my children are killing me brain


  • I lost Allysa’s asthma medication (but was able to get samples from the Dr. so all’s good)
  • I lost my shoes. This is after I left the house and came back in and was getting ready to go back out (again).
  • I lost Kailey’s current favorite baby doll. Somewhere between the Dr’s office window, elevator, parking lot, van and house. Yes. I’m on a roll today.
  • I lost the camera somewhere in the bowel’s of the house. (bet its near Allysa’s meds.)
  • I wondered how many more days before I end up losing one of the kids? Eh, I bet they are harder to lose then the van keys.

Kailey 21 months
My children, are killing, me brain. I’m so glad that Monday is almost over.


On our way to Rhinebeck, almost

ok, not quite ready to go but I have to pack the computer. Everything is all stacked in the kitchen waiting to be put in the van. Still need to pack our lunches for the trip to my parents, pack the cooler, take a shower and drink some coffee.

I’m so excited, tomorrow is Rhinebeck! I don’t know who all is going cause this month has been a flurry of activity and I haven’t been able to read the ravelry group Rhinebeck! and  I’m reaaaallly behind on my bloglines. (again) (always). Ack!  gotta get moving so we can leave at a decent time. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Happy Birthday sweetie

we all wish you where home so we could wake you up with cupcakes (traditional birthday breakfast here). But instead you’ll have to settle for a birthday song:

sung repetitively throughout the day, along with many phone calls wishing you a very happy birthday. *EG* cause I know answering your calls singing “Happy Birthday!” puts a big smile on your face *mawwhahhaa* Even for the 14th time.
Now when you get home, you may or may not have cake. Your presents may require a scavenger hunt to find them, that’s if you have presents. And party? Who said anything about a party?
I bet your happy your Birthday falls exactly 19 days after mine. mawwahhahaa
Happy Birthday love

proud parenting moment

When I had Bryce I never thought I would ever get a note home from his teacher stated this:
Proud parenting moment.

I’ve never been so proud. (please hear the sarcasm in my voice.) My eyes are tearing, (from holding back the laughter) edited to add: Bryce told his teacher that he ate a lego (his choice of words) last weekend and that he *ahem* saw it after he went to the bathroom while he was at school.
Now, back to the mad sleeve knitting. I’m almost done with the 2nd sleeve to Corra’s sweater.


Living with an almost teen can be, um, interesting sometimes. Girl’s are very dramatic, energetic and did I mention dramatic? Recently while my parents where visiting we loaded all the kids up in the mini-van (aka the crazy train. Whoot, Whoot!) and we where on our way to drop Corra off at a Birthday pool party for one of her friends and the rest of us where going to DQ. On the way to the party (which was less then a half a mile from the house) Corra kept “ohmygosh”ing everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. It was driving me crazy. My darling mother, after hearing me tell Corra to stop “ohmygoshing” started, what else, but “ohmygoshing” me. Then my father started “ohmygoshing”. Then it became a night full of “ohmyGOSH!”ing. I thought my brain was going to explode. My only comfort is knowing that my sis and I get to pick out my parents retirement home. They have to be nice to get windows.
I figured, with all the “ohmyGOSH”ing I’ve heard lately its my turn to start. I have lots to ohmygosh about. First: OhmyGOSH! I finished the body to Corra’s february lady sweater earlier this week
This time in Blue WIP
I used a US 8 (5.0mm) for the yoke and then switched to a US 10 (6.0 mm) for the lace. This is crazy, but ohmygosh it was so hard to knit with the 10’s! I had to really watch the stitches to make sure I didn’t drop any. When I first started knitting 10’s where small, but now they are huge! And I prefer to knit with 7’s. Crazy! Anyway, I switched back to the 8’s for the garter on the bottom. I was hoping that using a larger needle would open up the lace pattern for me. But it looks like it didn’t. I don’t anticipate the yarn opening up much after “blocking”, its superwash after all.
OhmyGOSH! I stopped by Susie’s etsy shop the other day and saw this lovely roving that I just HAD to have. She sent along a few gifties too,
superwash merino from Perchance to knit
on the left 6.0 superwash merino in Drama (I can’t wait to spin this up, its so pretty!) And on the right 3.5oz superwash merino in lipstick and a beautiful orifice hook gifties from Susie. She’s such a sweetie!
Now see here, OHMYGOSH! My first um, yarn? Its a real stretch calling my first skein yarn.
first "yarn"
My second one isn’t so much of a stretch,
second yarn
but both are equally lovely in their own way, they are my first “yarns!” I navajo plied them both, ohmygosh that was hard. My calves where killing me! They both are thick and thin, have spots that are beautifully plied. There are some noils, are over spun in spots and under spun in others, but doesn’t that add character? My second skein is full of energy (clicky here for a pic). Lots of energy, so much that isn’t not balanced. A photo of them together shows how much practice helps.
first and second yarns
Ohmygosh! I’m so proud, and loven this spinning thing. I used up all that Corriedale mandaJ and I bought at Silverbrook farms outside of Punxtawney when we got our spindles. Remember that? Ohmygosh that was some time ago!

