recapping Rhinebeck

Its been some week over here, and its been even harder to find a smidgen of piece and quiet to update the blog. When Mom, Dad and I came back from the festival Kailey had a bit of a diaper rash, which got worse on Sunday. And even worse come Monday. The Dr. had me mixing up maalox tablets and desitine cream which didn’t do a thing. Ended up being a yeast rash, which I’ve never seen this bad. (You would think I would, but no.) Finally after a trip to the Dr’s and a prescription she’s on the mend. Thank goodness. Anyway, you didn’t come over hear to hear about diaper rash now did you? (Please say no, please say no.) Recapping Rhinebeck is always a hard one, the kids and I load up in the car and start driving for a trip that we’ve taken millions of times.
View from sunroof Rip Van Winkle Bridge NY
after arriving at my parents house and settling in for the night my mom and I woke up early and started out towards Rhinebeck after the sitter arrived. We got there a little late, around 10. Walked around make a couple of purchases, and saw Valerie (got buttons!), before we met Adelle for lunch at 11. We saw Julie from Stoneview who gave me some fantastic soap, smells minty!
Julie and I
said hello to Julia and her beau Brant (man does that guy wear a sweater well ; ) before we set off for more wool shopping. I had a bit of a falling down at Brooks Farm at purchased enough solana for Wisteria
6 Brooks Farm Solana
Mom and I skipped the blogger meet up this year. Didn’t exactly intend to, but time seem to elude us after lunch and there was wool to be purchased. I *had* to get more Greenwood Hill Farm merino, this time I got 10 hanks of the worsted in chocolate. Srsly this has to be the softest wool I’ve ever touched, it amazes me how soft and squishy this yarn is with the amount of hay that is in it.
10 skiens worsted chocolate from Greenwood Hill Farm
I wondered around the barn a bit behind my parents (which I have to say, sometimes it feels a bit odd saying that I asked my parents to go with me because I’m an adult. but its nice to be able to go places with them. And not “accidentally” leave them. A story for another day.) I stopped at Snow Star Farm and made my most indulgent purchase 2 hanks of sport weight in black walnut and the other in osage orange/indigo
from Snow Star farm
The husband gave me the free pattern for the mittens after I made my purchase. I don’t know how I get into these conversations, but the couple who owns the farm used to work in Great Barrington. Where my parents work. A small reminder on how small a world we live in. I just couldn’t walk away from that green, its fantastic. I’m hoping there will be enough of a contrast between the green and the brown. I’m thinking of making the bird in hand mittens with this yarn. After walking out of the barn and walking around we saw Valerie and Carole, Kim and her hubby stopped by. I’m sure I’m forgetting something or somebody, it was a lovely day and it was great to see blog buddies. Mom and I topped it off with a race down the fun slide.
Fun Slide!
I totally kicked her ass, click on the pic to see where I landed. (or clicky here if it doesn’t work) You can tell I have more practice going down fun slides. Great way to end a wonderful day. Counting down the days till next year.
The haul:
The haul

I have to share this clip of my youngest darlings,

frigitty, I can’t get it to embed like it should so clicky here

hehehe my kids rock.


to market, to market

to buy a fat hog, home again home again jiggity jog. Alright not exactly, but I was a hog at the Soar market on Saturday. Mike came home early enough Friday night that he was able to watch Allysa and Kailey, which is a wonderful thing since the sitter canceled. He took them to our niece’s 16th Birthday party, and they all enjoyed themselves. While I was enjoying some fantastic time alone falling down at the Soar market.
the haul

which I did a fantastic job at. Click on the pic to see the notes. You can also go to my flickr set. here  At the market I met Nancy from Otter Creek Yarn’s. I found her shop online when I was looking for a Sonata to try out. Anyway to make a long story shorter I complemented her on the hat she was knitting and she showed me how to spin the yarn that she was using.
core yarn from Otter Creek Yarn
What I love is the story that comes along with how she learned how to spin this core yarn. Back in the 80’s there was a woman in Pittsburgh that owned Rainbow yarns (not sure but she might have said Rainbow Mills. Memory is a little fluffy on this one.) who went to Italy one summer and came back with an order for 800lbs of this core spun yarn. She hired every spinner in Western Pennsylvania to spin this yarn, paying them $4 a ball. After seeing Nancy spin it, and hearing the story makes me want to give it a whirl.

