Yesterday I seriously wondered what happened to my brain. Because I…

  • found Allysa’s med’s. They where in the computer kingdom (Mike’s office) right next to the printer.
  • found my shoes. They where right next to the door where I put another mat for shoes. (urgh!)
  • found Kailey’s favorite dolly buried in the vans toy box.
  • found the camera upstairs where I left it on my bedside table, so ya know. I would remember to bring it downstairs after I took this picture.

I really need to start playing that brainage game my parents bought me last year for Christmas. My brain is screaming for a serious work out!
PS Dad, remember to play nice. I pick out your home, don’t you want a window? Mom’s getting a window mmmawhahahhahaha!
and I haven’t finished your mittens.


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