A lovely day at the Pumpkin Farm

Allysa’s pre-school had a field trip today to our local pumpkin farm, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.
Autumn Sky

The kids had fun playing different pumpkin themed games, talking about the different leaves, eating apples. They’re favorite had to be running like mad though the hay maze,
Allysa in the hay maze

(I seriously need to build one of these in my back yard.) I loved the look on the kids faces once they figured out the maze, Allysa would say “YES! I figured it out!” After she would find her way out, even if it was her 20thousandith time through, she would still say it!

Socks in the wild

I finished my first maple sugar swirl sock! The second sock saw a little bit of action at the pumpkin patch, ok. I knit 16 sts. 1/4 of a row while I was there… anywho,
whatcha get?

A few things followed us home, I had to get some gourds and Allysa helped me pick out some neat ones! We also bought some golden delicious apples (mmm, delicious!) elderberry jelly, and a wee little pumpkin. (and now I see that window reeeally needs a good scrubbing. Ew!) It was a wonderful day, and the drive back home was lovely

Have to run, Corra wants to be a cat for Halloween and I have to finish cutting out the lining to her costume. 3 days, 56 minutes to Rhinbeck. I can’t wait!


Plans, I like to have plans.

Socktober is here! (I know, I’m like 2 weeks late to this party. Better late than never right?) At the end of last Socktober I ordered this yarn from Simply Socks Yarn Co. this lovely hank of Fleece Artist basic merino sock in the Autumn colorway. Its been sitting in my stash waiting.

Fleece artist merino Autumn

I wanted planning to knit a pair of lacy leaf socks. Well… I tried lacy leaf socks, it didn’t work. See
for posterity

I frogged that baby and started this
Ironwood socks

based off of Craftoholics Mata Hari socks. Because I’m smart as a whip these days, my eyelets swirl backwards instead of forwards. (like that made any sense!) The heel cup on this sock makes me very happy
Happy Heel cup

Its so perdy! I love happy heel cups. The heel cups on my Rainbow socks make me very happy too.
Rainbow socks heel cup

This socktober I also want to knit a pair of Christmas socks with this yarn. I’m thinking the Undulating rib socks from Favorite socks. I love to have socks to wear for different Holidays, I’m nerdy like that! Maybe start Dad’s Christmas socks too. I can’t remember is Socktober 2 months or one?

Rhinebeck’s in one week 6 days, Mom and I will be going again this year. Let me know if your going to be there! Mom emailed me this podcast. Mom says she remembers seeing people with cameras. I don’t! All I saw was wool, all that wooly, happy, lovely yarn.  Mom is wearing a yellow jacket and I’m wearing a white sweater and blue vest. I can’t wait!  6 more days!!

*Kailey slept so well last night! For 6 hours straight! I’m so happy!! I’m overusing exclamation points!!!

Still here!

wow. Its been busy here and I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks! I’ve been buried under a few things, but luckily I’ve made my way out.  I had my niece for a few days last week, which I enjoyed. It was nice having a chauffeur!
My chauffeur..

We brought her back home last Thursday, just in time for lobster that her Mom brought home. mmmmm.. it was good. I’m a horrible blogger because in my haste to get a warm lobster (er two *very* yummy lobsters) the camera stayed in the bag. The kids and I have been staying with my parents visiting, we completed their school shopping

School shoping

Got clothes and shoes for 3 kids, and a few cute little outfits for Kailey. (I couldn’t resist!) All for around $500. I love me a good sale 🙂  We also took the kids to build a bear, and later we enjoyed lunch at Friendly’s


I finished my Johnny come lately socks, which I can’t remember if I even blogged about them
Johnny-come-lately socks

(more pictures here)

Pattern: jaywalkers by Grumperinia Published in Magknits

Yarn: Fishy wishy in a dishy by See Jayne knits superwash merino

Needles: US 1 (2.75mm) dpns

Notes: I’m in love with this yarn! I love the bright contrasting colors and I’m hoping that they don’t fade. The fabric is wonderful. And I love how the yarn striped.