While I was at the market I saw Tina and got to meet up with Diane! You’ll have to wait to see her pic of us together. The one that we took with my camera we just look scared. (Damn flash.) It was fantastic to finally meet Diane, to be able chat with her for awhile. *sigh* I wish I could have been there for the whole Soar!

Anyway, I must run. The kids and I are going to my parents this weekend. My Mom, Dad and I are going to Rhinebeck and I have to get packed. Hopefully I will be rid of the clown car (loaner car from the dealership) tomorrow and have my van back. While on my way back from Soar I stopped to get gas in Lamar and there was a policeman fueling up in front of me who politely pointed out that my inspection ran out last month. erp. Thank you Mr. Policeman for saving me from a citation!

sorry this post is all scattery feeling, I feel pretty scattered myself!

Frick… and yay!

Has this happened to anyone else’s knit picks options cables? Or am I just special
I don’t think its supposed to do that! While I was knitting I felt something, I really don’t know how to describe it. It was like something let go, kinda like when you drop a stitch. Something feels off. Well…… the connector broke where the cable goes in. Frick.
Last Monday.. well, I think it was last Monday. I was lucky enough to be home and free during Hello Yarn’s Shop update. I was able to score this
2 Hello Yarn Hand-dyed Fat sock colorway- soft serve
Hand-dyed fat sock in the colorway soft serve. I’ve been drooling over Adrian’s yarn for a long while now. I’m so happy! She sent me the cute little sheep button which is now on one of my WIP bags.

Must.Resist.Casting.On.Now.Good thing the kids are home from school and its homework time, and my parents are on their way here and I should clean… maybe….

Sunday’s are nice, but Monday’s can be better

there is a fantastic fiber portion of this post near the end

Yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day. Started off like any other Monday that I run errands, I dropped A, B & C off at their schools, K at the sitters (She only goes 6 times a month. When B has boy scouts, C has girl scouts and when A has head start) I ran half my errands and went to pick up Allysa, while picking up A got a phone call from the school that B was sick and wanted to come home (yeah, he was soooo sick. *voice dripping with sarcasm*) . Picked him up, got the call back from my GS neighborhood leader, had to call the girl that had the cookie stuff for my troop. Who wasn’t able to hand out the cookie materials to the girls in time, was able to pick up all the cookie stuff and ended the great cookie debacle of 2008. (Fund-raising isn’t fun unless there is drama.) Harassed the mail-man cause I knew he had packages for me, who in turned picked on me because my van looked like I had been out mud bogging (would had been more fun then tracking down the cookie stuff.) Lucky me! He had already delivered them while I was out! I received my Apres sock pal socks (I don’t think I blogged about this at all) socks, tea and chocolate!

Thank you so much Katy! Katy used her own hand-dyed sock yarn for my socks, and I’m loven the colors. These socks have to be the softest pair I own. Once I opened up the package I had to put these on,

socks from my Apres sock pal

I didn’t take them off till this morning. So comfy! The caramel chocolate didn’t last for very long… and the milk chocolate… um… well I’m eating it now! And mmm, the tea is yummy too. Thanks again Katy! I’m still waiting to hear if my pal received her socks, I’m dying with anticipation! It was a good thing my pal’s feet are bigger than mine. I wanted to keep her socks for myself.

