one glorious hour

It was a very busy summer, I really had no idea that it would get so very busy that I would stop blogging. I really didn’t stop blogging, I was blogging in my head which really doesn’t count now does it? I missed blogging, it helped me keep track of what things I made, idea’s I had and things my kids did. Because really, my memory only holds so much, if anything else is put in it might take over the spot something important was like how to start the dishwasher…   But now that my biggest kid has to leave for school an hour before my middle kids have to get up I have one glorious hour all to myself. I can go back to sleep (its my super power, I can sleep anywhere at anytime. Mike hates it), knit, read, take the longest shower ever, or blog.

See this summer was super busy, there where sockpal socks that took around 2 months to knit. And no, I wasn’t knitting anything else but these. There where just so many nights where I could only manage a row before my eyes clonked out.

FO: sockpal sock

which is why I watch tv while I knit, I’ll stay awake longer. Oh when did I get so old?!
There where GS that kept me busy with the planning of their bronze award activities, camp and other miscellaneous end of the year activities. There where baseball, tball, softball then all-star games.

All star softball game

yes I did start to feel that I lived there, and there was gratitude for the concession stand and cheese fries and a coke which helped take the edge off the 4 ball game of the week… I had my first garden! Something that I’ve been dreaming of for years, after last summers giant excavation of the hill which turned our backyard into a dirtland (which I re-seeded and covered with straw all by myself thankyouverymuchly) I finally had my garden. Which I only took one picture of, a week after Mike and I put it in and its on my phone.

last haul

I grew, lettuce which exploded and everyone was getting bags of lettuce, corn (which did really well. I blanched and froze it), tomatoes (again really well, had an amazing amount till I um, killed them), green beans, and cucumbers (which did really well, until I killed them…). I can, froze and pickled a ton. I really do need to count up how many jars of pickles I made because the kids keep eating them like crazy. Did you notice a pattern, yes. I’m pretty sure I killed the cukes by over dusting them for moldy mildew and the tomatoes well, we where gone for a week, and I didn’t water them when we got home either…Mike doesn’t know what to think because next year I told him I want to plant more.  Some squash (he loves squash. hehehe no), I want to trellis the cukes, more corn, carrots and peas, maybe some broccoli and calliflower. He’s thrilled. But he also saw how our grocery bill went down cause we had veggies.

Dutchess county fair 2010

there where fairs that we went to, our hometown street fair (where I “helped” our little league with bingo, there are too many ways to play that game) and the dutchess county fair. Treasures from my Grandma, I asked my Aunt for some blue jars and wow.  My grandmother seemed to line the walls of her storage room with glass jars. They where like insulation. I came home with some beauties and they are mineminemine.

treasures from Grandma

first day of school and the start of a sweater for Rhinebeck.

WIP: twist body

It was a very busy summer, which led into a usually busy fall. But like I said I have this one glorious hour all to myself well as long as no one wakes up early…