oyi, the one thing that kids are so very good at sharing are germs. Its the one thing you don’t have to yell at them and tell them to share (as apposed to legos or barbie shoes). Probably shouldn’t have said anything to my dr’s nurse last week when I called to ask for more allergy meds, silly me said “I get sick once or twice a year.” Honestly after those words flew outta my mouth I wanted to rewind time and retrieve them. Sunday night it was like a train hit me, and my throat felt like I swallowed a bag of razors, it hurt so much to swallow Tuesday it started to hurt into my ears, and now today I have a bit of congestion, cough, and my sinuses hurt, but my throat doesn’t hurt as much. But you didn’t come here to read my whining, I’ve been loving these handknit socks I finished up sometime this spring,

FO: handspun socks

I dyed the fiber last year sometime using acid dyes, its rambouillet corriedale cross from a local farm. Spun it up on my Kromiski sonata and 2plied it. (after re-reading this I realize that wow, its clear that I’m all hopped up on cold meds. Weeee!)

FO: handspun socks

The socks are knit *very* densely, I used a US3 and while knitting the second sock I broke one of the needles… anyway these socks can stand up on their own (even when they are clean, haha) but they don’t feel like armor. They are incredibly warm & cozy.  It was a little sad, because I couldn’t find them and I thought I had finished them. I looked through my handknit sock basket, the dirty handknit bag, behind the dyer. Honestly there was a bit of a panic.  I found them in a project bag almost finished, just the toes needed kitchenered. Honestly I don’t know why I was in such a panic to find the, because when I was looking for them it was spring and too warm to wear them.

FO: handspun socks

These are my first pair of handknit socks, and man I want more, these socks are so warm and cozy just the thing that’s needed when you feel like the cold truck took you down. Ok along with a few boxes of the good kleenex, a cabinet full of tea and half the drug store in your medicine cabinet…


PS I’m not getting off the couch except to cook meals today.
PPS well, what meals that I can’t get away with not making
PPPS the kids know how to use the toaster (there was a few years ago when I first showed Corra how to use it, she shoved a poptart down not knowing about the lever.) this morning they had waffles.
PPPPS. The kids are off of school today, since its Veteran’s day here in the states. I am so thankful to all of the people who have served, and gave to our Country. Thanks doesn’t seem to be enough.



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  1. It’s probably too late to help that poor throat now but for future referent gargling very warm salty water is helpful and of course, chicken soup. The socks look fab!

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