A story for you,

There hasn’t been much knitting, my finger is much better now that the stitches have been out for a while and I can bend my finger all the way down.  I’ve been working on the border of the baby blanket for my grand niece. The blanket that my sister bought the kit for, that my mother knit the body of and then begged me to knit the border. Why? Because the border is garter and knitted on. It.never.ends. In *that* way that you don’t count how many stitches are left before the next corner because it will crash your whole world. It surely doesn’t help that this damned sweet blanket is knit on US 4’s. Yeah, so its time for a little break and the boy’s head has either grown since last year or his hat shrunk after all those trips through the dryer (when the kids come in from playing out in the snow I cram all their snow gear into the dryer for 40 minutes. Can’t stand the mittens dripping for hours, that and their coats won’t be dry by the next day if I just hung them up.) When the kid rips it off his hat before his hand reaches the school door its time for a new hat. He wanted the same colors as his old one.  Using the leftovers from his old hat, Us8’s I cast on 80 sts and have about 5 inches so far, hopefully this hat will be done in a few days.

a new hat for the boy

(the green is not as eye searing as this picture makes it seem)

Now the story. I’ve been trying to come up with different things for breakfast since it seemed (read: felt) like my kids where eating too many poptarts. When in reality it was cold cereal every.damn.day. sometimes  muffins but they wolf those down faster than I can bake them and that gets old. I’ve heard that cold cereal seems to be an American thing. I found this recipe for cranberry orange scones a month or so ago and today seemed like a good day to give it a try. My kids are on their second snow day in a row and today seemed like a good day to have the oven on.

cranberry orange scones, mmm good

While I was mixing up the dough a memory flashed back to me. When I was in 6th grade I can remember being given a country to do a project on, I think we worked with a partner. One part of the project was to find and make a recipe from our Country. I remember having Scotland, and being thrilled since I’m part Scottish.

cranberry orange scones, mmm good

This was pre-internet days, so what info we found was at the library. Kids have it so lucky these days. Type what they are looking for into google and bam, easy. No dewy decimal system or card file to deal with, lucky. I remember finding out that scones are from Scotland and that was what I was going to make since the only other thing we could come up with was haggis and that wasn’t going to happen. Somehow my Dad convinced me that english muffins are like scones (they are not). The book said that clotted cream was traditionally served with scones, my dad said cottage cheese was like clotted cream. It’s not, its better clotted cream is ohsogross. But those two things so do not go together. It was disgusting and horrible and I am very thankful that real scones are nothing, nothing like those.

cranberry orange scones, mmm good

If only we had the internet back then the food part of that report would have been much better and my wussy (or smart?) teacher at the time would have tried it. These scones are quite tasty, I think I taste the baking powder in them. The recipe called for quite a bit (2TBSP!) I think next time I will mix it up some baking soda and some baking powder. And I did us 1/2C sugar in these. Using the heart shaped cookie cutter I got 40 scones out of this recipe, hopefully they will last longer than a day

cranberry orange scones, mmm good

I think I’ll hide some in the freezer, cause I’ve already eaten 3 and at this rate they might not last long!


3 responses

  1. Those do look good! But I will warn you that orange can be a migraine trigger.
    that hat is looking good. Hope you feel better soon.
    Daddy said he doesn’t remember telling you that clotted cream is like cottage cheese.

  2. Scones are yummy and so is clotted cream! I think the current version is better than your original attempt. 😉

    That hat is too cool! I’d want it to fit right too.

    When you’re done with the baby blanket, wanna knit the border on my Curve of Pursuit?Pretty please? Without clotted cream on top?

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