my so called manos scarf

Hello! Welcome! My name is Amanda. I go by Amanda Cathleen in the blogging world as a way to seperate myself from all the other Amanda’s. My email address is mistress_stash_enhancer@yahoo.com .

I started off bloging with an AOL blog, and moved to blogspirit. After having some problems with blogspirit, I moved here. Hopefully this will be the last move. Honestly I hate moving. Wither it be blogs or houses!

I.am.a.yarn.ho. I adore fiber. I find it so interesting how you can take something and turn it into something else completely different, just with a bit of imagination. Ok, scariness over. They say the first step is accepting that you have a problem right? I don’t think so! You just don’t have to justify it anymore! right, right. HA. only.makes.it sooo much worse.

Here is another one of those 101 things about me lists, enjoy! ;o)

1. I am divorced. Not too happy that I’m divorced. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that the relationship is over with, but I somehow feel that I threw in the towel, gave up, and let people down. I tried hard to make the marriage work, even though no one else did.

2. I’m not a big fan of mint.

3. I’m a Mommy of four kids. Corra, Bryce, Allysa and Kailey. I didn’t realize this until we picked Allysa’s name. But, we’ve got A, B and C. In reverse order. yeap, I’m that good. : )

4. I’m engaged to my boyfriend Mike. We’ve been engaged for going on 5 years(!?! When are we going to Vegas Mike to get married?!? 5 years? Holy crap). Mike is Allysa and Kailey’s Daddy, and Corra and Bryce to my ex-husband.

5. I always have snacks. Always.

6. I prefer margarine (plastic, its really plastic folks) over real butter. Except when baking.

7. I never thought I would be driving a mini-van. but I do. Hey its cool, it has a moon roof!!

8. My shampoo and conditioner have to be the same kind. No mixing’ can’t do it.

9. I want to get married in Vegas, by Elvis. And drive away in a pink Cadillac. Mike doesn’t think this is such a hot idea.

10. Where ever, when ever we get married. I refuse to have the reception in a fire hall. Just not my thing.

11. I love flavored coffee’s. Not to fond of Hazelnut, my Dad hates flavored coffee. He feels its unnatural. Like variegated yarn.

12. I like variegated yarn, and I don’t like it. yeah, that made oodles of sense there.

13. I grew up in Western Mass.

14. Moved to Western Pennsylvania in the summer of 1999. I’ll move back to Mass when we are allowed to shoot the nasty tourists.

15. I’ve started to “talk” like someone from Western PA. I’ve been told I have a slight “twang” in my voice now. And have even caught myself saying things like “Let him alone” “pop” and “sweeper” like its second nature. I blame this on working as a CNA for 2 years. The older people would tell me to “rid up the room” and then get confused when I told them I vacuumed the carpet. Because here, its not a vacuum you here, its a sweeper. uh. huh.

16.When I was 14, one of my friends gave me a mouse. Spike, the mouse, started to lose hair around his neck after I had him for about 6 months. I convinced my mother to take the mouse to the vet. Spike was diagnosed with, get this, mice lice. I had to give him a bath in special shampoo 2 a day for a week. (I think) My sister was thrilled that he lived. Really. :o)

17. When I first started knitting, I thought fun fur was the. bomb. Now, oh my, how do I get rid of the scarf’s that I knit out of it? HOW?!? TELL ME HOW?!?!*edited* gived them away to a 12 year old thats how! I gave most of my fun fur scarves away to my mother’s helper (basically a tweenager that comes over and plays with my kids while I’m home.) who gave some of them away to her friends.

18. I can not understand people with heavy accents. Not even Southern accents. My kids get yelled at if they say: yeah, uh huh. I have become my mother. please, make it stop!

19. Around 5 years ago I bought a historical house with my (now ex) husband. With grand dreams of fixing it up. I still have the dreams, and the love for the house.

20. My boyfriend of 4 years isn’t to thrilled with said named house. He hates how the floors are uneven, and wants to jack the house up to fix it. I love all the “character” that old houses have. Besides, having uneven floors makes a game of marbles a little more challenging. Don’t ya think?

hats for the kiddo's

21. When I call the pediatricians office, they know my voice. They remember all of my children’s names. This is a big office. And they recognize my voice. I’m not sure if this is a good thing!!

22. I have become a yarn snob. I’m so proud.

23. When I was a child, my mother would bring me to my Aunt’s house on a occasional Saturday. My Aunt taught me to sew, quilt, hook rugs, she taught me how to craft. I don’t know how to thank her for that.

24. I get picked on here in PA for saying AUnt, not Ant. i.e. Aunt Kelly, not Ant Kelly. Damn it, I have to stick by my roots. Now, LET ME ALONE!