The Boy is totally fine, ohmygosh is he lucky. He is still missing his lego’s, upset that one of his lego club shipments came and he can’t open it till the lego ban is lifted tomorrow. He’s still fine. Still cute, see?
first yarn!
OhmyGOSH! I have one last thing, remember how I want to knit sweaters for my kids to wear for their school pictures? Well picture day for our school is thefreaking16. I have 9 days to finish Corra’s sweater and start on Bryce’s. OhMYGOSH! I’m totally screwed.
Ohmygosh! Happy MandaJ! I updated my blog, showed my handspun, now, where the heck is your blog now?

I’m all ohmygoshed out, I have no idea how Corra can do this all day. Night!

my darling child swallowed a lego,

and no it wasn’t the baby. It was Bryce who’s 7. (Fair warning, this post is going to mention poo so you can stop reading now if you want.) Tonight, while I was getting dinner ready after I picked Corra and Bryce up at their Dad’s the kids went off to play. Corra and Allysa went into the playroom to play with Barbie’s, Kailey stayed in the living room with Big Daddy and Bryce went upstairs to play with his lego’s. Half way through cooking dinner, Bryce comes down crying and says “Mommmieee, I swallowed a lego.” Of course, the vein in my forehead starts to throb I ask him if he is ok, if his throat hurts if, it went all the way down and a few more questions that I can’t remember right now. And then I ask him “why did you put a lego in your mouth in the first place!?!?” Really, like this question has a logical answer. (And how come my mother’s voice keeps coming outta my mouth?)
Bryce's lego creation

Anyway, I called the Dr to see if there was anything that I really should do (other than what I knew I would have to do, like check his poo. Ew!). The Dr told me, he’ll be fine. Call the office if he gets a belly ache or vomits. (Very helpful no?) He also said I don’t have to check his poo if I don’t want too (Really, why would I want to?) and call the office for an ex-ray to see if the lego has passed in a few days if I want him to have one (Oh, I”m gonna). After Big Daddy, Bryce and I had a talk about what could of happened. (Choking). Bryce had to pack up all his lego’s (they are mine for a week!) then went to bed early tonight as part of his punishment. But you know what has him really upset?

The fact that he will never, ever get back the lego that he swallowed.
mmm, cookie!
Damn good thing this kid is cute. Damn good.

Happy Happy Birthday to you, TO YOU !!!! (add kazoo hum here)

Well look who is a big girl NOW !!!!! thats right america, it is your favorite little blog happy, knitter extrordinaire, goofball NUTCASE (see below blog) – or was that basketcase, soon to be wife of mine!!!!! (god help me), spastic, makes up words as she feels like it, the one, the only (i dont think the world is ready, or could handle 2 of her), put your hands together for Mistress Stash Enhancer!!!!!!

