2010, whata year!

Clearly this was the year that I ignored the blog,¬† ravelry and flickr.¬† I knit, probably not as much as I have in previous years. This year I definitely¬† slacked off on taking pictures of finished objects, there is at least 1 sweater, a shawl and a hat that I didn’t bother photographing that I can remember. I’m sure they are more if I look through my yarn stash and remember what I used a certain yarn for. I look at my flickr set for 2010 and its sad, really really sad. This year my biggest goal is not only to share what I’ve been knitting but to blog about it. I miss my blog, I miss hearing your comments and getting inspired by what all you’ve made.
I can honestly say that knitting has taken a back seat the past few weeks. The day after Christmas Mike and I where making breakfast, he was making french toast (the kids favorite) and I was attempting to open a jar of my homemade applesauce while coaxing Kailey down the back steps. Someone didn’t want to come down to eat, someone wanted to go back upstairs to play even though everyone else was down stairs. I was using the “turn jar upside down and bag” technique while talking to Kailey and not paying attention to what I was doing. The middle of the (brand new just bought this summer and never used before) jar shattered as I banged it the second time and I cut my right pointer finger, below the top knuckle on the underside. After 10 minutes it was still bleeding and we went to the ER. Yeah, can I return the “present” of 4 stitches and a tetanus shot? It’s not really what I asked for… Fast forward 2 weeks, the stitches are out and crap the finger still f***ing hurts like a mo-fo and I can’t bend it down the whole way, awesome. Just awesome. So knitting? Not so much. But eventually yes, I do have quite a bit of yarn I would like to turn into finished objects.
I can say pretty confidently that I will be taking more pictures this year, lots and lots of pictures. You see, a week after Christmas Mike gave me a new baby Continue reading