sheep and wool love

Why is it that re-entry from any sheep and wool festival is so hard? We make a long weekend out of the occasion since we spend it at my parents house and it gives us some extra time to visit. Especially since we won’t be going back up until Spring. Someone here has learned her lesson about driving 320 miles North during the winter months, there is a very high probability that one will be driving in a Nor’easter. And that’s no fun. I really enjoyed myself this year, there was one purchase that I had been planning for and stopped early. That would be the natural white merino from Greenwood Hill farm. Nothing can beat this stuff, its amazing and after a short convo with the owner not only is it because their sheep are pure breed merino’s its because of their diet too.

Rhinebeck haul

and of course a stop at creatively dyed for some sock yarn (like I *need* more), and Autumn house farms where I found the blue bulky for a really great price. Mom and I wondered the barns some more and I picked up some hand dyed roving, and then we met up with Karen and her husband for lunch.

Karen, myself and my mom (cjknits on)
pst, I knit up that little ear warmer real quick its raveled here.

It was a good lunch even though my pot pie kinda sucked. Way too many peas. Some how we missed the meet up again this year, I had it in my head that it was at 1, not 12. Yeah, next year cause I missed seeing bunches of people. Mom and I wondered around some more before Dad came over, I purchased some amazing Cormo from Foxhill farm, which I had no clue was in Lee, 15 min from my parents. I can’t wait to knit with it! We saw Kim at the big sock, both mom and I knit for a bit on it. (Kim will be at stitches east too with the big sock, booth # 526)

My creation

We walked around some more and saw the sheepies,

sheepies at Rhinebeck

Before we made our last purchases of the day and went home

new mug <3

The kids and I stayed till Tuesday morning before coming home to PA. Boy did I miss sleeping in my bed, and drinking real coffee from a coffee maker not freeze dried astronaut coffee (love you Dad, just not your coffee so much). Its good to be home even though the kids are sick with possibly the swine flu. I sort of disagree with our Dr, since he just read their complaints and said anyone with these complaints they are calling it the swine flu. Their fevers having gone over 100.4 and they have this horrible croupy cough that sounds like bronchitis. I’m pushing liquids like crazy, and am starting to sound like my mother more and more.
Since the kids are sick and we are holed up in our house there has been more knitting,

Allysa’s thorpe, rav link and owl mitts for her too rav link.

the more I knit with this awesome stuff, malabrigo, the more I want a sweater out of it….. even though it will pill like mad..


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  1. I loved that you had a great time at Rhinebeck. What I hate is that we were there and never got to meet. So this next year I will make a concerted effort to make sure we meet. I met one other person there and saw others that I knew from pics on their blogs but was too shy to say hey aren’t you….so ‘n so.

  2. I agree with Vickie, glad we all had a good time, sorry we missed each other. Every year I have lofty “meet up” plans and then just get wrapped up in the fair. So much fun though! Reading through your post makes me excited for next year already 😉

    Hope the kiddos feel better soon!

  3. It was so great finally getting to meet you in person – and I’m so glad we were able to sit and chat for a good while instead of just the usual “hi, nice to meet you, what did you get, see you later” that happens when you run into someone at a booth. I’m sorry to hear about the flu – swine or not. And no, I still haven’t done my Rhinebeck post, but it’s coming, I swear!

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