I’m just going to the store to buy milk hunny.

Really, hunny I’m just going to the grocery store to buy more milk.
I just went to the store to buy milk hunny...

(Superwash merino sock yarn from Autumn House Farm purchased from Ewe-nique sheep. I saw this in my sister’s Rhinebeck haul and wish I had gotten some too!)

and maybe some more yarn! About a month ago my friend Amanda Jayne told me there was a new yarn shop opening in Fezell’s Shop and Save in Dubois, Pennsylvania. Honestly, I tried not to get my hopes up. Really, a yarn shop in a grocery store? Could they really have nice yarn that would make a yarn snob happy? When Amanda Jayne and I walked up to Ewe-nique, (ok we giggled first. Ewe-nique hehee! Love that name.)

We where greeted and encouraged to come in an have a cookie. (yay cookies!) After taking a step into the stop my biased expectations melted away.

Counter when you first walk in
view of left wall to the left of the door

from the left of the door, Berroco yarns, Ironstone and some Autumn House farms.
Left wall to the right of the door

from the right of the door. More Berroco, Autumn house, baby weight yarns, and some eyelash yarns.
Right wall, view from the door

view from the door. Sock yarn, Autumn House yarns on the self.

The nice big table! Behind the table on the self there are some more Ironstone yarns,
back wall

The back wall has lots of brown sheep, more Ironstone yarn, and some fiesta yarns.

Overall this is a nice shop, with room to grow.  The owner said she is taking suggestions for yarn lines. When she asked us what yarns we would like to see, Amanda Jayne and I couldn’t think of anything! I have a nice list now. 😀

Almost forgot the shops hours~

Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Open Wednesday 11-5, Thursday 11-6, Friday 11-5 and Saturday 10-4.

oh, and Mike. We’re almost out of milk again… I have to go to the store.


The weekend of Rhinebeck…

..was one wonderful weekend. The kids and I arrived at my parents house in time for dinner Friday night. And Satruday morning, after my wonderful baby-sitter came over Mom and I headed off. After getting lost trying to follow RR’s shortcut, Mom was navigating that’ll never happen again! (Sorry Mom! Love you!) We arrived at Rhinebeck a little late, but boy was it a nice day
Rhinebeck sky

Mom and I did a little shopping, we stopped at the Fold’s booth. After saying “I just want to look at the coloways” I held these in my hot little hands

Sock that Rock lightweight in Chickabiddy and mediumweight in Azure Malachite. (I’ve been oogling this coloway for 2 years now on the Fold’s site.) We walked around for a little bit and then I bought more (I say more because I bought 2 hanks last year for a pair of socks for Dad) of this lovely merino from Greenwood Hill Farm to make twist from Chicknits. (but with the long collar not the hood.)
7 Greenwood Hill merino

After it hangs out for a bit in a plastic bag with some lavender. It smells like cedar! Anyone have any hints to help remove that smell? Its still the loveliest, smoosiest, softest merino ever! Mom and I then met up with Adelle, P-la, Petra, Valerie, and I can’t remember her name! (I’m so sorry!)
Rhinebeck Blogger meet-up

(P-la, Valerie, Petra, me, and Adelle) Valerie gave me my prize for winning her contest on yarn4socks’s blog. The blogger meetup was crazy! Photo’s are on my flickr set, I have to get going and help Mike with dinner. Later Dad came over and I tried to find yarn for a sweater for Allysa
Twisted Pucks mischief

Twisted by Blue Moon, in Puck’s Mischief. I can’t believe they had anything left at 4! Here is the obligatory photo of the haul
The Rhinebeck haul

I still can’t believe that I didn’t buy more! It was a lovely trip, and I can’t wait to go again next year.

On our way

Right now. Pretty soon. Ok, in the next hour or so, we’ll be on the road heading to my parents house. I’d show you a picture of the van all packed up and the cool sign I made (Rhinebeck or Bust! yes I’m a nerd) But its raining cats and dogs right now, and well I haven’t packed the van yet! err…

Tomorrow Mom and I will be attending the NY sheep and wool festival, if you see us say hi! I’ll be wearing my Autumn Leaves shawl, and a pink cordory jacket. Mom will be wearing her bright yellow jacket. (its easier to find her that way!)
Falling leaves shawl

Gotta jet, there’s wool to be had!

A lovely day at the Pumpkin Farm

Allysa’s pre-school had a field trip today to our local pumpkin farm, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.
Autumn Sky

The kids had fun playing different pumpkin themed games, talking about the different leaves, eating apples. They’re favorite had to be running like mad though the hay maze,
Allysa in the hay maze

(I seriously need to build one of these in my back yard.) I loved the look on the kids faces once they figured out the maze, Allysa would say “YES! I figured it out!” After she would find her way out, even if it was her 20thousandith time through, she would still say it!