There was another package for me too! This had to be one of the best Mondays ever. I won one of Kelly contest’s and she asked me if I wanted sock yarn (I can’t quite remember, I just knew I wanted…) or handspun. I jumped all over the handspun. I want the handspun. And ohmyGAWD!
targee DK handspun from the Gabby knitter greens-n-roses

I want to use this as a pillow, I want to sleep with this yarn. (Why does that sound so very wrong?)I love this handspun, the colors are amazing. I thought the yarn looked perfect with the apples I bought today. Kelly also sent me some yummy chocolates (how did you know I polished off a bag of those last week and wished I had bought another?). Kelly sent me 516 yards, and I’m completely unsure what to do with it! A shawl, a short scarf and hat? Any ideas?
That is why yesterday, Monday, had to be the best Monday ever.
hmmmm.. its been a while since I’ve had a contest… I’m going to have to think up a good one….

I’m just going to the store to buy milk hunny.

Really, hunny I’m just going to the grocery store to buy more milk.
I just went to the store to buy milk hunny...

(Superwash merino sock yarn from Autumn House Farm purchased from Ewe-nique sheep. I saw this in my sister’s Rhinebeck haul and wish I had gotten some too!)

and maybe some more yarn! About a month ago my friend Amanda Jayne told me there was a new yarn shop opening in Fezell’s Shop and Save in Dubois, Pennsylvania. Honestly, I tried not to get my hopes up. Really, a yarn shop in a grocery store? Could they really have nice yarn that would make a yarn snob happy? When Amanda Jayne and I walked up to Ewe-nique, (ok we giggled first. Ewe-nique hehee! Love that name.)

We where greeted and encouraged to come in an have a cookie. (yay cookies!) After taking a step into the stop my biased expectations melted away.

Counter when you first walk in
view of left wall to the left of the door

from the left of the door, Berroco yarns, Ironstone and some Autumn House farms.
Left wall to the right of the door

from the right of the door. More Berroco, Autumn house, baby weight yarns, and some eyelash yarns.
Right wall, view from the door

view from the door. Sock yarn, Autumn House yarns on the self.

The nice big table! Behind the table on the self there are some more Ironstone yarns,
back wall

The back wall has lots of brown sheep, more Ironstone yarn, and some fiesta yarns.

Overall this is a nice shop, with room to grow.  The owner said she is taking suggestions for yarn lines. When she asked us what yarns we would like to see, Amanda Jayne and I couldn’t think of anything! I have a nice list now. 😀

Almost forgot the shops hours~

Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Open Wednesday 11-5, Thursday 11-6, Friday 11-5 and Saturday 10-4.

oh, and Mike. We’re almost out of milk again… I have to go to the store.

The weekend of Rhinebeck…

..was one wonderful weekend. The kids and I arrived at my parents house in time for dinner Friday night. And Satruday morning, after my wonderful baby-sitter came over Mom and I headed off. After getting lost trying to follow RR’s shortcut, Mom was navigating that’ll never happen again! (Sorry Mom! Love you!) We arrived at Rhinebeck a little late, but boy was it a nice day
Rhinebeck sky

Mom and I did a little shopping, we stopped at the Fold’s booth. After saying “I just want to look at the coloways” I held these in my hot little hands

Sock that Rock lightweight in Chickabiddy and mediumweight in Azure Malachite. (I’ve been oogling this coloway for 2 years now on the Fold’s site.) We walked around for a little bit and then I bought more (I say more because I bought 2 hanks last year for a pair of socks for Dad) of this lovely merino from Greenwood Hill Farm to make twist from Chicknits. (but with the long collar not the hood.)
7 Greenwood Hill merino

After it hangs out for a bit in a plastic bag with some lavender. It smells like cedar! Anyone have any hints to help remove that smell? Its still the loveliest, smoosiest, softest merino ever! Mom and I then met up with Adelle, P-la, Petra, Valerie, and I can’t remember her name! (I’m so sorry!)
Rhinebeck Blogger meet-up

(P-la, Valerie, Petra, me, and Adelle) Valerie gave me my prize for winning her contest on yarn4socks’s blog. The blogger meetup was crazy! Photo’s are on my flickr set, I have to get going and help Mike with dinner. Later Dad came over and I tried to find yarn for a sweater for Allysa
Twisted Pucks mischief

Twisted by Blue Moon, in Puck’s Mischief. I can’t believe they had anything left at 4! Here is the obligatory photo of the haul
The Rhinebeck haul

I still can’t believe that I didn’t buy more! It was a lovely trip, and I can’t wait to go again next year.

auuugghhh!!! There now I feel better. Or was that the new yarn?