25. I had a cat named Stinky. He came with that name, I swear! He developed diabetes, which I gave him insulin, and fed him special cat food. After he had diabetes for 2 years, I had to have him put to sleep because his kidneys started to fail. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. He was the best cat ever. He was also one of the fattest, at his heaviest he was 18 lbs!

26. My Grandmother died in the summer of 2004, I still miss her.

27. My youngest child, Allysa was born on her birthday that year.

28. My fav ice cream flavor is peppermint candy cane from Friendly’s.

29. Mike bought a mini-van in February 2005. 9 months later, I have put 19,863 miles on it.

30. I started knitting while I was pregnant with Allysa, started quilting while pregnant with Corra. And I started scrap booking while pregnant with Bryce.

31. I can’t wait for my craft room to be done.

32. I am very computer illiterate. This has a lot to do with the fact, that I do not want to take all the time that is required to sit down and learn all I need to know. (that and I’m worried that I won’t remember how to even cook eggs!)

33. One of the reason’s I bought this old house, was because it has 12 rooms.

34. It takes forever to clean all these damn rooms.

35. Forever.

36. I still have a travel coffee mug that I bought my ex-husband. It says #1 Dad. I use it when the other travel mugs are dirty.

37. I shouldn’t be allowed to use super glue. I always manage to glue myself to what I am trying to fix.

38. March 2003 I totaled a 1997 Grand Prix. I took out of the corner post of a barn, went through a horse field, over two embankments and was stopped by apple tree. Walked (climbed up a muddy hill is more like it) away with a very stiff neck, and some loss of pride. Mostly because, I was a dealerships car. Mike’s Uncle’s dealership. I’m still grounded from overnight test drives.

39. My aim is so bad, I can’t even hit the broadside of a barn with a car! (yeah that was bad, sorry)

40. One of the farmer’s that was in said named barn, told the EMT that he did have a constipation problem. How about that for too much information?

41. In my house there are 20 front steps, and 16 back steps. This is one reason I’m skinny.

42. I go overboard during the Holiday’s and for Birthday’s.

43. My favorite color is pink. (who would guessed, huh?)

44. I have (some) germ issues. (not to the extent that I’m caring handy wipes with me, but I do have purell on my key chain.)

45. I’m not superstitious.

46. I have two cats. Bear, who is all back, and tigger who is orange and white striped.

47. My spelling sucks.

48. For my 15th Birthday my parents helped me buy a 65′ Ford Mustang fastback. That I started to restore.

49. My Dad owns a 66′ coupe.

50. For my 16th Birthday, my parents bought me a mountain bike. uh. huh.

51. My mustang is still sitting in my parents yard.

52. I hate clutter, and yet my kitchen counter is always covered with various papers.

53. I get distracted easily. oohhh…. bright and shinny… pretty……… yeah, um, what?

54. I always spell tomarrow wrong. and wendsday too..

yarn in the tree, and a tea cozy too!

55. I can’t remember how old I was but, after I completed conformation class. And became a confirmed member of the church, it was tradition for the class to have a sleep over at the manse (Pastor’s house). Well…. this is how our sleep over went. We all slept in the tv room, even though the girls where supposed to sleep in the yellow room (someone died in there!) We TP’d the outside of the manse, hid ALL (38) bottles of the Pastor’s ketchup, removed all the hymnals in the church, (we hid them in the bell tower), put saran wrap on the toilet seats, hid a kitchen cabinet door that happened to fall off. (The Pastor called my Mom a bit ago, and asked her to ask me where the door was. He was really surprised to hear that for 10ish years its been behind his fridge!) And we wanted the Adults to treat us, kids like Adults! HA!

56. My friend Amanda (Mandy) lives four houses away. And we talk online, and on the phone. A LOT. Hi Wife! *wave* (our significant other’s came up with that nick name for us) So not to worry, Mandy is a real person, not another personality. well..

57. I lose my cell phone a lot.

58. Chocolate syrup goes with a lot of things.

59. Dinner’s not done till the smoke detector goes off.

60. My (now ex) mother in law gave me a fire extinguisher for Christmas one year.

61. I bought a black stove thinking it would look cleaner than a white one. HA! I can’t wait till it dies.

62. I was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

63. I live 20 miles from Punxsutawney, and have never been to the Groundhog Day ceremonies.

64. My memory sucks.

65. My mom is a pharmacy tech, my dad is a funeral director.

66. The last movie that I saw in the Theater, was Transporter ( I think) with Mike. We sat in the last row, and I knit almost the whole time. Mike was so thrilled.