Socks in the wild

I finished my first maple sugar swirl sock! The second sock saw a little bit of action at the pumpkin patch, ok. I knit 16 sts. 1/4 of a row while I was there… anywho,
whatcha get?

A few things followed us home, I had to get some gourds and Allysa helped me pick out some neat ones! We also bought some golden delicious apples (mmm, delicious!) elderberry jelly, and a wee little pumpkin. (and now I see that window reeeally needs a good scrubbing. Ew!) It was a wonderful day, and the drive back home was lovely

Have to run, Corra wants to be a cat for Halloween and I have to finish cutting out the lining to her costume. 3 days, 56 minutes to Rhinbeck. I can’t wait!

Plans, I like to have plans.

Socktober is here! (I know, I’m like 2 weeks late to this party. Better late than never right?) At the end of last Socktober I ordered this yarn from Simply Socks Yarn Co. this lovely hank of Fleece Artist basic merino sock in the Autumn colorway. Its been sitting in my stash waiting.

Fleece artist merino Autumn

I wanted planning to knit a pair of lacy leaf socks. Well… I tried lacy leaf socks, it didn’t work. See
for posterity

I frogged that baby and started this
Ironwood socks

based off of Craftoholics Mata Hari socks. Because I’m smart as a whip these days, my eyelets swirl backwards instead of forwards. (like that made any sense!) The heel cup on this sock makes me very happy
Happy Heel cup

Its so perdy! I love happy heel cups. The heel cups on my Rainbow socks make me very happy too.
Rainbow socks heel cup

This socktober I also want to knit a pair of Christmas socks with this yarn. I’m thinking the Undulating rib socks from Favorite socks. I love to have socks to wear for different Holidays, I’m nerdy like that! Maybe start Dad’s Christmas socks too. I can’t remember is Socktober 2 months or one?

Rhinebeck’s in one week 6 days, Mom and I will be going again this year. Let me know if your going to be there! Mom emailed me this podcast. Mom says she remembers seeing people with cameras. I don’t! All I saw was wool, all that wooly, happy, lovely yarn.  Mom is wearing a yellow jacket and I’m wearing a white sweater and blue vest. I can’t wait!  6 more days!!

*Kailey slept so well last night! For 6 hours straight! I’m so happy!! I’m overusing exclamation points!!!

auuugghhh!!! There now I feel better. Or was that the new yarn?

Is it really 2 weeks into October already? Is Rhinebeck really only 1 week away? Or am I hallucinating in my sleep deprivedness? (I’m voting for b. its been a loooong week.) I’ve been a bad knit-longer. I was going to post about my plans for socktober, how much I enjoy knitting socks. (The most portable of knitting projects.) I was going to write my Dad a nice Happy Birthday post, post about finished knits that have been gifted. But this week just flew right by.
Corra and kailey

Kailey has been working on 3 more teeth. Her top front tooth is working its way through and has almost made it, the other front tooth is starting to rear its head, and her other bicuspid (not sure if this is the right name, the other pointy Dracula tooth) is starting too. And to add to that her acid reflux is worse. She was under the care of a Apnea Reflux clinic at our hospital. Our pediatrican is the Dr for this clinic too. But I had to call the clinic if Kailey was having a problem with her reflux. Urgh. I got pissed. Mix that with no sleep You get politely rude mouthy nasty Mommy. She will be seeing Dr. Peter’s a pediatric gastrotologist (spelling?) in Danville, PA next month. I had it with the care she was getting at the clinic. I wasn’t receiving phone calls back for days, one time it took weeks. I don’t feel its the NICU’s responsibility to watch over the clinic. Don’t even get me started on the nurse who wanted to increase Kailey’s meds with out talking to the Dr first. She tried to reassure me that they’ve been working with relux baby’s for years. I’ve been speeding for years, does that make it right? Anyway Kailey is doing well otherwise, little piggy is around 20 pounds according to our bathroom scale!
Allysa has been in pre-school for a month now, and loving every minute of it. This week her homework was to paint a pizza box that she will be using for her portfolio.
Allysa painting

For some reason I thought life might get a little easier with Allysa in pre-school. HA! what was I thinking? Anyway, I love to watch Allysa paint, some of the faces she makes are just darn right hysterical. Next week we’re going on a field trip to the pumpkin farm. I’m stoaked! Bryce and his sunset rock

Last week during the School’s Open house we signed Bryce up for Boy Scouts. He will be a tiger scout, and Bryce has been waiting 2 years for this! But I can honestly tell you I’m not really looking forward to this. tiger scouts have to have a parent with them to attend the meetings or any other outing. They ask for a lot of parent involvement. With the other kids and Mike working away from home, this it going to be a big juggling act. Don’t get me wrong I want to do this for B, he deserves special time with just me its just going to take some juggling and a bit of whining to find sitters for the girls. The little guy is now in 1st grade, it blows me away listening to him read to me. My little man is growing up.