ok, now that i have finished that CHEESY intro, lets get to business!!! i set eyes on you years ago in 2002?? (seems like forever) and since then i have chased after no other girlie girl, like i have chased after you! we have laughed, cried, fought, made up (yea), kissed, cuddled, made adorable babies together, goofed around, enjoyed each other along the way, and many other things i am sure i am forgetting. but i know this, i am very happy where i am with you now, and wouldnt change it for the world, i love, YES I SAID LOVE our kids, all 4 of them bring a different hair pulling experience of fraustration, joy and love, their smiles make me happy, their giggles make me laugh, and their hugs make me feel cherished as a father/stepdad. and then there is you. lil miss goose-a-lot. just the way you cuddle into my chest, and sigh of happiness, is so cute. they way you play with the kids is adorable to watch. i have come to love your little quarks more and more everyday. i have been blessed with your goofy & adorable style of the way you love me. i am figuring by now that you are about to start laughing and crying at the same time. but just know this. no matter how much we fight, wrestle, giggle, laugh, cuddle, and chase each other, i will always love you….

oh yea, and i want to wish my sexy lil woman a very happy 27th birthday as well *W.E.G*

PS. your b-day present – I am not telling you where it is. you will get it soon enuff

There’s a squirrel in my closet…*

There’s a squirrel in my closet, dear Amanda, dear Amanda* (sing to: there is a hole in my bucket)
There’s a squirrel in my closet, dear Amanda, a squirrel.
perfect little hiding space
Well get it dear Michael, dear Michael, dear Michael
Well get it dear Michael, my dear.
With what shall I get it, dear Amanda dear Amanda
With what shall I get it, dear Amanda with what?
Stick the cat in the closet, dear Michael, dear Michael, dear Michael
Stick the cat in the closet dear Michael, my dear.
I'm too busy, go ask bear cat mmmk?
The cat is too lazy, dear Amanda dear Amanda
The cat is too lazy, dear Amanda to hunt.
Well it will catch it dear Michael dear Michael dear Michael
Well after a few days it will catch it dear Michael, my dear.
mmm, I don't think so. Don't do hunting
What if it doesn’t? dear Amanda dear Amanda
What if it doesn’t?, dear Amanda then what?
Then stick a kid in the closet dear Michael dear Michael dear Michael
Then stick a kid in the closet dear Michael dear Michael a kid.
They are too whiny, dear Amanda dear Amanda
Too whiny, dear Amanda whiny!
Then get some critter repellent dear Michael dear Michael dear Michael
Then get some critter repellent dear Michael dear Michael my dear.
It takes 2-3 days to get here, dear Amanda dear Amanda
2-3 days, dear Amanda that’s a century!
Then get a sonic thingy dear Michael dear Michael dear Michael
Get a sonic thingy, dear Michael dear Michael go get it.
But I’ll hear it, dear Amanda dear Amanda
I’ll hear it, dear Amanda I’ll hear it.
Clean out the closet dear Michael, dear Michael dear Michael
Clean out the closets dear Michael dear Michael stick a radio in there.
9 walnuts in Mike's shoe
Then what shall I play, dear Amanda dear Amanda
Then what shall I play dear Amanda what?
That CD of songs dear Michael, dear Michael dear Michael
That CD of songs dear Michael, from Corra’s play will make it go away.
There’s a squirrel in my closet dear Amanda dear Amanda
There’s a squirrel in my closet dear Amanda, a freaking SQUIRREL!

Even with the excitement of finding a bunch of walnuts and hearing squirrel noises in my closet last night there has been knitting…. more tomorrow when my brain should be functioning. Freaking squirrel.

almost porchless.

The past couple weeks we’ve been undergoing some home renovating on the weekends. Some of ya’ll know we live in a nice old house, a 133 year old house. It was build by the son of the man that founded the town we live in. Below is an artists interpretation of what our home looked like when it was built in 1875. I say interpretation because there is a hill on the left of the house and another big hill to the right just after the trees. Also at some point the chimney on the left was torn down to the attic floor and the chimney on the right was completely removed. The widows walk is also gone, but the access ladder is still in the attic.
an artists drawing of our home in 1875
Its one of the oldest homes in our town still standing. There are lots of quirks and weird stuff that we’ve come across that we just don’t get. But there is so much history and beauty in it too. We’ve been putting off rebuilding the porches for a number of years now. Mostly because we couldn’t agree on how to rebuild them. The front porch was the hardest to decide, by looking at the drawing it looks like it was a balcony. There is even a door frame around the top center front window which is in our bedroom. We ended up deciding to rebuild it close to the way it was when it was ripped off, but with a different roof. Even though this was the last porch to be ripped off we’ll start with its story.

