Done. Done. Done.

I am so glad to be done with all the kids costumes. I waited until last weekend to start, and I’m still in shock that I finished them all in time. It doesn’t help that once I get an idea of something to add, I can’t not add it. ya know? Like Allysa’s kitten costume had to have a collar because it made it look sweeter (and less like a rat). Corra’s vampire cape had to have glitter (come on, its glitter!). Bryce’s Indiana Jones costume had to have a “whip” and a satchel (Indiana Jones has to have a whip, even if its really a bunch of rope tied together and it doesn’t even unravel). My costume had to have eyes too, not just teeth, claws, nose and ears. Kailey *neeeeded* to have mittens so her little Red Ridding Hood hands didn’t freeze.
Of course I thought of this the night of October 29, you know like a day from Halloween.
little red mittens
good thing she has little hands.

pattern: my own
needles: US8 (5mm) I also used a crochet hook to make the chain.
yarn: Paton’s Classic Merino in red held double
started: night of October 29
finished: morning of October 31

Now, I should probably start the laundry that I’ve been ignoring for the past 3 days or vacumme the stray pumpkin seeds that escaped the vacuum Wednesday night after the pumpkin carving.
Pumpkin carving
eh, I don’t wanna.
Happy Halloween all, spooky pictures of the kids in there costumes tonight after trick or treating!


Splish, Splash the mittens are takin a bath!

Splish splash, the mittens where taking a bath
Long about a Saturday morn

Splish, Splash mittens are takin a bath!

A rub dub, just relaxing in the tub
Thinking everything was alright!!!

Sorry! I couldn’t help myself with the cheesiness of the song reference… at least I refrained from embedding a song to this post! (Those drive me insane!!) I finished the thumb on my second fiddlehead this morning, and started them blocking. I can’t wait for them to dry so I can start the linning. I’ve been thinking of all the choices I have in my stash and am thinking of using this yarn
Posh yarn Coquet
over the kidsilk haze I have. I think the mohair will get stuck to my fingers and while I have been working on these mittens for 2 weeks now my hands kinda tingle from the mohair in the one yarn. Anywhoo… Check out the multitude of sins a good blocking will hide
blocked and unblocked
you might have to click on the photo to go to a larger picture. Its amazing, the mitten I blocked falls right off my hand and the unblocked one is pretty snug.

I want to thank all of you guys again for your thoughts and prayers. I got a phone call from my Dr’s office yesterday. The pharmacist at the hospital was going through the ER records and saw that no one told me to stop taking the cipro. And the pharmacist knew that the numbness is a side effect of the cipro. I’m so glad I listened to my gut and didn’t take anymore! But I can’t believe the nurse told me to finish it when I asked her if I should. (I just wanted to hear what she would say when I asked.) and the Dr never told me that he suspected that it might be the antibiotic (I know he did because he told a Dr that is friends with my Dad.) I had an MRI on Friday, I told the receptionist what had happened and that I was in the ER. She was a sweetie and put me in one of the appointment slots they have to keep open for inpatients. Which is a good thing, if I hadn’t have told her my appointment would be on Thursday the 11! Hopefully my Dr’s office will have those results on Monday. All the weird numbness was completely gone by Friday afternoon. I can’t wait till I get my survey in the mail for my ER visit. I have a book to right. And I can’t wait to get the survey for my MRI I have a slew of complements for those girls, they where wonderful! I’m so glad it was just a reaction to the antibiotic, but I better not get sick again anytime soon! Sheesh! Thanks again to all of you guys, ((hugs)) I can’t tell you how wonderful ya’ll are.

ER Frequent Flyer

*sigh* So today while I’m eating my lunch and making Allysa’s the tip of my middle finger goes numb. Then my pointer finger goes numb, then my thumb is numb. Odd huh? Wait. It gets odder. Then the right side of my forehead goes numb. Oh. crap I think. Am I having a stroke or an allergic reaction to my antibiotic? (I have a weird rare blood disorder called essential thrombocytosis. My body makes lots of extra platelets. So I have a higher chance of having a blood clot.) So I look up symptoms of a stroke on webmd, and call my Dr. While on hold, my right leg goes numb in patches. Then I look up side effects of my antibiotic. Dr. says go to the ER. and don’t drive myself there (umm.. no duh??) Long story shorter, A&K go to babysitter and I call the school to have C&B re-routed to the babysitter. And I got an ambulance ride and another pretty bracelet. Yay.
ER Frequent Flyer
After 6 more hours I will never get back a bit in the ER , some migraine meds (that didn’t work), a EKG, lots of blood work, a cat scan, some other tests and a wee bit of knitting (this is the 2nd mitten. Just a few more decrease rows and a thumb!!)
almost fiddlehead
they sent me home. They have no idea what caused the numbness, and I have to have an MRI done. Personally I think it was my antibiotic the numbness didn’t start to fade until it was almost time for my next dose. Its a rare side effect, but I’m that special kind of special. Now the only numbing that is left is a little bit by my right eyebrow. *sigh* I’m not finishing my antibiotic. And I’m going to be just fine. They might as well name a wing after me, or at least a room…


Lookie!! Looooookkkkiiiieeee!!!!!
Fiddlehead mittens

hehehehe!! I’m super excited and its hard to restrain myself from running door to door showing all my neighbors my first bit of fair-isle stranded knitting!!! (I know at least one neighbor that wouldn’t think its a bit odd.) I started the fiddlehead mittens pattern from Hello yarn Sunday night. I’m using Lion-brand fisherman’s wool and Autumn House farms del rio. Both from the stash. I’m feeling mighty proud of myself right now!!! but then again I haven’t reached the thumb…..

Here’s a quick update on Allysa, she’s doing much better. We saw the Dr on Friday and he said according to the blood tests she doesn’t have any allergies. He said to only give her the albuterol breathing treatments when she is wheezing (not very helpful, its really hard for me to tell when she is wheezing). And to give her the steroid breathing treatment till we turn off the furnace. We will be seeing an asthma specialist in the end of April. Hopefully that will be a bit more helpful. I do apperciate you guys, you really helped make this hard time for me better. ((hugs))

Lots left to do today before I can pick up the mitten again, Corra’s birthday is Friday. And you all know Easter is on Sunday. The first day of Spring is tomorrow (I think). Oh, and yes, did you see the start of my mitten? Just in case you missed it the first time, I am a bit excited about it…

Picture 850

maybe, I should cut down on my caffeine intake.