Is it really 2 weeks into October already? Is Rhinebeck really only 1 week away? Or am I hallucinating in my sleep deprivedness? (I’m voting for b. its been a loooong week.) I’ve been a bad knit-longer. I was going to post about my plans for socktober, how much I enjoy knitting socks. (The most portable of knitting projects.) I was going to write my Dad a nice Happy Birthday post, post about finished knits that have been gifted. But this week just flew right by.
Corra and kailey

Kailey has been working on 3 more teeth. Her top front tooth is working its way through and has almost made it, the other front tooth is starting to rear its head, and her other bicuspid (not sure if this is the right name, the other pointy Dracula tooth) is starting too. And to add to that her acid reflux is worse. She was under the care of a Apnea Reflux clinic at our hospital. Our pediatrican is the Dr for this clinic too. But I had to call the clinic if Kailey was having a problem with her reflux. Urgh. I got pissed. Mix that with no sleep You get politely rude mouthy nasty Mommy. She will be seeing Dr. Peter’s a pediatric gastrotologist (spelling?) in Danville, PA next month. I had it with the care she was getting at the clinic. I wasn’t receiving phone calls back for days, one time it took weeks. I don’t feel its the NICU’s responsibility to watch over the clinic. Don’t even get me started on the nurse who wanted to increase Kailey’s meds with out talking to the Dr first. She tried to reassure me that they’ve been working with relux baby’s for years. I’ve been speeding for years, does that make it right? Anyway Kailey is doing well otherwise, little piggy is around 20 pounds according to our bathroom scale!
Allysa has been in pre-school for a month now, and loving every minute of it. This week her homework was to paint a pizza box that she will be using for her portfolio.
Allysa painting

For some reason I thought life might get a little easier with Allysa in pre-school. HA! what was I thinking? Anyway, I love to watch Allysa paint, some of the faces she makes are just darn right hysterical. Next week we’re going on a field trip to the pumpkin farm. I’m stoaked! Bryce and his sunset rock

Last week during the School’s Open house we signed Bryce up for Boy Scouts. He will be a tiger scout, and Bryce has been waiting 2 years for this! But I can honestly tell you I’m not really looking forward to this. tiger scouts have to have a parent with them to attend the meetings or any other outing. They ask for a lot of parent involvement. With the other kids and Mike working away from home, this it going to be a big juggling act. Don’t get me wrong I want to do this for B, he deserves special time with just me its just going to take some juggling and a bit of whining to find sitters for the girls. The little guy is now in 1st grade, it blows me away listening to him read to me. My little man is growing up.

I haven’t heard anything back from GS, I know they have checked my references. I think it was this last week that the Church (I want to use their basement for our meeting place) had their meeting. I’ll have to give our Council leader a ring. Mr. Mailman brought me my new yarn New yarn!

just the pick me up a girl needs. Both from Avery Allison Yarns on the left is Rose and the right is Rose garden. I’m thinking of using the Rose for contrasting cuffs, heels and toes. The body of the sock will be knit in rose garden. This yarn is so soft and sproingy. The label says to knit with a 2-4, I’m thinking a 1 would be better.

Oh, I forgot to add this pretty much sums up how I felt this week

There, with all that whining done I do feel better. Thanks!

Ulterior Motive

yes, I admit I had an ulterior motive to get the van washed. I don’t particularly like going to the car wash (Mike still doesn’t get why I only go to the automatic ones. Helllooo, I don’t like to get my shoes wet!). I used to hate getting gas, and BK I have coasted into a gas station, twice. Anyway. The van was *really* dirty.