front porch with description
Mostly because its the one that makes ya go huh? Go ahead and imbiggen that picture. At some point some one had cellulose insulation blown into the house. And where the black arrows in the photo are pointing to are missing siding planks. Which allowed whole bunches of insulation to be blown into the porch roof filling it up so it was all nice and insulated. I’m guessing the people who did the insulating didn’t know this was happening. (Ok, its more like hoping. But anyway.) Once the roof started to go, this made the insulation get wet and start to rot, which made the wood rot. And a whole lots of fantabous. This is one of the quirks that ya just wonder what the hell where they thinking? (Other than lets save some wood. We don’t need to plank this up!) There is still a little bit of the floor left to rip off, and some of the floor supports that need to be ripped off too. I found one little treasure under this porch that I’m trying to identify
piece of a plate
Anyone know anything about this piece? Its not flat, it has a slight curve to it. Which makes me think it was a small bowl. We found lots of stuff under the back porch/mudroom and the side porch. It amazes me how much stuff people left under the porches. I keep asking myself why didn’t they pick this stuff up before they started building? Why did they just leave it here? But I am quite happy they where slobbish and left it for us to find, decades later.
things found under the porches during renovation
click on photo to embiggen and to go to my flickr set where you’ll find more info.

When the side porch was ripped off, we found the biggest surprises. I thought that we had gotten everything out of the side porches closet. But hidden on the back of the top shelf this can was hiding,
the old tin can
Its a little smaller than a popcorn can. You can barely see “Fleshman’s” written on it. It also says frozen and the sticker says “VOL-WHIP EGG WHITE” I don’t know what it contained. Any idea’s? We also found a slew of things inside of here, almost like a time capsule.
hidden in the tin
Inside the tin was a mess of papers that where perfectly preserved dating back to the 1960’s. There are pictures, local newspaper clippings, books, and pay stubs from a local mine among so many papers. I hope to have some time to photograph these in detail.
side porch
We burned most of the wood that came off of the porches. We only filled one 10 yard dumpster with the tar paper roofs and other things that weren’t burnable or safe to burn from 3 porches. So that is what my past 3 weekends have been about. Luckily I have the “hardest” job, entertaining my children and our helpers children. Hopefully this weekend while I’m away at my parents for our family reunion the rest of the front porch will be ripped off and we will be totally porch-less and the footer’s will be poured for the mudroom.

ahhhh, renovation and construction, its what brings couples closer together….

finished, with time to spare for Softball?

I’m still surprised that I pulled this one off. That I didn’t crash and burn into a big mess, the house is still livable and the health department isn’t knocking down my door. But as Carrie K. pointed out babies are small, and thats a good thing in so many ways!
T H I S Sunday sweater
I finished the T H I S Sunday sweater Saturday morning, sewed on the label and the buttons put it in the washer and dryer and wrapped it up Sunday morning. Just in time.
T H I S Sunday sweater
Pattern stats:
pattern found here
yarn:1.5 balls Lion Brand cotton ease in maize
size: about 6-12 months
needles: US 7
notions: 6 buttons (1 extra for the mom, just in case ; ) by Le Bouton #340 hook 320
started: June 25 2008
finished: June 28 2008
notes: The sweater was very well received. : ) Now, a few notes on the pattern. Its more of a guideline than a pattern. It does tell you how to knit the yoke but thats about it. I knit 4″ of the sleeves before the decreases. I wouldn’t say this is a beginner pattern, but that stitch pattern on the yoke is what drew me in!

Its nice to have the deadline knitting done when you have things to look forward to like a mother daughter softball game. Oyi. Lets just say I don’t suck horribly at sports, but I don’t exactly excel. Click on the photo below to watch a lovely video of me at bat on flickr.
close call
Its a good thing Corra’s much better at softball than I am,