recapping Rhinebeck

Its been some week over here, and its been even harder to find a smidgen of piece and quiet to update the blog. When Mom, Dad and I came back from the festival Kailey had a bit of a diaper rash, which got worse on Sunday. And even worse come Monday. The Dr. had me mixing up maalox tablets and desitine cream which didn’t do a thing. Ended up being a yeast rash, which I’ve never seen this bad. (You would think I would, but no.) Finally after a trip to the Dr’s and a prescription she’s on the mend. Thank goodness. Anyway, you didn’t come over hear to hear about diaper rash now did you? (Please say no, please say no.) Recapping Rhinebeck is always a hard one, the kids and I load up in the car and start driving for a trip that we’ve taken millions of times.
View from sunroof Rip Van Winkle Bridge NY
after arriving at my parents house and settling in for the night my mom and I woke up early and started out towards Rhinebeck after the sitter arrived. We got there a little late, around 10. Walked around make a couple of purchases, and saw Valerie (got buttons!), before we met Adelle for lunch at 11. We saw Julie from Stoneview who gave me some fantastic soap, smells minty!
Julie and I
said hello to Julia and her beau Brant (man does that guy wear a sweater well ; ) before we set off for more wool shopping. I had a bit of a falling down at Brooks Farm at purchased enough solana for Wisteria
6 Brooks Farm Solana
Mom and I skipped the blogger meet up this year. Didn’t exactly intend to, but time seem to elude us after lunch and there was wool to be purchased. I *had* to get more Greenwood Hill Farm merino, this time I got 10 hanks of the worsted in chocolate. Srsly this has to be the softest wool I’ve ever touched, it amazes me how soft and squishy this yarn is with the amount of hay that is in it.
10 skiens worsted chocolate from Greenwood Hill Farm
I wondered around the barn a bit behind my parents (which I have to say, sometimes it feels a bit odd saying that I asked my parents to go with me because I’m an adult. but its nice to be able to go places with them. And not “accidentally” leave them. A story for another day.) I stopped at Snow Star Farm and made my most indulgent purchase 2 hanks of sport weight in black walnut and the other in osage orange/indigo
from Snow Star farm
The husband gave me the free pattern for the mittens after I made my purchase. I don’t know how I get into these conversations, but the couple who owns the farm used to work in Great Barrington. Where my parents work. A small reminder on how small a world we live in. I just couldn’t walk away from that green, its fantastic. I’m hoping there will be enough of a contrast between the green and the brown. I’m thinking of making the bird in hand mittens with this yarn. After walking out of the barn and walking around we saw Valerie and Carole, Kim and her hubby stopped by. I’m sure I’m forgetting something or somebody, it was a lovely day and it was great to see blog buddies. Mom and I topped it off with a race down the fun slide.
Fun Slide!
I totally kicked her ass, click on the pic to see where I landed. (or clicky here if it doesn’t work) You can tell I have more practice going down fun slides. Great way to end a wonderful day. Counting down the days till next year.
The haul:
The haul

I have to share this clip of my youngest darlings,

frigitty, I can’t get it to embed like it should so clicky here

hehehe my kids rock.


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  1. Oooh, that looks so fun. I know what you mean about being with your parents (without your kids). I enjoy it too, never seems to happen often enough. Wish I could have been there shopping with you!

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