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yarn from my stash that I just don’t love anymore for sale. It doesn’t do me any good just sitting here so I’m offering it up for sale. All yarn is from a smoke free home, that is cat and child friendly. Yarn is kept in the “coffee table” (big old pine box that holds a lot of yarn ; ) away from the cats and children. Info on the yarn is under the pictures. All yarns are in the original hanks, untouched and not knit from unless mentioned. All prices include free domestic shipping, I will ship internationally but the price will be a little bit more. I prefer paypal. And I do try to keep this page, along with my rav trade/sale page up to date and accurate. If you email me and tell me that you are interested in my yarn I will email you back with my paypal email. You would have 2 days to paypal me.  If I don’t hear from you I will assume you are no longer interested and the yarn will be available to the next person interested. I don’t know any other way to do this. I’ve had people pm me on ravelry about a yarn that changed their mind.  If any one has any suggestions please email me with them.

1 hank Ironstone Yarns Starlights purchased for $25 will sell for $14 including shipping in the US. Would make a pretty simple shawl.

Kiparoo farms Sunlight color brilliant
1 Kiparoo Farm Lacy Loops (tag says 125 yards) I bought this from Kiparoo farms during MD S&W 2006. The label says Sunlight solar fleece brilliant. It has 125 yards and doesn’t say what the fiber content is. (Looks like mohair!) Darn receipt doesn’t have any info either…. I blame all the wool fumes and the pretty colors…
anywho…. I’ve recently become allergic to mohair even though I do love this yarn, and wanted to knit a lacy scarf with it very badly. I realize this will never happen since it makes my fingers tingly. So I will sell for $10 including shipping to the US (I paid $18 for it)

Tintagels farm 50 kid mohair 50 fine wool color bramble dye lot 4
1 Tintagel Farm 50/50 Wool & Mohair colorway bramble dyelot 4 I will sell for $8 including shipping to the US (I paid $14)

Wool in the Woods Rugged color Bashful
1 hank/ball Wool in the Woods Rugged colorway bashful purchased for $14 will sell for $8 including shipping in the US
I did swatch with it with this yarn but frogged the swatch, didn’t cut the yarn. All the yardage is there.


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  2. I’ve been trying to email you but 3 different versions of your email address have all come back as undelivered. I’m interested in the Lorna’s Laces sock yarn if you ever get this.

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