ya’ll knew it was coming…

…. and I’m sorry it took me almost a week to post about it. Its been a crazy week, with the kids first day of school on Tuesday (yay!)
First day of school, Hip hip hooray!
there are more pictures here on flicker here

But what I *really* want to tell ya’ll about is my birthday. First off, I opened up my package from Diane, that has been tormenting me since it arrived.
pressie from Diane

Isn’t that a beautiful scarf? She spun up the fiber that I sent her (for something, heck if I can remember for what.) and knit up the scarf. Clicky here for a (lousy) pic of me wearing it. (Its been rainy and crappy here, no good lighting lately.) The chocolate was delicious and didn’t last very long! I can’t wait to spin up the roving. Are you thinking: Wait? What? keep reading. You’ll see.

My parents where visiting so we went up to Farmer’s Inn in Sigel, PA. My father enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to me, many, many, many times. But thankfully he was away from the table when the waitress figured out it was my birthday and brought over 2 more waitresses to sing to me. Boy, did the kids enjoy watching that! After brunch, we went over to the petting zoo (which is bigger since we where there 2 years ago(?) and now cost $1/person over 2. Everything that used to be free now costs $1/person. *grumble* However, its easier to stroll around and is a bit bigger with more animals.)
more pictures of us at Farmers Inn on flickr here
The porcupine put on a show for us! He climbed right up the fence and back down. Srsly, I’ve never seen a porcupine move so quickly in the wild. After the petting zoo Allysa and Bryce went to the driving range with Pepe and Corra and Mema played some mini golf, while Kailey and I strolled around. After that we where done for the day, went home for naps. Later we had cake and pizza. It was a nice day. Even if Michael and my parents tortured me into thinking I wasn’t getting what I nagged asked for (I made sure he new exactly what I wanted. Often. ; ) Monday arrived, and with it arrived the hassle of getting everything ready for the 1st day of school. Something else arrived too (after UPS delivered it to the wrong house.) Wanna see?
First Spin on the new wheel

more pictures here on flickr

a Kromski Sonata spinning wheel. Yippie! My darling Dad put it together for me, (look him all of 20 minutes if that.) he said it was mostly all put together when he got it out of the box. I spun Monday night after I got all the kids in bed, boy was it fun! And its extremely hard to stop too! I’ve been resisting spinning for about 2 years now. Resisted sitting down or touching a wheel, until I visited my parents. And (kinda) went to Egremont Days with Mom. I was good until then, we brought my Mom’s wheel and kind Tina, Michelle and Becky gave me pointers and taught me how to spin on my mom’s lendrum. Thanks Mike, Mom and Dad. Now, I just can’t wait for Rhinebeck!
PS. Thanks sis for the gift certificate, now.. if I could only make a decision.