing my knitting books and working on small projects to give for the holidays. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures but one, a small baby afghan for a friend’s daughter. I liked it so much I almost didn’t want to give it away.

    Hope you comment back. I’m thinking of starting another blog regarding knitting or revising this blog I already have.

    Chat later. My insulin pump is beeping madly for attention.

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