going through withdraw

I’m not quite sure how this happened, but somehow after I finished a pair of fingerless mitts on Friday night I didn’t start another project till Tuesday night. Almost 96 hours. It took me a little while to realize why my shoulders where achy, my wrists hurt and my fingers where tingly. It was withdraw. Withdraw from knitting. Yep, my body was having withdraw symptoms from not knitting. Yes, I’m crazy and need my head checked but that’s beyond this point. I had to cast on something, and quick. I wound up some BFL roving from Spunky Eclectic that was a gift from my sister that I had spun in early September and my second ever wheel spun. Since Corra hasn’t been wearing her hat from last year because she says it doesn’t fit her head, I casted on a hat for her. Here it is in its unblocked glory.
withdrawl hat
Pattern notes: casted on 48 sts using US 11’s (8.0mm) knit for a bit, went to find my size 11 fixed circular needle because the stitches where jammed on the dpns. Couldn’t. Found the US 13 (9.0mm) switched to that. I’m calling it shaping, but its really pure laziness.
I knit till there was about 10 yards left of the blue, then knit 3 rows with the white. Then 2 rows with the blue, a bunch more rows with the white, then knit 1 more row with what was left of the blue before knitting the final decrease row with the white. raveled here
withdrawl hat
It felt so good to knit something! I swear I have a darn good reason for not knitting for a whole weekend. More on that later.


It was a hat thing…

For some unknown reason (really, do I ever have a reason?) in the begining of March I decided I need a hat, so I cast on for the Cabled Rangoli hat using 1.5 hanks of Noro Cash Iroha in color 24 (from the stash)
(Doesn’t Corra look sweet in my hat?) I used US 6 (4.00mm) needles. I knit 15 rows of ribbing and omitted the bobbles.
back of Rangoli
I need to put some elastic in the ribbing since its a bit loose. But I love this hat! Finished it in 3 days. Once I was finished with that I thought, I need another hat don’t I? And casted on for the Banana Republic Knockoff hat.
sort of the banana republic knockoff hat.
Its almost a knockoff… I casted on (Updated 4/12: I found my notes, and its a good thing I did! Parts of this paragraph have changed.) 110sts 78sts. BO 12 sts for the button flap, leaving 66sts. I had 11sts between 6 markers and I’m pretty sure I knit a few more rows before starting the decreases since I was using a worsted weight instead of bulky. Speaking of the decreases I decreased every other row until 6 sts remained in between the markers then decreased every row until 6 sts remained. The yarn is handspun and was a Christmas gift from my friend down the street Amanda Jayne. She has a etsy shop too, maybe if we nag ask enough she’ll update her blog ; ). This yarn has to be the squishest yarn I’ve ever knit with and I love how it striped up.
sort of the banana republic knockoff hat.
but that wasn’t the end of the hat thing, I needed one more hat so the other’s wouldn’t be lonely. And casted on for the Better bucket hat (PDF) I used Manos del Uruguay mulled wine ( 118 ) colorway (from the stash)
I used US7 and started the decreases a few rows early. Its a little loose, but I’m thinking of lining it with some fleece so its extremely snuggly.
Top o' the bucket
The top o’ the bucket, because its nice to know what the top looks like. Now that the hat thing is over, I seem to be bitten by the sewing bug… more on that later. Bryce caught a ball with his face (Coach’s words not my own) tonight during ball practice. Poor kid has a fat lip and his wiggly tooth is a bit more wiggly. I told Bryce that he might want to use his mitt next time, that’s why I got him one. I don’t think he got the joke. If you all could, please keep Mike’s 6 year old niece in your thoughts and prayers she fell at school and broke her elbow. She needed surgery to pin her elbow together. She has a full arm cast and has to keep it elevated all the time. Poor thing is bored out of her mind but will hopefully recover most of the range of motion in her arm. Must rush, little guy needs more ice.