I haven’t heard anything back from GS, I know they have checked my references. I think it was this last week that the Church (I want to use their basement for our meeting place) had their meeting. I’ll have to give our Council leader a ring. Mr. Mailman brought me my new yarn New yarn!

just the pick me up a girl needs. Both from Avery Allison Yarns on the left is Rose and the right is Rose garden. I’m thinking of using the Rose for contrasting cuffs, heels and toes. The body of the sock will be knit in rose garden. This yarn is so soft and sproingy. The label says to knit with a 2-4, I’m thinking a 1 would be better.

Oh, I forgot to add this pretty much sums up how I felt this week

There, with all that whining done I do feel better. Thanks!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

(I know, this post is a day late. The nap won yesterday!) Happy Birthday Daddy!
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Pepe giving Allysa lots of mmm&mmm’s January 2006
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(I love this picture of my parents Summer 2006)

Happy Birthday Daddy, I wish I was more awake to write a better post but I am.so.damn tired!  Night. Love you. Happy Birthday!!!!

Falling Leaves

Fall is my favorite time of year (next to Spring). I love watching the leaves turn, slowly change and seeing the beautiful paintings the trees seem to make along the hill side. (Not only has the leaves started changing, but the colors of my hair has too! I got a new doo’ this week.) I love to walk through the leaves that have fallen to the ground, hearing them crunch and the smell of the leaves! That has to be one of my favorite scents of fall.

Falling leaves shawl

When the kids walk up from the bus stop, they pick up a few favorite leaves to bring home. This reminds me of when I was younger and walked home from the bus. Wadding through all the leaves that had fallen along the drive way. Singing silly songs in hopes of scaring the forest animals. (Pretty sure this worked!) Red and orange has to be my favorite leaf colors. But yellow ain’t bad either.

Falling leaves shawl
Pattern: Falling leaves shawl/scarf by Valley Yarns
Yarn: 6 skeins raw silk by Autumn House Farm in colorway Hattie’s Zinnia’s
Needles: 5.00mm (US8) to cast on, 4.50mm (US7) to knit
Mods?: Casted on with 1 less repeat, I didn’t have as much yarn as needed.
Notes: Later this week the weatherman said this Indian summer will end, the 80 degree weather will stop, and it will be chilly. Can’t wait to wear this lovely shawl!

I can remember picking out leaves and sealing them between sheets of wax paper. In 2nd grade I think we made wax resist drawings and then painted over them with watercolors. Autumn is such an inspiring month for me, not only by watching the trees change colors but it feels like the real start of the new year. My favorite thing about Autumn? My absolute favorite thing? Raking up the leaves (or Mike using the leaf blower to make a big pile) lining up the kids and screaming : JUMP IN!
kids playing

Colorful sweater for baby

So much cuteness its hard to find words other than “awww!!”

Tulips sweater

I saw this sweater on the yarn harlot a few months ago, I thought about it. And thought about it. And thought some more. Then I just gave in and ordered the kit. I casted on a few days after I received it. (Pick up Sticks has wonderful service, I got my package less than a week from ordering it. And their in Canada!) Seeing how Kailey is now 8 months old and the sweater size is for a 6-9 month old baby. It should fit her for a few more months, by the rate she’s growing I’m not sure! With her matching hat (un-pattern here) she is just a bundle of cuteness! Its starting to get chilly here in Western Pennsylvania, I finished this at the perfect time
Tulip sweater

I did change up the pattern a little, you can see it better in this picture. Although the sweater doesn’t look quite as cute as when Kailey is wearing it.

Tulip sweater

pattern: tulip, a colorful cardigan for baby by Lindsay Pekny
yarn: Kit from pick up sticks (there was enough left over. I wonder if there was enough to knit the next size up…) dream in color classy.
needles: Knit picks options US 7 (4.50mm)
gauge: 5.5 sts/inch 6 rows/inch (my stitch gauge is larger than the patterns)
notions: zipper ordered from zipperstop (wonderful customer service, the zipper took 3 days to get here!)

  1. used cool fire for applied i-cord around the neck.
  2. didn’t knit i-cord ties
  3. installed a zipper (by hand, my sewing machine likes to eat things.)
  4. added a pom-pom

Tulip sweater

I couldn’t say no to the pom pom! Gotta run, Mike’s home and he brought *lots* of laundry with him.