Wash me!

see, really, really dirty. So Saturday I went to Sheetz got me a cappuccino. (The fake kind, powdered coffee, milk mixed with really hot water. Surprisingly good.) And got a car wash, so I could put this on!

Notorious Sock Knitter

It came with my birthday present from Mike,

Thank you hunny!

from left to right hollyday, foo foo, blue moonstone and rose quartz. All in mediumweight, and all so nice! (close up pictures in this flickr set) Thank you my love, for a wonderful Birthday present! I hope you enjoy yours when you finally get to open it Wendsday. mahhahaha.

PS. When I excitedly asked Mike if I could put the sticker on the van, he awnsered in a very strained voice

“on the glass.”


… was my Birthday! And a fantastic one at that. I decided to stay up here with the ‘rents for a few extra days so we could all celebrate together. Mom and the kids baked cupcakes

mmmm cupcakes

and I made the most ridiculous face blowing them out

blowin out the candles

and I just realized, I forgot to make a wish!! But that’s ok, because I have everything I have ever asked for. My kids, my parents, my Mike, and lots and lots of yarn

Birthday yarn

its a good thing I left my knitpicks options at home! My sis gave me the yarn on the left, Mom and Dad gave me the mini maiden in Capri and the sea silk in straw. Mom took Corra shopping and Corra picked out the dream in color smooshy in visual purple and the saki by prism yarns in carnation. Kid’s got good taste!

Speaking of home, the kids and I are going to be heading there tomorrow. When I left we where having internet issues (the router was being a poop). Mike will be home on Friday, and then we will be coming back up to my parents house Labor day weekend for our family reunion/birthday party. Its going to be a loooong week with no internet!

just when…

… I started feeling comfortable with my cotton stash Mom came for a visit and gifted me more kitchen cotton! Thanks Mom!
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I bought 3 solid balls and 2 of the ombre’s, the rest Mom gifted to me. She bought a whole lot when Michaels had there sale on kitchen cotton a few weeks ago. I asked her to get me 3 or 4 balls! These came just in time to make up some teacher gifts since yesterday was the last day of school for Corra and Bryce. (I’m a little be hind on my blogging I know. Its been a crazy week. I volunteered to help at the kids school picincs Monday and Tuesday, Corra got her hair cut Wendsday. Our hairdresser also owns the daycare the kids go to occasionally, its hard to get out of there! and yesterday…)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The 2 washcloths  on the left I used fiesta ombre and Abigail’s pinwheel dishcloth. I really like how they worked up, the fiesta ombre is lovely and I was able to get 2 cloths from 1 ball with 1 yard left over! Yay! The 2 other cloth’s I used this pattern, which I saw on girl is craft’s flicker. Yes I am a lemming. Any who, The first one I casted on 21 stitches and used Cremesicle the other cloth I casted on 19 stitches and used strawberry ombre. Funny thing is the smaller cloth used way more yarn than the bigger one. I cheated on all 4 of the cloths too, instead grafting the stitches together I did a 3 needle bin doff. Sooo much easier! The kids gifted these to their teachers yesterday with a bar of handmade soap (not made by me!), a letter, a framed picture of them with their teacher.  It’s hard for me to believe that school is out for the summer and Corra’s going into 3rd grade and Bryce is going into 1st! Corra came off the bus crying, she didn’t get the teacher she wanted, her bff isn’t going to be in her class, and she is going to miss her teacher. Honestly I wasn’t expecting her to come off the bus all smiles, she loves school and her teachers. Bryce has been a bit mopy to, he loves school too, but mostly misses playing with his friends.

Last week I started a pair of cascade fixation footies in a redish orange color (I can’t find the ball band right now.)
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I have to accept the fact that I’m not going to have enough of the orange to finish the 2nd sock, its going to have a hot pink toe. *gr* Last night I casted on bejeweled
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I’ve been craving something lacy! Tomorrow the kids go to their Aunt’s house for a playdate so I can go shopping for a washer and dryer. We’ve taken 1 trip to the landrymat. I hope to have new machines next week! Thanks to everyone I have a better idea of what I want.