finished, with time to spare for Softball?

I’m still surprised that I pulled this one off. That I didn’t crash and burn into a big mess, the house is still livable and the health department isn’t knocking down my door. But as Carrie K. pointed out babies are small, and thats a good thing in so many ways!
T H I S Sunday sweater
I finished the T H I S Sunday sweater Saturday morning, sewed on the label and the buttons put it in the washer and dryer and wrapped it up Sunday morning. Just in time.
T H I S Sunday sweater
Pattern stats:
pattern found here
yarn:1.5 balls Lion Brand cotton ease in maize
size: about 6-12 months
needles: US 7
notions: 6 buttons (1 extra for the mom, just in case ; ) by Le Bouton #340 hook 320
started: June 25 2008
finished: June 28 2008
notes: The sweater was very well received. : ) Now, a few notes on the pattern. Its more of a guideline than a pattern. It does tell you how to knit the yoke but thats about it. I knit 4″ of the sleeves before the decreases. I wouldn’t say this is a beginner pattern, but that stitch pattern on the yoke is what drew me in!

Its nice to have the deadline knitting done when you have things to look forward to like a mother daughter softball game. Oyi. Lets just say I don’t suck horribly at sports, but I don’t exactly excel. Click on the photo below to watch a lovely video of me at bat on flickr.
close call
Its a good thing Corra’s much better at softball than I am,


Crap, it’s this Sunday?

Tuesday night while I was at my parents house I realized that I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday.
T H I S Sunday. As in 3 days, T H I S Sunday. So when the kids and I got home Wednesday night I casted on the Seamless Yoke Sweater by Carole Barenys. I’m using Lionbrand cotton ease in Maize from the stash yarn (yay! Mike got this for me a year or so ago) and US size 7’s (4.5mm).
WIP this sunday sweater
I need to finish the body tonight (about 16 more rows). Finish 2 sleeves by Friday night/Saturday. Finish the other sleeve, sew in a tag and buttons. Wash and dry it on Saturday. Wrap it Sunday just in time for the party.
WIP this sunday sweater
Lets hope this works. I would rather be knitting my February Lady Sweater.