I started my Dad’s Birthday socks, and I was a good girl and swatched for the socks.


I’m using the smooshy sock yarn I bought a few weeks ago and size 3.00mm. I’ve finished one sock and am on the heel of the second one. We’re going home to Pennsylvania on Sunday. And the kids start school on Tuesday the 28th.  Busy, busy, busy! Must be off. There’s cake to eat, today’s my Bday!


Let’s play ketchup! Because there really is no other way I’m going to catch up this blog.

Diamond Fantasy Shawl

I started Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I’m using Brooklyn Handspun signature in chocolate covered cherries I’ve had stashed for a while. I think I’ve knit about 3 repeats. See the cute little markers I’m using? Mom gave them to me.

Wee One's sheep

they are just so stinking cute! And just like (almost) every other knitter on the planet I’ve started a pair of Monkey socks

Finished Monkey 1

This picture just makes me laugh, my foot looks so wonky! Second sock is on the needles, and will hopefully be done soon. I’m using Sweet Georgia superwash sock in Spark that I trade with Suzanne. I’m dying to cast on for my waving lace socks. Last week I got my yarn for Mystery Lace shawl 3 from Mom. I still have to cast on…

Jaggerspun Zephyr Pewter

isn’t it pretty? Its the pewter color. So.pretty.must.cast.on.soon! Mike and I took Kailey and Allysa to Brockway for their 4th of July celebration. Mike’s sister rode over with us. We watched the 2freakinghour parade. And later met up with the rest of the family to watch the fireworks. I have to say, I really enjoy meeting up with Mike’s family to watch the fireworks there, its become sort of a tradition for us.

Kailey and her Aunt

(click on pic to go to my flicker set to see all the pictures)

Kailey and Allysa had a blast watching the parade! Kailey didn’t mind all the noise, but the shriners in their little cars really freaked her out! Allysa got a whole shabang of candy. I don’t know what it is about parades. But I cry. Yep, cry. Just a little teary not full out crying. Anyway, there was a bagpiping band (?) click here to see the video.  The music was beautiful.

Ok, I think I’m all caught up!



yeah, we all know a sentence that starts with well… means trouble. We all do it, trying to explain how that “extra” yarn got put in our shopping cart, “well… if I bought $50 worth I get free shipping” or trying to explain why all the cookies are suddenly missing “well… I was going to eat just one more, and the others well.. they just looked so lonely.” I’m pretty sure ya’ll get my point now.

well… I thought 185 yards would be enough for a pair of footies for me… well… I finished one sock Wednesday night. And then I weighed it, and it weighed in at 28g
Toe Up tiny toes

and then I weighted the leftover ball of yarn, and
Toe Up tiny toes

well… damnit I need 2 more grams of yarn. Any one out there have any Interlacement’s tiny toes in color 216? I’m willing to buy it off of you, or trade for it. Please!?

well.. at least I have one really cute footie
Toe Up tiny toes


Today is also my Mom’s Birthday. Go on over to her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday, help me make this one fantastic day for her. Really, you should wish her a fabulous birthday, not only because she is my Mom but because

  • when she comes over to visit she takes the kids downstairs and lets me sleep in.
  • she lets me drag her to various fiber and knitting things.
  • she can pick up a mean takeout 😉
  • she can knit backwards (damn showoff)
  • she puts up with mine, and my father’s craziness.

Go here to see an absolutely hysterical video of the kids and I singing happy birthday to Mema ( Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to imbed this in my blog, and I have someone who is asking me to hold one end of her jump rope. Now mind you I sound like a complete moron in that video. I don’t normally sound that damned goofy.  I’m trying to get the kids to sing, and Kailey is *very* happy at the end. )

