it must be somebody’s birthday!

streamers, presents,

streamers and presents,

cool cupcakes too,

frog cupcakes

it must be somebody’s birthday!

birthday boy

Happy Birthday Bryce! You’ve grown so much, you are becoming such a sweet young man. You will never cease to amaze me with your building and math skillz. Your a thoughtful and kinda little guy, I love you,  xxoo Mommy.

PS. when I was looking at the current issue of family fun, I saw these awesome frog cupcakes and knew they would be perfect for B’s birthday. I changed them up a little bit, only because I can’t leave well enough alone. Instead of using white chocolate chips for the eyes, I purchased candy eyes at a local party store. (I would have purchased them from Bake It Pretty, but I didn’t have enough time for shipping.  Still I ordered meself some pretty dusting sugars, sprinkles, and cookie cutters (like I *need* more of them, I do however *need* a gnome and squirrel cookie cutter!) I purchased a bag of red and green holiday spice gumdrops, because it was all I could find, but the red ones ended up making super cute tongues.  This is what I did frosted my cupcakes green,  cut the green gumdrops in half, added a candy eye by using a toothpick and a small amount of frosting. Tinted a small amount of frosting black (which will end up gray, because it takes for.ever. to make a true black and it doesn’t taste all that great when you add that much coloring to it, go ahead ask me how I know) used a #4 wilton decorating tip for the mouth and (thanks to Corra great idea!) added half a red gumdrop for a tongue. One some of the cupcakes I used the gray icing to make little bugs (also a Corra idea).  Here is a link to another pic that shows the bugs.  Bryce was super surprised and was thrilled that he has an army of frog cupcakes to take to school with him today.
PPS. Last night I was totally kicking myself for starting a tradition so many years ago, of hanging streamers in the living room in the birthday kids choice colors. This morning however when all the kids saw them, and Bryce was like wohh! It made dragging out the ladder and perching precariously on the back of the sofa very much worth the effort.
PPPS. Bryce totally cracked me up when he pulled this huge ziplock bag out of his pocket after he opened his first present (he gets to open the rest when he comes home from school). The kid had a plan. He was taking his new lego’s to school so he could play with them at recess!
PPPPS. I can’t stop looking at all the fun cupcake idea’s on family fun’s website…. can’t.stop.looking!


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