the one with the traveling

poor neglected blog. I’m sorry I’ve left you for so long, I realize that its only been 3 weeks since my last post but it feels like its been forever for me. There has been some traveling, mostly back and forth from my ex’s to pick up the older kids and bring them to their practices or games and then back. It feels like I’m spending a lifetime in the van driving the mom taxi, I keep telling myself its not going to get worse, but it so is with middle school in 2 years for Corra, yikes! I’m still trying to convince Mike that the van would look so much cooler if it had flames. He’s not buying it. Anyway, the kids, Mike and I went up to Western Mass to visit my parents a few weeks ago for my family birthday party. (There is some FO pictures at the end of this post, and there will be more knitting and spinning! posts later.)

Family Party

A tradition that my Grandmother started when I was little. Instead of sending out birthday presents throughout the year we gather once during the summer and all the kids under 18 get presents. There are cupcakes with the number candles that are used year after year after year. Frighting isn’t it? Look at the giant divot in Bryce’s number 8 candle.

Family Party

and of course the pinata, which once its broken open my cousins fight over who gets to wear it as a hat. (sorry didn’t get a picture with David with Darth Vader on his head).

Family Party

If we whine enough there are tractor rides, and if Uncle Bill brings his boat there is always tubing or water skiing (which I missed this year, Kailey was done by that point and very clingy)

Tubing on Lake Garfield

But you want to watch a video don’t you?

that probably won’t work, cause I can never get it too, and today I just don’t feel like fighting with it to work. Linkage here.

A trip to my parents is never complete unless we visit the Goat farm and get lots of goat cheese to bring home.

trip to the Goat farm

Visits are never long enough, but my back can only take so many nights sleeping on the futon in the basement. Srsly, people if you don’t want your house guests to stay get a futon. (love you mom and dad. hmmm, bet you wonder why you get a pullout couch hehee j/k 😉 For some unknown reason Mike really wanted drive the whole way home.

FO: in between socks

So my in between socks where finished (I was already on the second sock, turned the heel too, since I left the other knitting‘s extra yarn at home (crazy me thought I wouldn’t get that much knitting time ha!)) during the frigging 9 hour drive home.

Started June 30 2009
Completed July 21 2009
yarn- 256.2 yards  of sKnitches Syncopation Self-Striping in Ocrhard Stripe purchased from the sweet sheep.
needles- US 2 / 2.75 mm
pattern- CO 52 sts worked a longer k2, p2 cuff.
raveled here.

FO: in between socks

Mike drives a lot slower than I do.

PS. I started the mittens I promised Dad for his birthday last year. I have half of the last one to go. Then onto the linning.
PPS. That’s the only thing I’m actively knitting right now, because if I start something new I’ll never finish the mittens. Maybe that’s why I’ve been spinning like crazy….


3 responses

  1. It was fun having you guys visit. Sorry about the futon, wish I could have a regular bed for you, but I want to move to PA before I have real guest rooms!
    You forgot to mention the giant mosquitoes that tried to carry off the children. Even though we had sprayed them down with OFF. The mosquitoes are awful this year!
    BTW the pull out couch doesn’t bother me, just your Father. 😉

  2. We’ve been traveling for the last couple of weeks and I’m happy to get back to my own bed today. I did manage to finish two and a half pairs of socks. Now I just have to find the time and energy to post them…ciao

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