Another special birthday

First a little background, years ago after I was diagnosed with my platelet thing (essential thrombocytosis. Basically my bone marrow says make lots of platelets and for no good reason. So not all of them are made well and I could either clot or bleed. Its rare, doesn’t run in families, and thankfully for right now doesn’t cause me anymore problems then having to take a mini aspirin a day). And my Dr. wanted to see if I was a bleeder or a clotter by testing for gene variants. Seems like I’m a clotter, which is a bit funny since I have a cousin that is a hemophiliac. I have two gene variants that pre-dispose me to clotting the MTFHR gene variant which Mike call’s the mother f*cker gene hehe, and another one that I have to go digg up my heath records to find out exactly what its called prombo something or other.  Around 6 years ago I had Corra and Bryce tested to see if they had any of the gene variants. I took the kids on separate days and when I took Bryce the tech messed up his test by using the wrong tubes. So he had to have his re-done. Very few things could be more traumatic to a 2 year old then having blood taken again. The hospital gave Bryce a little froggy and a coffee mug (that I kept, and melted in the mirco last month). Well that little froggy has become Bryce’s BFF.

A two weeks ago Bryce comes to me and says “Mommy, Froggy’s birthday is on Tuesday.”
which I respond with “oh, really? What does froggy want for his birthday?” Thinking where the hell does he come up with this stuff?
B- “All he wants is a mommy. Can you make him a mommy frog?”
me- “If we change his Birthday to next week. Because Kailey’s birthday is Monday and I don’t think I’ll have time to make a mommy frog.”
B- “Ok, can we have cake for his party too?”
and that’s how it started. Corra overheard the conversation and said to Bryce “Why doesn’t froggy want a Daddy too?”
B- “Because I’m his Daddy.”
C- “YOUR MARRIED?!” Which we all laughed, and Bryce glared at his older sister. It was comical.
I got Corra’s EZ bake oven down, since I’ve had it squirreled away. A friend of mine had given it to her when she was 6 and I was doing more of the baking than she was. Also it required way more supervision than I wanted to deal with at that time with a new baby. Corra and I baked a two layer birthday cake for froggy. Frosted with a bit of chocolate icing.
EZ bake cake
We devoured the cake after we opened presents. mmmmm, nothing like a tiny little crispy cake that took 30 minuets to be cooked by a light bulb! Bryce wanted froggy to get his mommy first so she could have cake too. The older kids gave froggy lil presents too, Bryce gave him some cars, Allysa a small softy and Corra gave him a littlest pet shop animal. Bryce and Froggy both seem to be enjoying the new addition to the froggy family.
Froggy and his mom
Too make froggy’s mom I used a half a yard of flannel fabric and enlarged the purl bee’s frog pattern 200%. The resulting frog is about a foot long. It was another speical birthday. The next day Bryce comes up to me and says Froggy’s mom had a baby! One of the bean bag frogs that I made last year (and never blogged about)
3 Lentejas Frogs
His imagination has no bounds it seems!

PS I needed to change my header, couldn’t stand looking at the Christmas-y stuff anymore!
PPS Happy Groundhog day! The critter saw his shadow, this “holiday” will always amuse me. I had to explain to the older kids why they have school today, and why today isn’t a “real” holiday. Gesh. And you couldn’t pay me to drive to Punxsy today.


7 responses

  1. Oi, now I will be singing all day. Froggy went a courtin’ and he did ride mhmmmm… gee thanks 😉 Those frogs are too adorable!

    btw, there might be a box in the mail and you might want to open it by yourself to see if included kid goodies are okay for the kids to have

  2. I love that Bryce wanted froggy to have a Mommy. The mommy frog is wonderful! I remember when easy bake ovens came out years and years ago. Just amazing what toy makers come up with!

    I love the new header since green is my favorite color. I can’t get enough green!

  3. Happy Birthday to the flourishing (and fertile) frog family! Bryce must be very proud of them. A really family man, eh?

    EZ Bake ovens! Seriously, that thing cooks with a lightbulb? I did not know that.

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