Some news and zipper cheats with zipper pouch tutorial!

4 months? Has it really been 4 months since I’ve last posted? Is anyone still here? Sorry for my absence, my life always seems to get crazy around Girl Scout cookie time and its hard to get back on track after that. Don’t worry I’m still knitting, I started and finished a sweater, a pair of handspun socks (do they count as done if I haven’t grafted the one toe yet?), and a sock and a half of my silly sock pals sock. I’ve been having neck pain which I think it partly from stress and a bad pillow. My hands have been bothering me a bit too, I really need to go see a chiropractor..

And another thing, I do have big news! No, no, no more babies. Still big news though! Months ago my Auntie Adair started cleaning out her craft room, her health hasn’t been so great and she hasn’t been able to do as much as she she used to. Also her son and his wife live with her and my Uncle and they want to use my Aunts craft room as another bedroom. Anyway, when I was little and my mom had to work on Saturdays I got to go to my Auntie’s house. I always enjoyed going over, she taught me how to decorate a cake and I’ll always remember the one that we made for Valentines day in my mind. She also taught me latch hooking (still hate it), plastic canvas, and most of all sewing and quilting. She helped me make my first doll dress without a pattern, helped me make my first quilt, and taught me lots of little crafty things along the way. All of this with tea with milk and vanilla sandwich cookies. Yum! Now the news, she saved every.thing. srsly, I’ll never have to buy googly eyes or zippers ever again. Now its more than I can use in my lifetime, and some of it is stuff I know I’ll never use. So I opened a etsy shop, you can find it here . I’m still adding things every week, honestly I’m going to use a line that makes my eyes roll, I don’t know how other mom’s do it. How they have their own online shops, keep a house, run kids to whatevers. Granted I have Mike’s work schedule which makes it a bit harder, but still! I do hope you’ll visit my shop, I’m thinking about adding some things that I’ve made… do let me know if there is something that your looking for and don’t see, I have three big Rubbermaid totes still to list and there is more coming.

Now if you follow me on facebook, you probably saw on my status Thursday about making zipper pouches for Corra’s friends to give to them as gift bags (filled with some funky socks, lotion, Chinese erasers). Abi asked me if I knew of any good zipper tutorials, and I don’t, but I have a good cheat for them so I made my first tutorial. It includes my zipper cheat and instructions on how to make your own zipper pouch. I set it up as a flickr set so it would be easy to navigate, click on the picture below to go to it.

Step 14
another link here.
you can also find it in my crafty endeavors collection on the sidebar of the front page of my flickr set. Let me know what you think of it, if you have any questions of a part of it needs to be clearer.

Corra’s friend had a blast last night making their pillows from t-shirts, and pjammie pants. More on that soon. Gotta put the livingroom back in order


Stay calm, carry on.

Goodness. 3 ER visits in a 30 day time period. Thank goodness it was different kids! Twice in May Kailey and then Corra. Then… this month Allysa, I keep telling Bryce this doesn’t mean his turn is next. Here’s the story: We go down to the bus stop to pick up Corra and Bryce, come home and Bryce looses his lego guy helmet under the middle row of seats, which you know is life or death that helmet needs to be found asap! So while I had my head under the middle row of seats Corra and Allysa where playing on the swing-set while Bryce was asking me “did you find it yet?”. I heard Corra say to Allysa “are you alright? (Later Corra told me she saw Allysa’s wrist bent the wrong way) Allysa responded with “no my arm hurts!” so I un-wedged my arm from under the seats and went to go look. Allysa’s left arm had a definite dip about 1″ from her wrist. I said “aw, crap. I think you broke your arm. Lets get in the house, get some ice and then go to the ER. Crap, crap, crap.” Couldn’t find the medical frozen ice packs, and didn’t want to waste 10 minutes looking for them since they where probably in the bottom back of the freezer. I had Corra get two big bags of frozen veggies from our freezer on the back porch and had Allysa put her broken arm on top of one bag and the other bag on top of her arm, we didn’t have any newspaper so I couldn’t make a sling, but thankfully the frozen veggies made it hard for her to move her arm. Grabbed the go-to bag (has toys the kids hardly ever get to see, perfect for ER trips and long car trips) and we where off to the ER. On the drive over there I thought, crap. How am I going to park (which there is never any parking close to the hospital unless its 2am) bring her and the other kids into the ER? So I parked in the fire lane and locked them in, went over to reception (right next to the triage nurse) and asked for help. The nice lady with her door open sent out the security guard, the triage nurse and another nurse. After a couple x-rays (which they gave us paper copies to take home with us!)

Allysa's left arm, she can haz broke it. Allysa's left arm, she can haz broke it.

they put her arm in a temporary cast/splint gave us a sling, and sent us home with a script for a pain killer. We where in and out in 1 hour and 45 minutes tops. Amazing. We went over to the Orthopedic Dr the next day, and he set her arm in a lovely, shiny, white cast. She didn’t get to pick a color one since the Dr had to grab the supplies he needed since we where not in a casting room. (I blame the guy in the waiting area that called out when our name was called. He was there first. Thanks buddy, yeah you might have been getting your cast off, but um, she doesn’t even have a cast.) I’m pretty sure the ER gave us the wrong size sling, we went back to the Dr and got a smaller one (a pediatric small this time) which I used to make her a pretty sling.

handmade sling

basically I measured the pediatric sling (for reference, Allysa is 5 years old, and wears a childs size 6), it was 11″ long and 6″ tall. I cut out two pieces of fabric and added a 2″ gusset for the elbow, thinking that maybe that would hold her arm better. I used 3 D rings and placed one just after her arm to hold it back (you can see in the pic) and two others over by the end for the strap to come through so its adjustable.


Making this helped me feel better, I felt so bad that she broke her arm (ok,  a little mad too) but I also felt helpless. I can’t do anything to make her feel better or make her more comfortable. She loves the pretty sling as she calls it, and she really enjoyed picking out the fabric for it. We go back to the Ortho Dr. tomorrow, and hopefully will find out how much longer she needs to have this cast on. (Which BTW did you guys know there is a waterproof cast?? I found out about it 2 days after she got this one. *grumble*) For now though,

Get excited and make things

I’m going to “get excited and make things”! I hope to sew a little bit more, I need to get started on teacher gifts since the kids have 2 weeks of school left! Maybe make another sling for Allysa and use some of that antique lace in my stash. I started another sweater, and finished two others that I need to get photographed. Right now though, I think a nap sounds awful nice…

PS I took my GS troop horseback riding this weekend. I think they had fun.
PPS I got to ride too 😀

Dude, its MAY!

It’s been absolutely crazy here at Chez Mistress Stash Enhancer, I’m having a hard time believing that its really May. A lot of it has to do with Allysa’s headstart graduation er, stepping up party tomorrow. I think Headstart is a wonderful program and I am super happy that I was able to at least get Allysa into the homebased program this year. I wanted to give back some, and am helping out with the graduation, sorry stepping up party. The teacher, another mother and I loved the idea of a carnival that a neighboring program had for their party. So we are doing an animal themed carnival party. (Everything is better with a theme right?) I saw this awesome picture on flickr after finding the purl frog from purl bee I knew I had to whip one up.
Frog toss- the whole shabang
click here to see the inside of the bag and here to see another picture of the froggies and lily pads. I plan on giving the set to her teacher tomorrow. I used a small canvas bag from Jo-anns, felt for the numbers and lily pads. I used Heat and Bond ultra bond to adhere the numbers to the lily pads, and the lily pad to the bag.

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