Happy Birthday Mom! hope its a good one : )

so, I’ve

  • changed the layout on my blog. Anyone that was trying access it last night around 6 was probably wondering what the hell, as I was trying out the different templates, changing the header, generally messing around. So, ya like the new look?  
  • figured out how to get the flickr thingy in my sidebar. I feel so smart!
  • uploaded and catogized my stash on Ravelry and Flickr. All I can say is oh.my.God. I want to cast on for ellevendymillion projects right now. But am forcing myself to finish bejewled before I cast on for anything else or bejewled will never be finished.
  • my free pattern for itty bitty socks has its own page, so does my about page. I feel so smart! *snort*
  • gone through my stash and found a bit that I don’t want or won’t use anymore. Look for a destashing post soon!
  • finished my cascade fixation footies Thursday check ’em out

My creation

pattern: CO 64 sts knit 3″ short row heel, knit for length of foot, standard toe.

needles: size 3 dpns

time: started and finished in June 2007

notes: next time I need to knit a shorter cuff if I’m going to use one color! Still comfy art socks 😉

  • figured out how to put more than one flickr photo in a post. Thanks Kim!
  • renewed my driver’s lisence. I can’t believe how much my face has changed in 4 years!
  • caught 4 mice or the same mouse 4 times. This guy isn’t getting back in the house, I took him for a drive and dumped him off in the woods. Then went and bought these at the local hardware store.
  • super tired. I haven’t been able to fall alseep as easily as I usually do. This might have something to do with my allergy meds, or with the coffee I’m finally able to drink now! yay! It doesn’t seem to affect Kailey’s tummy anymore. yay! Its been months since I’ve had a cup. God, have I missed it. mmmm… latte’s, cappacino’s, iced, or a plain ole’ cup of joe. mmmm, how I’ve missed you!
  • realized I’m only human and casted on for a toe up sock
    Toe up sock

just when…

… I started feeling comfortable with my cotton stash Mom came for a visit and gifted me more kitchen cotton! Thanks Mom!
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I bought 3 solid balls and 2 of the ombre’s, the rest Mom gifted to me. She bought a whole lot when Michaels had there sale on kitchen cotton a few weeks ago. I asked her to get me 3 or 4 balls! These came just in time to make up some teacher gifts since yesterday was the last day of school for Corra and Bryce. (I’m a little be hind on my blogging I know. Its been a crazy week. I volunteered to help at the kids school picincs Monday and Tuesday, Corra got her hair cut Wendsday. Our hairdresser also owns the daycare the kids go to occasionally, its hard to get out of there! and yesterday…)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The 2 washcloths  on the left I used fiesta ombre and Abigail’s pinwheel dishcloth. I really like how they worked up, the fiesta ombre is lovely and I was able to get 2 cloths from 1 ball with 1 yard left over! Yay! The 2 other cloth’s I used this pattern, which I saw on girl is craft’s flicker. Yes I am a lemming. Any who, The first one I casted on 21 stitches and used Cremesicle the other cloth I casted on 19 stitches and used strawberry ombre. Funny thing is the smaller cloth used way more yarn than the bigger one. I cheated on all 4 of the cloths too, instead grafting the stitches together I did a 3 needle bin doff. Sooo much easier! The kids gifted these to their teachers yesterday with a bar of handmade soap (not made by me!), a letter, a framed picture of them with their teacher.  It’s hard for me to believe that school is out for the summer and Corra’s going into 3rd grade and Bryce is going into 1st! Corra came off the bus crying, she didn’t get the teacher she wanted, her bff isn’t going to be in her class, and she is going to miss her teacher. Honestly I wasn’t expecting her to come off the bus all smiles, she loves school and her teachers. Bryce has been a bit mopy to, he loves school too, but mostly misses playing with his friends.

Last week I started a pair of cascade fixation footies in a redish orange color (I can’t find the ball band right now.)
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I have to accept the fact that I’m not going to have enough of the orange to finish the 2nd sock, its going to have a hot pink toe. *gr* Last night I casted on bejeweled
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I’ve been craving something lacy! Tomorrow the kids go to their Aunt’s house for a playdate so I can go shopping for a washer and dryer. We’ve taken 1 trip to the landrymat. I hope to have new machines next week! Thanks to everyone I have a better idea of what I want.