Gah! Stupid mitten! I hate you!
Gah! Stupid mittens!

(2nd mitten on the left 1st mitten on right)

I started these damned things Sunday the 18th and they have been an exercise in patience ever since (something I really don’t have much of). I re-knit the top of the 1st mittens twice because the decreases looked like ass. Then on the 2nd mitten once I was at the top decreases I realized the cuff was too long, and ripped back to it. Had issues with the 2nd stripe too. The decreases look wonderful on the 2nd mitten. But the freaking flacking thumb gusset doesn’t match the 1st mitten! GAH! GAHHHH!!! I must have knit a row or two extra before putting the thumb sts on hold. GAH! I’m so sorry Tracey, but I won’t have anything to send you for Warm up Winter. I still can’t believe these damned mittens have taken me 10 days! GAHHH!