FO: Difficult Daisy*

I’m having a really hard time coming up with some cute story to tell ya’ll that goes with this top. (which btw that’s a tank that I’m wearing under the knit top.)

FO: difficult daisy

but I gots nothin. Ok, probably not nothing I can tell ya that I’m a little peeved that the lace is *right* over my b**bs. My Grandmother would have been thrilled with that, completely thrilled. (so much sarcasm is hard to fit into one small sentence 😉 It’s totally my fault that the lace hits there, I should have put the panel up higher, which I could have done by casting on more stitches. I don’t think it would bother me quite as much if it um, well complemented them more…

FO: difficult daisy

The other thing I got, is I bought this basket, with little red handles a few years ago on clearance either at Joann’s or Walmart. (I’m a super sucker for something on clearance.) I thought it would be really cute lined but had no idea how to do it, so it sat and sat and sat in my craft room. A few months ago I was searching through my stash and found an antique red print (a gift from my Auntie Adair a few years ago) and a yellow reproduction print (purchased from a quilt shop, also years ago.) and then a few days ago after realizing that it would look really cute all finished and with my new top I finished it.

:Little red purse:

really cute, huh? Clicky here for a shot of the inside of the bag.

FO: difficult daisy

pattern stats:
7th NaKniSweMoDo
pattern: based on Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier
needles US 8 (5.0 mm) US 7 (4.5 mm) for the collar
yarn: 3 skeins Lion Brand Cotton-Ease color Maize
Started May 17 2009
Completed May 24 2009
raveled here.
*Since I knit this with a heaver weight, I cast on 48sts and divided as follows: 1,8,30,8,1 knit the first row, purl the second start increasing on the third.
* didn’t increase for the gathered back, or for the puffy sleeves.
* sleeves- Row 19- Knit the rest of the row as before, except for the sleeves I increased in the 1 sts after the marker then k2, then kfb of the next sts. (38 sts). When it came time to knit the sleeves I knit them as written except when I picked up my sts from under the arm I had a total of 51sts. My decrease row was k16, (ssk, k1) 3 times, (k2tog k1) 3 times then k17.
* Row 25 knit to the last marker start purling, I did the whole cast on thing like the pattern, however I casted on 20sts to make my total sts for the front be 74. Worked 1 repeats of the lace pattern, then put the sleeves on hold, then worked 3 more pattern repeats before starting the body.
* collar- picked up and knit 96sts, –
* added some shaping right after starting the body. Decreased 2 sts on both sides right under the arm a few times. Knit straight for body, then increased to 127 sts, worked bottom as written.

FO: difficult daisy- back

ya, I guess I didn’t have nothing, nothing.

*named for my own personal tendency to be difficult. No, can’t knit this pattern with DK weight, have to use worsted and make things difficult for myself.

PS.  Our cat had kittens a few days ago, these cute little kittenz keep melting my heart.


7 responses

  1. I love the top despite the fit you find uncomfortable in terms of placement. It reminds me of a mermaid somehow.

    The basket purse is adorable and perfect for the summer. I’d love to have a bag like that.

  2. It is a darling top, no matter where the lace falls. It just means you will have to go with a layered look when wearing it. It is perfect with the basket!

  3. The kittens are so cute!!!

    The top is pretty but I don’t get the lace over the b**bs detail either, unless you really want to show off. Otherwise you end up wearing a tank under a top and isn’t it supposed to be a warm weather thing? Defeats the purpose.

  4. I think it looks great. I can’t believe how fast you are whipping these sweaters out this year. I have been working on a sweater for six months and I am only about 30 percent done.

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