I kinda like this.

Really. Its quite nice having a teenager drive.
Heathie driving!
I say this like she was driving me everywhere. But really I just let her drive for a little bit on I-80. My niece Heather watched Allysa and Kailey while Corra and I went to GS camp (I’ll post more about that when I get home). I met my Mom half way on Wenesday and we brought Heather back home yesterday. We are spending a few days up here visiting my parents again. Anywho, I kinda did like Heather driving not only is she a pretty good driver, but I did get some knitting done.
start of my Lady sweater
This is the start of my february lady sweater, I’m using dream in color classy in the In vino veritas colorway on US size 8’s. Ravelry link here. So far its been a very satisfying knit and I’m loving the colors (even though they are extremely hard to capture).  I do however wish I had a chauffeur so I could knit while in the car more often!


8 responses

  1. I love long trips in the car. Not only do I get to knit but I get to knit and nap. What could be more perfect than that (other than finding a yarn shop right off the interstate and getting to stop)?

  2. I loved having my son drive me when he got his license and now whenever he comes to town when I pick him up at the airport, he drives me back home. It’s a luxury. Gorgeous sweater…ciao

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