67. My middle name is Cathleen. With my maiden name my initials are ACT. With my married (divorced?) name its ATM. When I marry Mike they will bee ACC.

68. I wonder how of my google hits are from people googling the word Mistress. hmm..

69. I wonder how many more google hits I get when I post about yarn porn. hmmmm….

70. I wonder how many more google hits this will get me: Mistress Yarn Porn. hmmmmmmm……

70. Didn’t plan this, but one of those is #69 on my list.

71. I had my belly button pierced 3 years ago. I’ve always wanted to get it done, but my (ex) husband didn’t like it. (fuck him)

72. Corra says that I make good sandwiches. Really I can cook. er, reheat things.

73. Out of all of my family members, (22 ish) I’ve landed a vehicle closest to the lake.

74. I can drive a tractor. yes, that is something to be proud about.

75. I also know how to plow snow. I don’t like to, but its better than shoveling!

76. I don’t get enough sleep.

77. One of the EMT’s gave me a souvenir pen from my car accident.

78. I have a rare disease called Essential Thrombocytosis. (ET) I have too many platelets in my blood. They average around 800,000 they should be some where around 150,000 to 400,000. I have two gene variants too that pre-dispose me to clotting.

79. My Dr’s don’t want to do anything about this, just watch my platelet count.

80. My temper, is well, really short, and bad, and loud. So don’t cut me off while I’m driving. I have four kids, and I’M NOT afraid to use them!

81. Maybe my Mother is right, I’m skinny cause I am a subconscious worrier. NAAHH!

82. I’ve eaten a whole bag of Fun size milky ways in a day. really.

83. Weird coincidences happen to me a lot. Example: Some time in the late 80’s early 90’s I wrote ET (using a black sharpie marker, yes its amazing that I lived to tell the tale) in a lil cubie in my Mom’s Ford Bronco.

84. In high school I was a part of Shakespeare and Company.

85. I used to smoke in High school. And quit when I was pregnant with Corra. The smell, still this day, makes me so sick.

86. I get migraine headaches. About one every two months. I get just the visual headaches with no pain, much more frequently. Boy, does those med’s make you freaking loopy!

87. My hematologist (blood Dr.) transferred me to a “better” Hematologist. I think he did this because he was sick of me asking sooo many questions, and asking him why he would rather do nothing about my condition. I STILL don’t understand why my bone marrow makes SO many EXTRA platelets. And WHY did this start in the first place? I’m so sick of Dr’s not knowing why, *grumble* ok lets move on shall we?

88. I HATE schedules. HATE HATE HATE THEM! I HATE how I have to be places by this time, this has to be done by that time, and all that crap. I like to do whatever when ever.

89. I am very disorganized. So unlike a Virgo. I don’t have a lot of the Virgo traits.

90. My name was almost Cathleen Amanda. But my Grandmother didn’t like how that sounded with my sisters name, Jessica (jesslu) so it was changed to Amanda Cathleen.

91. My name was also almost Lead bottom Moose nose. My parents are sick and twisted individuals. They had children because the cats kept running away.

92. My birthday is August 24. In case your interested. ; )

93. I read in the bathroom. Its the only place I can read undisturbed.

94. I only like the white tips of the candy corn. Once while eating candy corn at my mother’s, I made a lil pile of the ones that ate the tips off of. It took my mother awhile to realize what was wrong with that pile.

95. Once I REALLY made my sister mad, by eating just the Stuff off half a package of (her) Oreo’s.

96. My family puts the FUN in dysFUNctional.

97. Once, my father bought a large family pack of boneless chicken breasts. I guess he got bored with writing “chicken” on the freezer packs. He started to write “possum”. I saw him put a bag of “possum” in the fridge, he told me we where having possum for dinner. Knowing better, at the dinner table I declared several times, that this was the best possum I had ever had. Jess wasn’t all that thrilled.

98. I once convinced a friend of mine in high school, that the pot roast we where having for dinner was possum. Apparently she had never had a roast before and BELIEVED ME(!?!!) She tried it, (can you BELIEVE IT?!) and liked it. uh, huh. Her family was really really weird. really.

99. I like strawberry milkshakes from Mc’ds.

100. I like coke. A.LOT.

101. uhhhh… uhhhh….. I like the color purple too!

AHAH! DONE! damn that was hard.


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  1. I came across your blog looking for the hours at Eweniquie sheep at the Commons and got a chuckle out of reading for a while. Thanks for the Saturday morning entertainment.
    Actually I think we may have met at the Reynoldsville craft fair thing… I had pottery for sale AND was knitting… At the Masonic lodge? or VFW? Anyway… if that was you, I enjoyed chatting with you, if not… Nice to meet you and happy knitting!!

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