Meme: 7 random things

A loooong time ago Meg over at Knittens tagged me for a meme. Its been on the back of my mind since she tagged me back in February. (Wow.) I’m going to throw in some pictures to spice this post up. So here we go,
Here is what I have to do….List 7 Random Facts about Me
Here are the rules (and they must be posted to your blog).
Link to the person’s blog who tagged you (see above). List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog and also so they can look at your blog and not tag the same people all over again!
big smiles from the girl in the big girl car seat
1. Every time I attempt to make bread using my bread machine it turns into what Bryce affectionately calls a bread rock. I think the yeast doesn’t have enough time to activate…

2. When I watch the Food network I want to scream “pull up your sleeves!” to the chef’s. It bothers me immensely when they are wearing long sleeve shirts and are handling meat. I don’t know why this bothers me so much its not like germs can jump!
mmmm, apples

3. I can’t seem to forget certain things. Like when Meg tagged me for this meme. I’ve been thinking about it since then! If someone asks me to do something I can’t forget it. But I loose my cell phone a lot and have to call it to find it.

4. Even though I’m done having kids. (Quit laughing, I can hear you!) I still have all their baby clothes in the attic. Ok, ok, not all, but most. Enough to fill a rubbermade tote for each size. Recently a friend of mine had a baby girl and needed clothes. I went through all the girls old clothes. It was incredibly had to part with most of it. Just call me sentimental.
Spring is almost hear!
5. We used to use paper napkins, and I have been on the hunt for some nice fabric ones for a while now. After getting fed up I decided to make my own. I think I’ll need to make around 50 to last my family a week of meals. I’ve made 24 so far.

6. There are 18 steps on our front steps and 14 on the back steps. I go up and down them at least 12 times a day. Mostly because I discover I forgot something and have to go back to get it!
the cabinet
7. You guys are going to laugh over this one! Sometimes when I’m reading a really good book and I can’t put it down I will read in the shower.

Even though I enjoy reading other people’s responses to meme’s, and I like doing them myself I can never bring myself to tag anyone with out feeling very guilty. Soo… to distract ya’ll from that here is a video of Kaily signing “more”

My parents are coming in sometime today, and I have to get the minnions off to school. Happy Friday all!


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