Falling Leaves

Fall is my favorite time of year (next to Spring). I love watching the leaves turn, slowly change and seeing the beautiful paintings the trees seem to make along the hill side. (Not only has the leaves started changing, but the colors of my hair has too! I got a new doo’ this week.) I love to walk through the leaves that have fallen to the ground, hearing them crunch and the smell of the leaves! That has to be one of my favorite scents of fall.

Falling leaves shawl

When the kids walk up from the bus stop, they pick up a few favorite leaves to bring home. This reminds me of when I was younger and walked home from the bus. Wadding through all the leaves that had fallen along the drive way. Singing silly songs in hopes of scaring the forest animals. (Pretty sure this worked!) Red and orange has to be my favorite leaf colors. But yellow ain’t bad either.

Falling leaves shawl
Pattern: Falling leaves shawl/scarf by Valley Yarns
Yarn: 6 skeins raw silk by Autumn House Farm in colorway Hattie’s Zinnia’s
Needles: 5.00mm (US8) to cast on, 4.50mm (US7) to knit
Mods?: Casted on with 1 less repeat, I didn’t have as much yarn as needed.
Notes: Later this week the weatherman said this Indian summer will end, the 80 degree weather will stop, and it will be chilly. Can’t wait to wear this lovely shawl!

I can remember picking out leaves and sealing them between sheets of wax paper. In 2nd grade I think we made wax resist drawings and then painted over them with watercolors. Autumn is such an inspiring month for me, not only by watching the trees change colors but it feels like the real start of the new year. My favorite thing about Autumn? My absolute favorite thing? Raking up the leaves (or Mike using the leaf blower to make a big pile) lining up the kids and screaming : JUMP IN!
kids playing


15 responses

  1. Gosh, I am soooo envious!!! We get about 6 hours of Autumn here and it hasn’t happened yet. I cannot wait until Rhinebeck and I will get to experience it for myself!

  2. Beautiful shawl and wonderful pictures. You look so good and the kids are having a happy day πŸ™‚

    I love fall too with all the red a yellow colors.

  3. Lovely shawl, and lovely photos. I wish, down here in the hot, dry Southwest, we’d get autumn leaves like you have. Instead, the leaves simply just decide to fall off one day, and the trees simply look like houseplants that haven’t been watered for months… !

  4. What a great post, and what a lovely shawl! Ditto kodachrome’s comment…I miss fall sooo much. I also remember doing that leaf and wax paper project, and I remember it having to do with crayon shavings. I loved that project, but now I can’t believe my mom left us alone with her hot iron! πŸ™‚ I’m sure she was supervising close by.

  5. Wow that shawl is beautiful. I can’t wait for some cool weather either. The leaves are just starting to turn here, but a lot are falling anyway from drought and sheer exhaustion. I love making things from leaves too – I think we ironed them into wax paper.

  6. Hey! Long time no comment! I’m a bad blogger, and the time in between my own posts proves it… I love your shawl, those colours are perfect! And so perfect for this fall… I also have to say, your baby sweater from the last post is so beautiful! And the baby is gorgeous!!

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