FO: Hopeful Warmth

Quite a few months ago, my sister called me up and asked me to be apart of her wedding. I was more than happy to accept.  My sister sent me what has to be the best bridesmaids gift (ok, I received 2 more hanks than I was supposed too, 1 I used before I found out about it, and then the other, well… lets just say the other you’ll find out about next year ; )

Picture 4239

Now, it must have been the deadline… but there where a few hours at least searching on ravelry before I found *the* perfect pattern. It wasn’t a tiny shawl, it was bigger and hopefully will be warmer knit out of fingering weight. And because it doesn’t involve any purling was just an added perk. I’m not quite sure how it started, but Robin and I started chatting on facebook about the shawls, we had a little knit along of sorts and she knit the camping shawl in lace weight.

Picture 4247

Pattern: EZ 100th Anniversary PI Shawl: Gull Wings by Mwaa Knit
Yarn : Guilty pleasures, (fingering weight silk and wool) a little under 1320.0 yards (I didn’t weight what was left, there is a little walnut sized ball left floating around this house somewhere…)
Needle: US 8 – 5.0 mm
Started August 10 2010
Completed September 21 2010

This really has to be the *biggest* thing I’ve ever knit by myself. When its all scrunched up looking like a hat with gauge issues its extremely deceiving. It doesn’t look like its going to be that big, there’s no way that it can be that big, then your working the bindoff of 1152 st (the row before you increase so you have double the stitches for a super stretchy bindoff) and holy crap its huge. 48″ or 4 feet huge. Granted I could have blocked it out bigger. But after rinsing all the dye, praying that the synthrapol wouldn’t change the texture of the yarn (never used it before, so I was a wee bit worried) I just wanted the thing to be done, dry and ready to go already. See huge I tell ya

Picture 4235

Jess & RR ceremony was beautiful, very romantic and awe inspiring. There are many pictures here. Its hard to pick a favorite one! The weather was perfect, the sun was shinning, not a cloud in the sky and it was warm, even warmer with my shawl 😉 There was something about the beginning of our visit home that had me a little homesick. The beautiful mountains, the weather, the trees starting to change.

Picture 4228

Then after a week of having to go grocery shopping at Price Chopper (could they BE any slower?? Yes there is BigY and no I still don’t get the coin thing), attempting to drive through Great Barrington without my head exploding, and staying with my parents in their wee itty bitty house. How my Grandmother raised 6 kids in that house is beyond me, but with 7 people in it, well, it was cramped. It must have been because Mike had to go back to work after the wedding, while the kids and I stayed up for an extra week so we could go to Rhinebeck.

Picture 4224

This is, by the way, my favorite way to wear this shawl. Folded in half wrapped around my neck. It feels very unwieldy when its folded a little under my neck and most of the fabric is spread out over my back. I’m quite fond of this shawl, wore it to Rhinebeck, great pic of Kim and I here.. When I got myself all bundled up before we left the car I asked my mother if I looked like a homeless knitter she said no, but then again she had more layers on then an Eskimo. But when we walked in the gate a lady talking on her phone stopped me to say “great shawl”.

Have to agree, this shawl did turn out nice, it is pretty great.

PS. Rhinebeck haul coming soon. This year I bought so much more than I thought I would…
PPS that’s after I finish 3 costumes…..
PPPS this is the first year that my kids knew what they wanted to be before October even started, but I didn’t have the time to start until we got back from Mass.
PPPPS don’t talk about the pom poms.