I think I need a 10 step program…

or is a 12 step program? What ever it is, I think I’m in need of one. I can’t stop knitting these mug cozies.
2 Flakes
(click on the pictures in this posts for the details.)
Once I casted off of one, I had to cast on for another,
more hugs and kisses
and then 2 more,
Handspun cozies
and since those where over so quickly I didn’t get my fix. I had to cast on yet again
green and red mug cozies

Seriously I need a 10 step program, I just can’t stop! I was able to detour myself for a little bit yesterday. I bought a yellow metal tray a little over a year ago at Jo-ann’s on clearance. I used it last winter for cocoa, I’ve always met to paint it a solid color. This past week I was inspired to finally paint it (or just couldn’t take looking at the yellow tray any more you pick).
my hot cocoa tray
I spray painted it a medium blue, and free handed my family in snowmen on it. Because I couldn’t find any rub on snowmen. I’ve never thought that I could paint well, so I’m in total awe on how well it came out!! Its beautiful! I want to show it to everyone I’m so darn proud of it.
Now, I’m going to need that number for the cozy helpline… I need to cast on again!


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  1. You are just too funny. Shouldn’t there be other programs for folks who have rented storage buildings for stashes? Or those of us who have more UFO than finished projects? lol!

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